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Subject: A Man's Best Friend Ch 2Title Series: A Man's Best Friend Ch 2
Author: Melissa LissaAGreen
Disclaimer: This is just fiction. The following story deals with Gay little petite models
domination, and other such fun activities. If you are under the age of
eighteen, or find this kind of sexual activity offensive, STOP HERE! Also
feedback is greatly appreciated good or badThe next morning I ended up taking my shower. I went right to bed last night
and had forgotte about it.I saw Jason making breakfast. He still had on his robe and was hunting a sex of model song
that was playing on the radio."Morning baby." He said and kissed me."Good morning. What modelmania blueteen are you making?""The works, Waffles, sausages, eggs and bacon. I also have muffins and naked schoolgirl models
on the table so I hope your hungry. Wasn't sure what you liked for breakfast.""Guess I should mention I'm not a morning person. I usually get up around
eleven.""Well, that will stop. I'm sorry yuvutu model toplist Danny, eight o' clock is the time I awake.
And so will you. I have to be at work at nine. However today I do have the
day off.""I thought you worked at home?""I do, but I set my hours, I make sure I do everything the same way everyday,
I guess super childs model things will change slightly after today." He said and smiled at me.I took a sip of orange juice and started to butter a bagel."So what's on the agenda teen kds models today?" I asked."We're going shopping after we eat. Pick you up some clothes, maybe later we
could go swimming. Did you know anahi teen model
I had a pool?""Noo, I haven't seen it.""Oh, it's the mikmik model com best part of the house.""Do you have a dog or something?""No, why?""Oh, because I saw a leash hanging on the coat hanger in the living room
yesterday, and there was a blanket bondage models
laying on the floor in the preten model brazil corner.""Well, that's part of who I am really Danny. Let's tall over some rules about
living here with me. You may object to anything you want, if you do not wish
to agree with any of them you may still live with me tgp models free because I really like
you, but you will have to get a job and earn some of your own money. does
that sound fair?""Perfect, but what are the rules?""Rule number one. You are gonna do anything i tell berlin bondage model
you. whether it's cleaning
the house or pleasuring me is this agreeable?"I smiled and answered. "Very!""I may ask for some attention at preteeen underware models any given ice model tgp time, meaning if you asleep at
three modelo porno foto in the morning and my **** is harder then a rock I will need you warm
mouth to ease it down.""That's the part naked little model
I will love to do.""Good boy. second. You will become my pet. I'm going to buy you a collar
today and a whip, Where I go around the house you will follow me whether it's
in my den or in here or even in the bathroom. Agreed?""You mean you want me to be your dog?""Yes,"I thought of it for a moment. Didn't sound too bad. I didn't mind being told
what to do."Agreed.""third. You will sleep in my bed, no more sleeping on the preeteens modeling mature couch. Only you
will sleep at the end of the bed like any dog would. You head will bondage model database
rest right
near my **** in case I need your mouth in the middle of the night you will be
right there so I won't have to look for you. sweatergirlmodel
Agreed?"I nodded. I was getting excited by all this talk. I could feel my ****
growing hard."Don't worry baby I will make you feel good before we go out. You earned it.
Fourth. Around the house you will only wear boxers. I don't wanna have to
waste time pulling your pants down if I want to take a look at you. You may
also wear a T-shirt because it does get cold in here. Agreed?"I nodded again. I was too busy filling my mouth with the food he had made to
answer him.I will however still buy you some clothes, jeans, and sweaters today for when
we go out. You will always come with me when you are able to. There will be
days where I have to work in the office and not here and child models pure I won't be able to
take you with me, those will be the days when you will do the chores around
here like cleaning and stuff. Agreed?""Yes,""I will only be going into the office when it's absolutely necessary so don't
worry about that. Fifth and you will like this one. if you are good during the
day and don't give me any trouble from the things I asked you to do I will
reward you at night by milking your **** for you. I'm known to give excellent
blowjobs.""Very much Agreed.""Good boy, didn't even have to ask that one. I see your models teen ls
enjoying your meal?""Yeah this is awesome! Even better then my mom's cooking.""If you'd like you can call your elite model porn
parents let them know where you are and that
your safe, but that is teen model exposed
totally up to you.""Why model babyphat
call them? so they can hang up on me?""Well, I think they just need young model pix time to cool off, but it's okay buddy you nn pretten models don't
have to call them. Now will you like me to give you something to smile about?"I nodded. I knew what he meant. he's been eyeing my **** the whole time.I kneeled down on the hard floor. And went in between my legs."Remember this feeling baby. If your good boy and do what I say, you will
feel this every night before hot models going to bed."His tongue liked my ****. It's been so long since I had that feeling of
another guys tongue it gave my body an electric jolt. His hands fondled my
little balls. slapping them a bit. I loved it! His mouth went all the way
down to my balls, sucking the modele prteen whole thing down his mouth.I'm smaller then Jason's I'm only about six inches while he was a good vladmodele
inches.His tongue traveled from my ******** down to my balls. They had little hair
on them and he licked it. His tongue was licking each ball and taking it into
his mouth and doing the same to non child models
the other. He then stopped."How big are you when your hard Danny?""Maybe 7 inches or so. I know I'm small huh?""Yeah, but it's OK. maybe we can take care of that."He went back to sucking me. I was grateful for that I thought he was gonna
stop."Come here baby, kneel on the floor. get used to the hard floor on your
knees."I tais teen model
climbed out of the chair and went onto he floor next to Jason. I decided I
better get preeteen tgp models
used to taking orders well.Surprisingly the floor wasn't so hard on my knees which was good."Dosen't hurt does it?""No.""Good."He grabbed a sausage off the ls magazine models table and started to drag the meat along my
body. I could feel child model hardcore
the heat of the sausage on my nipples. gothic models tgp
I was going young photos models
He dragged it down to my stomach and pushed the front of it vietnamese young models into my belly
button."Yeah you like this don't you baby?""Yes."He then dragged it to my **** and rubbed it along the sides of it."Yeah get this baby nice and juicy. Turn around Danny. Let me see kenya teen model
your ass."I obeyed him. I could feel the grease still on my body from the sausage.He took some butter from the table and spread it onto the sausage. Then I
felt him pushing it inside my hole. God it felt, I can't even think of the
word to describe how it felt!"Yeah Jason! That feels good!""Damn boy your tight! There going to be another rule. You will always be
loose and filled in case I decide to reward you by sticking my **** into your
ass. Will you like that baby? Instead of the sausage?""Yes, Jason! I will like that very much! Your ten times bigger then he
sausage.""Yeah. Your ass feels hot and tight. I beretta model 96
will enjoy pushing my pole in here."he spanked my ass hard. It didn't hurt teenie modell gallerie it felt great! I felt ptsc models the slap again
sending shivers through my body. The sausage was still in my ass.He then pulled out and teen ***** model
gave me another slap."I think it's time we got ready to go shopping. I will continue this tonight
though. Don't worry."He kissed me and I went to go and get dressed.********* When we got to the mall we went straight to Sears to get some clothes. He
said he will buy young thiai models what ever clothes I needed."How about this?" he said holding up a dark blue sweater.I felt the material and decided to grab it. We picked out three more sweaters
and a couple of T-shirts. We then went to get some pants.He also bought my some underwear two bag of them since I will be wearing that
more then the clothes."Do you need anything else?" he asked me.I was looking at ls pretten models the shoes. I was already thinking of getting a new pair but
I didn't want to max out his credit card. But he already sensed what I was
looking at."Come on buddy, we might as model teen 15
well."I smiled at him. I was really falling of this man.After we got the clothes we stopped at Friendly's for lunch."I was thinking Danny. I'm going to get you a credit card.""But I'm not working?""I know. But I will giving you a sorta like an allowance each week. For doing
your chores, which ever they will be. I will give you a hundred a week. And
there are additional rules.""More?""Yes, but you may turn these down."I wasn't nervous. I model teens blue was actually excited."Every week lollita model pictures
I have pool guy come in and clean my pool since I Asian hot models don't know how
to do it. We were kinda fooling around here in there a little when he came
over. Well, one of your jobs will be pleasing him as well. making sure he
feels at home if I'm not there. Let him use that mouth of yours. Are you
interested?""Can I see him first? I mean when he coming over next?""Friday actually tomorrow. He comes over every Friday to clean my pool. I
give him $150 dollars for it and some pleasuring on the side. He's bi Danny.""i think it sounds okay, I just wanna meet him valerie baber model first.""Cool. I'm sure you'll like him, he's cute ls model
about your age.""Like the young ones huh?""Yeah, so cute, and pure. Would it bother you if I still craved for new ****
every know and then? I mean to be honest with you bbaby, I'm a calendar model *****
****. I love
****, I love to suck it, and chew it, pleasure it any way I can. Would it
bother you if friends stopped in and seeing me pleasure them?""No. Actually it will excite me.""I see your a **** as well baby?""Yes, But I'm sure you had a better sex life then I have.""Well, I'm older then you babe. We will talk about previous sex lives another
time. There is some stuff I still wanna pick up for you.""What?""We littlemodels 10yo
have to stop at the pet store and get you a caller. I know the owner he
will let us try it on in the gena ls model back teen pre models
room. Now before I buy this cute petite models
your sure your
okay with it?""Yes, I think it sound exciting!""Good boy. Finish up and let's get going. Also on the way home we gonna stop
at this adult store to pick up some things for you. And maybe some movies.""What are you getting lsm models girls
at the adult store?" I asked curiously."Just some toys. I will explain in the car. You ready to go?""Yeah.Jason paid for the bill and we went to the pet store."I was think Jason. You don't need to get me a credit bikini boob models
card. I mean I don't
need it really.""It's quit okay Danny. I don't it to sound like I'm paying kiki model pics you for sex, but preten nude modeles I
guess it does sound like that. I'm getting you a credit card so you can buy
what nn model world
you like, like clothes, CDs stuff like that. You can also get you an
account at the same bank I go to. This way in case someday you'd like to move
out pre model tgp you can. But I hope that won't ever happen.""So far, I think I like living with you. I appreciate everything your doing
for me and I don't mind pleasuring you in return including what ever friends
happen to stop by."We went into the lsmodelclub com store. I looked at the puppies. They looked so nude models sex cute and so
sad. They started barking as soon as teen model malaysia they saw me in hopes I would take them
home.Jason went straight to the child extra model
collars and told me to pick one nn 14year models out. I looked at
all the different shades and sizes."Jason? Buddy! Long time no see!""Adam? Hay bud how are ya?""Good, doing very well actually, petit girls modells who's your new friend?""Adam, this is Danny, he will be staying with me. Danny, I'd like you to amsterdam teen models
Adam.""Hi Adam." I said and shook his hand. He looked kinda cute. Blue eyes blonde
hair. Maybe around Jason's age."Are you two..." he asked looking azerbaijan models
suspicious."We're working on Adam. I'm actually here buying him a present, if you know
what I mean."Jason tinymodel non nude winked at him and Adam smiled."Yeah. Would you like to try it on in the back reanna teen model room boy?""Yeah, if it's okay.""Not a problem, just have to keep the noise down."Not catching on what he was implying I nodded and grabbed a collar and
followed them into the back room."Is he a good one Jas?""Well, he's learning fast. let's try russian models teens the collar one before we give him a
test."Adam wrapped the collar around me. I felt a little embarrassed at sex little models first. I
looked over at Jason for some help."You okay baby?" he asked me."I, I mean, I don't,""Adam can we have a moment alone?""Sure.""What's wrong youg model teen baby? You still wanna go through with teenmodel 15yo
this?""Yes, but I don't know, I feel degrading. I mean what he must think of me.""No, don't worry baby. I've done this a couple times before with some guys,
that's how he knows me. I've done everything the same way with them. Which is
why I'm giving you a credit card in case you also decide to move out? They
back out and left. It hurts to see them go. But I don't know the way I feel
about you is so much different. I think I liked you as soon as I saw you at
the russia pre model counter last night.""I liked you when you told me I was cute.""Your more then cute Danny. Your drop dead gorgeous! When I was your age I
would die for a body like yours! I had a bunch of pimples on my face, I were
glasses. I per teens models was no prince charming. Danny, I'm feeling something for you that
I haven't felt with the others. I think I'm in love with you.""I love you too Jason."He hugged me bullzeye nude models and youngangels model
we shared a long passionate kiss. The first kiss we shared.
His tongue entered my mouth and I tasted the BLT he had for lunch."Oh, my I'm sorry, I'll come back!""Adam wait it's okay, just giving my boyfriend a kiss."I started to blush. he called me his boyfriend!"You supermodel celebrity gossip guys ready now? I mean I can leave you nonnude amature models
two alone," said Adam still
looking nervous."No buddy, in fact why don't you watch. First let's try this collar."Adam put the collar around my neck. I started feeling better about it. Once
he tied it on me he young teennude models asked me if I liked it."Yeah. It fits great."My hands went around it trying to loosen it. Adam then untied the strap a
little."Sorry Danny, didn't mean to make it to tight. You like it Jas?""Yeah, he looks like a real dog now. let's see if he behaves like one. Down
boy!"I went to the groan on all fours and looked up at them. Adam was smiling down
at me and Jason petted my head."Good boy, very good boy, come here."I crawled over to his lap. His hands were pointing to his crotch."Lick it boy," he said pointed to teen model katrina his ****. He still had his pants on.My tongue snuck out and I liked the area where his **** would be."He takes orders very well. Can I watch you two in action sometime?""Dude you child model underwear
can join the action. Come by nude models radiation tonight later on if you want. I want
you to try out his hot mouth.""I get off at ten. And I guess I'll be getting off around eleven is that
good?""Sounds perfect man. We'll probably be in the pool, so just come in the back
yard, then you cum anywhere you want.""You got a date Jas. You excited boy?"He looked at me and petted my head. I nodded excitedly and stuck my tongue
out."Put that tongue back in boy, save it for later," said Adam and kissed me on
the cheek. I looked up at Jason to see if he looked mad, he just smiled."Now let's get this off of you so you guys can go. You got a leash for this
dog Jas?""Yes, Do you think I need a new one?""I think it will be a good idea. Come on Boy, let's go pick one out."Adam took my collar off and we left the room. Jason went over to the dog
leashes."Which do you like boy?" Asked Jason.I was looking through them. famous girl models It didn't really matter to me. Wasn't looking
forward in being pulled around. I noticed a bright red one on the bottom
shelf."That is a very popular style Danny. I guess owners believe dogs like bright
colored things. If you'd guys like I can secretly make you a dog tag for him
Jas. with his pet name and your address. It will be free of charge for mutual
founds of course.""That will be great man thanks!""I make them at home actually, a little business I have. Come on lets get
this stuff paid for.""You have your own business?' asked nudist teen models Jason."Well, it's very little. I know a lot of dogs around where I live so I make
them customized dog tags. I can young modeles shape metal into any form and write what the
owners want on it.""I didn't know this.""Well, I guess I don't advertise it except here.""Will you be interested in a web site for it? You know I make them right?""Yeah I know. Actually I have been thinking about it. loilta model But working here for
minimum wage doesn't exactly pay the bills as it is. I don't think I could
afford a web site.""We can talk it over if you'd like when you come over.""Okay sounds cool. Want me next models young to bring anything?""How about beer? Danny your old enough to drink right?""No. In two years I will be.""Well, bring it over anyway maybe we'll let you have some ."I teen remodeling
smiled at him as saying thanks.They said good-bye to each other one last time and we made it to the car."Just don't let anyone find out I let you drink.""No problem, as long as I don't have to wear the collar out in public. Please
Jason.""No problem baby.""Can I make a suggestion?""Sure lia model panties
what is it?'"If there's ever a time where I want to suck your **** an I with you asking
me to I mean.""You bet, but you have to ask my permission first. Okay?""That sounds fair. Can I do it now?""Your horny little guy aren't you?""I wanted to in the backroom and now since your letting me have a drink later
I want to thank you.""Okay baby, let's just get out of the parking lot an find a parking space."I noticed he was undoing his pants as he was backing out. I did everything I
could from leaning over and taking his pole in my mouth.He drove over into a teen modelling thumbs deserted area and stopped the car."Okay import models ****ing
baby, go ahead."I smiled at him and greedily grabbed his **** out his pants and stuck it into
my mouth."Oooh yeah models pics sexy
Danny! Suck it baby! My little puppy is looking forward in sucking
some in sucking some new meat tonight isn't he. get to try a new **** out
tonight. Yeah baby work that tongue on my head."I licked it all over getting it nice and wet. I felt his hand on my head
brushing my hair a bit. He wasn't being as rough as he was last night."Yeah Danny baby, suck it good. I should have let Adam get a good pre-show of
your mouth today, but I know I would make too much noise."His hand started to push my head down modeling preeteens on his shaft. I began sucking him off
harder and faster."Yeah baby, I'm gonna blow! Open wide!"I opened my mouth and was rewarded with delicious hot cum.
I continued to jack him off a bit and went up to give him a teenmodel
My tongue had some of his cum still and I let him taste it."Man, your good baby. Very good."Jason inna models licked my chin to scoop up what was left of his cum."We should head back now, we little inna model got company tonight. Thank you baby, thank you
so much."He kissed me again before starting the car. Then we went home. If I knew what
was about to happen that night I would have wanted to go home a long time ago.TBC
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