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From: The Haydster
Subject: Love On Campus - Chapter 11Disclaimer: This story contains love between two teenage males. If it is
illegal to read this in your community, or best yong lolita pics if you lolita xxx little girl are below the legal age,
leave now. No responsibility is accepted by the author for loli top list bbs any effects of
this story , directly or indirectly. By continuing to read this, you accept
that you are accessing this of your own 8 12 yo lolita free will, and indemnify the author
against all cases.---------------------Love On Campus
by theHaydster
Copyright 2006, theHaydster. All rights reserved
PLEASE email me at young lolita sex photos I run off feedback!Thanks for reading this story. I pictures of naked lolitas am sorry to say that it may be a while
before I can put another chapter out due to an operation I am having on the
19th. I will index of lolita *****
probably be unable to write for a few days, and then I will
have uni to catch up on.Thanks goes to Alex for reading over my stories and providing feedback
before posting, and for being an inspiration.---------------------Chapter 16 yo lolita nude 11We decided to lolita legal cherry *****
call my parents first, as we thought they would take the news
best. I dialled the number lolita sample pic gallery
and my mum picked up."Hello?""Mum?""Davo, we haven't heard from you in a while""Can you top lolitas kds bbs put me on the speakerphone; I need to talk to you and Dad.""Ok""Son, what's happening?"I told them the whole story. I could tell what their reactions would be."I'm so happy that you're all right but please don't do anything so
dangerous without talking to us lolita lopez lady wrestler
first" Mum said through the phone."Son, I don't lolita fun nude sites
want anything like that happening again. You should have told
us before you did this." www lolita nymphets naked
He sounded like he was getting angry"Dad, would you have let lolitas pedo world million Alex and I do it?""No!""Then our attackers would have gotten away with trying to kill us, and they
may well have succeeded. Now they're going to stand trial.""You're right. Please talk to us before you do anything like this before"
He teen lolita russian tgp said in a calm voice"I don't intend to do anything like this again Dad. I'm sorry, but we have
to call Alex's parents now.""I suggest that you don't tell them about you're lolita tit girl gallery relationship at the same
time""We won't. Bye for now Mum & Dad""We love you, dear. Give Alex our love.""Keep well, son."I turned to Alex. "They took it pink lolita model pthc well, now you have the hard job" I said,
wrapping my arms around him lolita panties spread legs in a hug. "I know, but it has to be done" Alex
replied, while he picked up the phone and started dialling. I heard yelling
coming down the phone line when he finished explaining what had happened."Mum, Dad, I didn't tell you because it 15yr old lolita bbs
had to be done, and you would have
told me not to do it." He replied."Mum, I'm fine, I'm safe now. I'm not coming home, it's all right.""Dad, I've already explained why Davo and I did it.""No! He did not talk me into it, I decided it freely.""No! My boyfriend did not talk me into doing this" Uh Oh. Alex shot me a
look of horror as he realised that he had just let the free lolita nude cgiworld cat out of the
bag. I heard two voices yelling at the other end of the line. Alex shouted
back "We'll talk about russian preteen and lolitas
this later, bye!" as he slammed the phone down.I gave him a hug as he started to break down. "They called me a bloody fag
Davo and said that they would not have a son who was a ****sucker" Alex
started to cry. "Calm down babe, they were under a lot of stress. It's not
as if they were thinking clearly.""Don't take their side""I'm not taking their lolita young ***** videos side babe; I'm just saying they didn't mean what they
said""They meant it all right!" He yelled, breaking away from me. "Leave me
alone!" With that he ran into his room.I heard him slam the door, and started crying myself. A minute later I
heard a knock on the door, and then Josh & Tim walked in. "What's going on
Davo, where's Alex" "He's locked himself in his room. His parents know and
he accused me of siding with them.""Why would he do that?" Josh asked, sitting next to me on my bed."He let it slip when he was arguing with them on the phone about the police
thing""Ah, not the best time to lolita bbs org galleries come out to your parents.""I tried to explain that they would accept him, and said that they didn't
mean what they said. He shouted back that they meant it and told loli repon info guestbook
me to
leave him alone.""Ok, we are going into his room right now and naked little lolita pics getting loli girls naked modelsamature lolita model pic him to listen to
sense." With that the three of us knocked on his door. It was locked and he
yelled for us to go away. I could hear him crying. Josh herded Tim and
myself back nude lolitas photo album through my room onto the veranda, and we discovered that he
hadn't fdree top lol models locked best litte ***** lolita his veranda lolita stories taboo stories
door.I walked into his room, Alex lolis preteens hot sex was crying on his bed. When he saw me he
yelled "Get out! I don't need you telling me that my parents actually love
me! kids bikini models lolita They hate me! I don't need a boyfriend! You caused all this!" When I
continued to walk towards him he threw a lolitas pre teens anal
punch at me. I reacted
instinctively sexy preteen lolita nude
and flipped him. He landed hard on the thin carpet. Then I
realised what I had done, and I did the only thing that I thought might
calm him down. I threw myself free bbs lolitas pictures on top teen lolita 15 years of him (taking care cp dark lolita portal to pin his arms)
and kissed him. I asian nude lolita pics felt him melt top lolitas child nymph
into my kiss, and he started to relax. I
saw Tim peek through the curtains of the glass veranda door, then he french magazine elite lolitas
at me and waved goodbye. I knew that I could handle it now.When I broke the kiss Alex pushed me off him and started to cry "I'm sorry
Alex. I pushed you away. I tried to hit you! I'm so sorry, please don't
hate me babe, please don't hate me!" He was starting to get hysterical so I
kissed him again. I gently broke the kiss and said "I don't hate you babe,
your parents weren't the only ones under stress. I'm sorry for not seeing
that you were at breaking point too. I could never hate you. In case you
haven't noticed, I love you" He gave me a wan smile and replied "If I
hadn't noticed, that kiss was a pretty good clue" I put on a free lolitas no nude surprised face
"What kiss? Oh you mean this?" I said jokingly, and kissed him again. I
eventually pulled my lips away from him and we both got up off pedo underage lolita kds the floor."Alex, it's time to go to bed but you need a shower before www nude preteen lolita I'll be able to
sleep within a kilometre of you. Phew!" I held my nose and grimaced. "Hey!
If you don't shower I won't be able to sleep within 2 kilometres of you!"
With that we bosh started laughing. It was good to see him happy again, as
we went off to shower (together of course).For further reference, don't kiss someone's hair when it is full of
shampoo. I forgot that and spent a few minutes trying to get the shampoo
out of my naked lolita girls sites mouth while Alex nearly wet himself laughing. We eventually got
clean and got back to our rooms where we got changed into our pyjamas. I
then went to Alex's room where preteen preteen lolita nudist we spent the night. We slept wrapped teen model art lolita around
each other until about 8:30 the next morning. I expected to have nightmares
after what had happened, but I didn't.I quietly slipped out of bed and had a shower then got dressed. Once I was
dressed I went back into Alex's room and woke him up gently. "Alex, time to
get up, we need our great lolita bbs to get up and get ready." "Wha... Davo? How early is it?"
Alex mumbled incoherently. "Alex, it's nearly 9, you need to get up?""Davo, can't we skip today?""Alex, remember yesterday, press conference" I said quietly"Hell!" Alex threw the covers off, suddenly wide awake. "How long de we
have?""We've got an hour, so no real rush. I've already showered and changed, so
why don't you go and shower while I find some clothes for you?" With that
Alex rushed off to the showers.I found his suit while he showered, and laid it out on the bed. I had just
found some dress socks when he came back in, lolita photo sites bbs glistening from the shower and
looking HOT! young lolitas bd sisters "I need to see you just after a shower more often" I said, and
he actually blushed, making him look nude lolita girls com
even better. He got dressed quickly
with my help and we free young lolita pictures left for breakfast non nude underage lolitas at about quarter past 9. It turned
out that there was a small article about the attack on the front page, no
photos or anything, but it promised a full report tomorrow. Uh oh. We
bolted down breakfast and were on our way to the boardroom at quarter to
ten, as an lolita teen pay pic
ABC van arrived. As they came in the front door, we left the
dining hall from the door that doesn't lead to the lolita young nude free front entrance, and
reached the boardroom the back way.There were 7 chairs set up at one end and a lectern (those things they
speak from at under shower lolita little press releases and some lectures) with a cluster of
microphones attached to it, I noticed lolita russian y o
the local radio stations as well as
the TV stations. The crews were setting up their cameras as we walked
in. Mr. Johnsson and Sir Woods were there and waved us over. Sir free lolita lola bbs
greeted us with "Hi Alex, David. We're still waiting for everyone else,
we've got about ten minutes left. Officer Casey will make a brief statement
for the police pre naked lolita teen and I will make a kdz loli pic tgp statement on behalf of the
university. After that the floor will be opened to questions. You don't
have to answer any questions and you can refuse comment. Dan & Lou will
step in if a question is not to be answered or if you are pressured nymphet teeny lolita angel
answer a question you refuse to answer. Ok?" Alex and I told him that we
understood. Soon Officer Casey arrived with Dan and Lou free video nude lolita and the press
conference got underway. The red lights on the cameras went on as Officer
Casey stepped up pre lolita illegal lolita to the lectern. "Ladies and gentlemen of the media, I will
read the official police report on the incident, and then Sir Woods will
read a top lolitas 15 18 statement on behalf the Australian University. The floor will then
be opened to questions. Be aware that this is as open case, therefore some
questions may not be answered. If you are all ready, let's begin."Officer Casey 13 17 nn lolita cleared his throat and began "On the little lolita top sites
12th of March David
Andrews was attacked by an adult male. Mr. Andrews was able to defend
himself and Mr. Alex Scott, who lolita bbs biz info
was child lolitas 7y 12y accompanying him at the time, also
witnessed the attack and called campus security. The man who attacked them
was arrested. After receiving threatening notes telling them not to testify
even though they had received subpoenas, they were attacked by six men on
the evening of the 25th of March, at least one nymphetes lolita pre toplist of which was armed with a
knife. Both Mr. Andrews and Mr. Scott were hospitalised as a result of this
attack. Upon their recovery they were immediately provided with police
protection and a plan was suggested by the federal police. This plan lolitta world free pics
agreed to by them and by the university senate. At 4:26pm on the afternoon
of the 30th of March, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Scott entered the alumni gardens
on campus where 6 top 1 lolita sites
men surrounded them. 2 of these men were armed underage lolita ls banner with darts
and they hit Officers DeFinis and Baker, the officers charged with the
protection of Mr. Andrews and Mr. Scott, with them before they nude russian loli pics could draw
their firearms. At this time Officers DeFinis and Baker knocked Mr. Andrews
and Mr. Scott to the ground whereupon six police marksmen from a free preteen lolly pics SERT team
opened young nude women lolitas fire. All of preteen lolita bbslolita bbs
the attackers were wounded lolita pics girls nude
in one leg and the two men
with darts were wounded in the arm holding the darts. The attack was
captured on videotape by other members of the SERT team. Officers DeFinis
and Baker were treated for puncture wounds to their shoulders. All six
offenders have been preteen lolitas nymphet photos
charged with attempted young lolita model links murder of a witness and
intimidation nude child angel loli of a witness. The two men with the lolitas under age possing darts have been charged
with assault on a police officer in addition to the previous charges. I
will now invite Sir Woods to make a statement as Chancellor of the
Australian University"Sir Woods stepped up free lolitas nude pictures
to the lecturn. "Ladies and gentlemen, due to this
event a full young lolita naked links review of campus security is occurring. We are lucky that
Mr. Andrews and Mr. Scott were not killed in the original attack. These men
who committed the original attack were not aware that campus security
officers free teen lolita nn are armed and were very lucky that they got away. illegal underage lolita models
Regardless, one
attack on campus is one too many. The lolita pre teen porn
university is currently speaking with
the lolitas 15 yo movies
federal police administration to train security in police procedure so
they will be federal police officers rather than security guards. On behalf
of the university lolita nudists galleries nl
I lolita imgboard cgi jpg
would also like to thank Mr. Andrews and Mr. Scott for
their courageous deeds. I believe that Officer Casey also has something to
say free video lolitas kids
about illegal preteen lolita cp
that."Officer Casey stood up again, holding two small medallion boxes. "On behalf
of the Australian Federal Police, David James Andrews and Alexander Graham
Scott are awarded nn teen nude lolitas the Commendation for Brave Conduct. Congratulations."
Both our jaws hit the pink russian lolita pic floor. "If you free lolitas in lingerie would please come up here to receive
your awards." In a daze Alex walked up ls lolita nymphet board to Officer Casey and I followed
him. We shook his hand and he gave us our commendations. We sat down then,
still in a under age lolitas hard daze from this. "I will now open the floor to questions." The
room became crazy asian lolita top 100
for the next fifteen minutes. I remember changing colour
when one reporter asked me why I was attacked in the first teenie lolita pic gallery place until Lou
stepped in and told the reporter that the reason was not important. The
reporter replied "The public has a right to know why this started in the
first place." Alex took over here and told the reporter "I believe that
David refused to answer your question. He has a right to privacy, and if
you continue to press for that information I will refuse your right to run
this story." loli gallery childs models That footage appeared on the channel 7 news that evening.
Please email me with comments and ideas. Flames will be
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