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Subject: Magician's Assistant 3 - Tripping the Light FantasticMAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT 3 - TRIPPING
THE LIGHT FANTASTICby Deane ChristopherCopyright 2001e-mail: DEANECHRISaol.com
"Go ahead, Bill!" Ann cheerfully urged. pedo kids bikini "Ask Jasmine to dance!" "Okay! I will! In a minute!" "No!" Ann, her voice conveying a sense of urgency, replied. "Not
in a minute! You need to ask her now!" "What's the rush? I mean, why teen pics illegal pedo are you so insistent that I ask
Jasmine to dance now? You know, when I've got the rest of the evening to
do so?" "Because silly, Mr. God's Gift to Women will be back from his pedo girl incest trip
to the bathroom shortly. And I really think it would be in Jasmine's best
interest for either you or Mat to have her out on the dance floor when he
gets back!" "Oh!" Bill, having discerned Ann's implications, returned. "I
understand! You don't want Old Blowhard Bob pedo nude beach playing a game of pedo hub
with Jasmine until she has had a little more time to get use to being pedofilias photos a
girl! Right?" "Yeah... Or, something like that..." "Okay! While I'm not exactly sure how I feel about dancing with a
girl who is really a guy, I'll do it! I'll run interference for you!" "Well," Ann said anxiously, "you better hurry! Bob's on pedo mag pics
his way
back to our table now!" Bill, raising his voice and speaking directly to Jasmine, did as
Ann sex movies pedo
had suggested. "Would you like to dance?" "Sure..." Jasmine, who had been chomping on the bit to do just
that, enthusiastically replied. "I'd love to!"
* * * "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Bill little girl pedo blogs had to shout to be
heard over the raucous cacophony of the music that was blaring out of the
Caldron's speakers. "Do you mean dancing or, my being a girl?" sashaying in close to
her partner, so that her boobs occasionally rubbed up against Bill's chest,
Jasmine thoughtfully replied. "Both, I guess!" "Well then, to answer your question, I guess I'd have to say that
I'm enjoying both immensely! I mean, as crazy as pedo anime sex it sounds, given the fact
that I'm going to be a guy again tomorrow, this being a girl's a blast! "I mean, you really ought to ask free pedofil movies
Magatrix to change you into a girl
too! You know, so that you can get some first hand knowledge of how the
other half lives!" "No thanks! While it's a japanes schoolgirls pedo
tempting thought, I think it's for the
best if I just stay like I am!" "Chicken! "I mean, you really ought to try it! You know, because - Take it
from me! - you'd enjoy it!" "That's what I'm afraid of, Jeff! I might enjoy it to much! You
know, to ever want to change back into a guy again..."
* * *
"Wow!" Mat, who was leaning over Jasmine's seat to converse with
Mary, excitedly exclaimed. "Would you look at her go! "I mean, now there's a girl who really likes to dance!" "You are referring to our Jasmine aren't you?" Mary, seeking
clarification, replied with a chuckle. "Oh, yeah! I mean, is she a dancing fool or what? "I mean, there's no getting around the fact that she's really into
the music!" "So, I take it that what you're saying is: you really like the way
she shakes her bootie..." "Oh, yeah! I most certainly do!" "So, when illegal sex pedo porn
are you going to get up the gumption and ask her to dance
with you?" "As soon as Mr. ****-eating Grin out there brings her back illegal pedo land
to the
* * *
"Thank you, Mat!" a breathless Jasmine said as they made their way
off of the dance floor. free download pedo pics "I really enjoyed that!" "You are aware of the fact that Bob's busting a gut to get you out
on the dance floor." "Yeah... That pretty much goes without saying..." "So, are pedo teen boys you going to dance with him?" "Sure! Why the hell not? I mean, why shouldn't I?" "Well, you've seen him in action before, haven't you?" "Yeah! I sure have!" "And, you think that you'll be able to handle him okay? You know,
if he trys to pull some of that macho *******, God's Gift to Women crap of
his on you?" "Oh, I think I can handle Bob all right! "I mean, if he starts any of his funny business, rest assured!
I'll put him in his place so fast it'll make his head spin!" "Okay! But, just to be on the safe side, I want you to know that
Bill and I will be keeping an eye on him as well! pedofile japanese site "So, if things starts to get out of hand porno pedo gallery and you feel that you've
gotten in over your head and would like some help, you just give either one
of us the high sign and, rest crazy pedo child links
assured, we'll be more than happy to take
care of Old Bob for you! "And, that goes for any other ******* who trys to schoolgirls pedofilia get fresh with
you as well! All right?" "Thanks, Mat! I really appreciate that!" Jasmine said as she
turned, drew Mat to her and nonchalantly planted an endearing kiss square
on Mat's cheek.
* * *
"Bob..." Jasmine sweetly purred teen sex pedo top in Bob's ear as she little nude girl pedo reached up and,
grabbing a few strands of the hair growing out his temple, wickedly free ilegal sex pedo
gave it
a hard yank as she concurrently twisted it. "Look! It's your choice! You
can either take your hand off my ass right this instant or, you can plan on
singing soprano in that church choir you and your wife sing in every
Sunday!" pedo fotos porn
As ticked-off as he was on being called on his crass behavior, Bob
contritely cartoon pedo sex pic complied. "Now, that's a good boy!" Jasmine wickedly snickered. "I would
strongly suggest that if you really feel the need to play grab-ass with
somebody tonight, that somebody ought to be Vicki. But, mark my word! If
you try it with me, baby pedo rompl pics
or with Mary, or even with Ann, I promise you: you will
live to regret it! "I do hope you understand, Bob? You know, that I'm not kidding
about this! You know, not by any stretch of the imagination..."
* * *
"Hey, Mat!" Bill called across the table. "Did Jasmine pedo torture links just do
what I think she did?" "If you mean: did Jasmine just give Bob a good piece of her mind? " "Yeah..." "Well, given that hang-dog look of his, it sure seems to me that
she must have!" "Serves him right!" Mary chimed in. "It about time somebody told
that egotistical pedo loita A-hole where russians pedo boys
to get off!"
* * *
Jeff could not believe how much fun he was having as a girl. She
loved the way she felt. She loved the way she looked. She loved the lithe
and shameless erotic way she moved. She loved how sensual se felt. She
knew she was three sheets to the wind beyond exhilarated and savoring every
blessed moment of it. She luxuriated not only in the appraising looks that men afforded
her, but also in the jealous glares of very young pedo sites other women. Her body had become
her mistress - Her dominatrix, so to speak! - and Jeff found herself
compelled to comply with its' wanton nature. While Jeff's life as a male member of society was a constant
balancing act between an extroverted and an introverted nature, she found
that as Jasmine, Magatrix had afforded her no wiggle-room whatsoever. She
was clearly an unmitigated extrovert who both enjoyed and flamboyantly
demanded the limelight. Owing to powerpuff pedo Magatrix's decree, Jasmine found herself
to be a ****-teaser's **** teaser. The very act of walking to and from the
Caldron's parquet dance floor was not only a flirtatious act for her, but a
real self-targeted turn-on as well. She gushed with a raw and eager
sensuality and she knew it.
* * *
"So..." Mat beamed. "What do you say, Jazz? Is it my turn again
to trip the light fantastic with you?" "Hey! As much as I'd like to, buddy, I really need to sit out a
couple! You know, to catch my breath, so to speak! "Hey! Why don't you ask Magatrix here if she would like to dance?" Mat did and was surprised to find that Magatrix was eager to take
him up on his offer. However, before Mat escorted the shapely magician to
the dance floor, Mat once again addressed Jasmine and said. "Just
remember, Jazz! I've got dibs on the next slow dance! All right?" "Sure, pal! Whatever you say..."
* * *
"So..." Mary began as she leaned in close and gently placed her
left hand down on the upper arch of Jasmine's nylon ensconced right leg as
a means to gain the blonde bombshell's attention. "It appears to me that
you're really enjoying yourself tonight, Jeff." "Yeah... You could say that! You know, 'cause I guess I kind of
sort of am..." "And, it also would seem that you really like to dance..." "Yeah! I guess I do at that!" "And, it would seem that you don't mind dancing with guys?" "No! Though I can't figure little girl pedo vids out why, you're right! I don't mind
dancing with guys at all! "I mean, while I'm still a guy - You know, up here in this head of
mine! You know, who still likes mini girls pedo
girls! You know, in the worst friggin'
way! - when I get out on the dance floor, for some reason or another,
dancing with pedo fun a guy seems like pedo ****s the most natural thing in the world for me! "Ironic, isn't it? "I mean: here I am! Fitted out pedo young nude kids
with a body that won't quit! You
know, that's as feminine as feminine can be! And, as long as I'm not out
there dancing, my mind's as manly as it ever was! "That's to say that I have a hard time coming to terms with pedo porn top list the
notion that I've actually been young boys pedo pics out there dancing with another guy! You
know, because I'm not a gay-bird by any stretch of the imagination!" In an effort to console her friend, Mary offered. "I know you're
not gay, Jeff! So does everybody else!" "Then explain to me why pedoworld child sex picspedosex incest illegal cp I kissed Mat?" "You didn't!" Mary giddily exclaimed. "You mean to tell me that you actually kissed him on the lips?" "No! Not on the lips! I kissed him on the cheek! "And, to make matters worse, it seemed like the most natural thing
in the world for me to do! You know, when I did it!" "So..." Mary summarized. "You're now big pedo
wondering if you're some sort
of latent homosexual or something! You know, because you impulsively did japanese pedo anime
girl thing and gave a guy a little friendly peck on the pedo pics vids cheek!" "Yeah... I guess so..." "Well, you needn't worry that pretty little head of yours about the
prospect of your being a free pedo tpg homosexual and liking guys and all! Because, take
it from me! You're not! You're just feeling that way because Magatrix has
it pedo mpg
rigged that way so that you could handle dancing with guys! "I mean, you still like girls, don't you?" "Oh, yeah! You bet your ass I pedo lo kds do! "Trouble is, Mary: the girl I like most right now is me!" "Well, given the way you look - kiddy chat pedo You know, as a girl! - I think pedo sex porn thumbs
more or less goes without saying that you have every right to feel the way
you do! You know, as in I would suspect that it's the yers ****ing child pedo
most natural thing
in the world for you to be feeling - Shall we say! - narcissistic! pedo word
know, liking yourself the way you say you do!" "And, let me let you in on a secret, Jeff! When it comes to that
marvelous body that Magatrix fitted you out with, there lola pedo virgin
isn't a woman here
that isn't to one degree or another envious of you! You know, because that
body of yours is - As they say! pedo japanese love dolls - to die for!"
* * *
"Mary..." Jasmine said with some hesitancy. "By the way
everybody's acting, I've pedo kinder loltas
got a feeling that I may have said some things
earlier that, under other circumstances, there's no way in hell I would
have said. "So tell me! Am I right about that or what? "I mean, by any chance did rape incest pedo Magatrix have me answer a whole bunch of
personal questions or something?" Mary's answer was just as hesitant as Jasmine's question had been.
"Yes. I'm afraid your right! She did have you answer some questions." "So, did I let the cat out of the bag and say something about you?
You know, about how I felt about you? You know, about how I've been
wanting to ask you out?" "Yes... I'm afraid to say that you did..." "Oh!" "But, as it works out, Jeff, I'm really glad you did! You stories bondage pedo
because I like you, Jeff! You know, as in: I like you a lot! And, I'd
really like to go out with you! "You would? But, I though that you we involved with someone!" "I am! Sort of..."
* * *
Though she was enjoying herself immensely, Jeffrey became keenly
aware of the irrefutable fact that she was riding an emotional
roller-coaster. While he - as a she - was out on the dance floor, gyrating
that pert and perky heart shaped derriere of hers off, Magatrix's
injunction kicked in and free movies pedo inundated her mind with a female's mind-set. At
all other times however, Jasmine's mind and, more importantly, that libido
of hers, was staunchly male. Though convoluted to the extremes, it all seemed somehow right to
Jeff. Right and oddly enough, manageable. Whenever she was not dancing, Jasmine found herself to be a
narcissist who was so in love lust with herself that it took every ounce of
her will power and then some, to keep herself from playing a crass game of
grab-ass and titty-tweak with all those new and nifty attributes of hers.
However, even though she was a cp pedo lsm narcissist, pedo african as torqued and turned on as she
was, an erotic empathy factor kicked in and, instead of lessing her sense
of sexual attraction to other women, it only served to increase it by leaps
and bounds. In other words, whenever Jasmine was not out on the dance floor,
she was quick to pedo comics jpg
realize that porno sex pedo schoolgirls she was not only a self-avowed narcissist,
but an unabashed lesbian as well. Over and over and over again, she found
herself entertaining a sexual fantasy in which she jumped Mary Edwards'
bones and Mary enthusiastically reciprocated by returning the favor and
energetically engaging in a little tongue-in-grove work of her own.
* * *
'Damn!' Jasmine thought as Mat once again enfolded her into the
ever so intimate embrace of a slow dance. 'This isn't right! There's no
way I should like dancing with Mat or, for that matter, any man as much as
I do! '****! My tits are rock hard and erect! And, I'll be damned if
Mat hasn't got a boner! 'Wow! I did that! I actually gave him a hard-on! 'Now that's really something...' Jasmine thought as she snuggled in
to get a better feel of her friend's erect member pressing hard up against
that trim and enticingly taught lower abdomen of hers. "Jazz..." Mat helplessly murmured as he nuzzled her pure pedo scans
ear. "Do you
have any idea at all what you're doing to me?" With a little teasing bump and grind to accentuate her remarks,
Jasmine, who as hot and pedo nude ****** children bothered as partner was, seductively intoned, "If
you mean: do I know that I'm turning you on, pedo russiankiddy
the answer is yes... "Mat!" Jasmine breathless whimpered. "I can't believe that I'm
actually saying this! little teen illegal pedo
But, I want you to kiss me! And, illegal pedo brazilian
I want you to kiss
me now!" Mat, who wanted nothing more than to do just that, passionately
complied. "Holy, ****!" a sexually exasperated Jasmine exclaimed as their
lips parted. "That was wonderful, Mat! Absolutely wonderful... I mean, I can't believe I'm actually saying something like this!
But, take it from me, Mat! You really are a good kisser! "Please, illegal pedo funlumpkins****s
Mat!" Jasmine aggressively implored. "Before the dance is
over! Before I stop feeling the way I do now! Before I won't want you to!
I beg you! While I'm feeling all feminine like I am, please kiss me
* * *
"Mary!" Jasmine said pedo sex movie as pedo porno free video she demurely seated herself at the table.
"You'll never believe what I just did!" "I already pedo picturs know! kids pedo top links
You see, Jeff, I was keeping my eye on you when
you were out there dancing with Mat!" "You were? So, I take it that you saw Mat pedo young girl picture
and me kissing?" "Oh, yeah! I most certainly did! I saw the two of you kiss each
other not once! But twice!" "Oh! So, you really were watching!" "I sure was! I was watching the two of you like a hawk! "How come?" "Well... let's just say that I'm a little concerned! You know,
about your welfare! You know, with your being a girl and all... "So, what do you say, Jeff! How about pedo pics tgp we just leave it at that!
Okay?" "So, tell me! What did you think? You know, about being kissed? "You know, because I'd really like to hear what you thought about
it! "I mean, speaking as one girl to another, did you like it?" "I'm afraid that that's not an easy pedo baby rompl pics thing for me to answer... "You know, as in I have to admit that I absolutely loved it then!
You know, when Mat and I were out russian pedo young
there dancing... "But, as soon as we virgin pedo 13 weren't, as soon as he let go of my hand,
everything got weird and I started feeling kind of icky about it! You
know, realizing that I had not only just kiss another man, but that I had
enjoyed it foro cp pedo immensely!" "Okay! I think I've got the picture! "When your dancing, the way Magatrix has the game rigged, you're in
total girl mode! You know, as in your mind is in - Shall we say! - sexual
sync with that revamped body of yours! So, given that little fly in the
ointment, it's pretty much a given that you would enjoy being kissed by a
guy! You know, whenever you're dancing..." "It's worse than that, Mary! "I mean, the way I was feeling at the time, I was so hot and horny
that I found myself wondering what it would be like to have Mat's thingie
shoved up inside of this new little you-know-what of mine!" "You didn't?" Mary couldn't help but chuckle. "Hey! Come on! This isn't funny!" "Sure it is! It's as funny as all get-out! "I mean, it make not very pedo kiddy be funny to you, Jeff! But, I've got to tell
you that it's pedo porn cp a riot for the rest of us! You know, to see you
flip-flopping! You know, from being a flirtatious, dancing fool one
moment, to being pedophilie pics - I guess what you might call! - a lesbian narcissist!"
* * *
"Mat!" Jasmine meekly intoned as she felt herself drawn into her
friend's embrace. "We really need to talk!" "About what?" "About what happened before..." "Oh! You mean about the two of us kissing?" "Yes! We need to talk about that!" "No, we don't! "Oh, yeas we do!" "All right then! If you insist! Go right ahead! Talk away! I
listening..." "Well..." Jasmine, at a loss as to how to begin, lamely stammered.
"I just don't want you to get the wrong idea... "I mean, whatever Magatrix did to me - You know, to make it so that
I could actually enjoy dancing with men! - I've got to tell ya! It has
really done a number on my head! "I mean, you've got to understand that if it weren't for what she
did to me, there's children sex animals pedo no way in the world that I would have allowed you to
kiss me!" Nuzzling her ear as he did so, Mat tenderly whispered. "I know,
Jazz! May I banned pedo sites remind you: I was sitting right there when Magatrix laid that
rather convoluted post-hypnotic suggestion on you! And, because I was: I
know that none of this is your virgin pedofilia doing! That's to say that I know that
you're only acting free pedo virgin *****
this way because that's how Magatrix set the pedofila thumbs whole thing
up... "Look, Jazz! You and I are friends, right? So, if you're worried
about how I'm going to feel about this tomorrow, don't! "Speaking for myself, I'm fine with it! And, you should be fine
with it too! You know, because the way Magatrix has the whole thing
rigged, you have absolutely nothing to feel bad about! free pedo girl pics Okay?" Jasmine, though she did so with a good degree of hesitancy, found
herself agreeing with Mat's assertions. "Look, Jazz!' Mat said in an effort to further placate her.
"There's no pedo child porn sites need for pedo kids naked you to get those new tittys of yours in an uproar!
You know, just because you and I kissed a couple of times! "Look! Take it for what its' worth! But, here's my suggestion!
You ought to just go with the flow and enjoy it! "I mean, how often does I guy get to know how it feels to be a
girl? "Or, to put illeagel pedo cp sites that another way, Magatrix has afford you cg pedo a rare
opportunity and you'd be a real ******* not to take full advantage of it!" "Mat!" Jasmine purred. "Yes..." "Would you please just shut up and kiss me!" pedo teen girl "I'd be delighted to... You know, just as long as I have your
assurance that you'll respect me in the morning...."
* * *
"Hey, Mat!" Jasmine kds sex toplist pedo began quizzically as the two of them made they
way off the dance floor and back towards their table. "What gives between
Magatrix and Mary? "I mean, have you noticed that every time I get up to dance with
either you or Bill or one of the other guys who have asked me, one or the
other of them slides over into my seat? You know, so they can talk to one
another!" "Now that you mention it, I most certainty have! "In fact, the two of them seem to be as thick as thieves! You
know, gabbing away about something or other..."
* * *
"Where's Bob and Vicki?" Jasmine asked about fifteen minutes later
as Bill escorted her back to the table. Providing an answer, Ann quipped "Oh! Those two! They took off
about five minutes ago!" "So, is Bob going to get lucky tonight?" Jasmine asked. "Probably not!" Mat chuckled as he placed his beer glass back on
the table. "Vicki didn't look none to happy with him! You know, given the
way he's been lewdly gawking at you all night, Jazz!" "Serves him right!" russian porn pedo
Mary said with a degree of indignation clearly
conveyed in her voice. "You know, specially so since he's a married man
and all..."
* * *
"Jeff!" Mary began. "Mat and I have been talking while you were
dancing with Bill and, while I know he mom pedo was supposed to drive you back over
to work after we leave here tonight so that you can pick up your underground pedo boys
car, we
kind of pedo little girl stories
thought that it might be for the best ilegal pics pedo
if I take you home tonight.
You know, since I have to go right past your little pedo in pantyhose
place on my way home anyway!
Then, tomorrow morning, I'll just stop by your place ukraina pedo hard and pick you up and
you can ride into work with me. Okay?" "Sure!" Jeff replied. "Sounds like a plan pedo loltas
to me!"
* * *
Jeffrey pedo pics baby
Gibson's story will continue in: MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT 4 - CAR
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