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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark - series Part #36MARK
Part #36
_DISCLAIMER: This nude preteen index is a gay fictional fantasy and details petite preteens naked
acts between consenting men and boys. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL
APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, STOP AND GO NO FURTHER.All events, locations involved and people are fictional. Actual reference
too existing geographic locations is generic and does not mean the author
implies the gay lifestyle is condoned and/or advocated.Mark and Carl walked through the side art preteen gallery door into the kitchen as John and
Sharon parked next to his Explorer. Lee was standing at the railing with his
coffee waiting for them and called out "Hi John, Sharon got a fresh thermos
of coffee if you care to join me.""I'll be right there as soon as I get these bags carried in Lee. Where's
Mark, inside?" preteens boys nudes
John says."Yeah, he and Carl are probably in the weight room. Need any help there?""Nah, we can make it Lee. Hang on, be there in a second." John replies."Ok bro, bring a cup when you come out. I only have mine." Lee says.Sharon and John carry their bags inside and John asks her if she wants to
join him and Lee for coffee before she starts unpacking."No John." She replies. "You go ahead, I want to get this stuff put away and
then decide maxwell nn preteens about dinner.""Ok babe. I'm going to check on Mark and then be on the deck if you need
me." John says.Walking by the weight room, John opens the door and sees his son and Carl
working out on the Bowflex. Walking over to the boys, he asks how they are
doing."We just started a few minutes ago Mr. Michaels." ukrainian preteen
Carl replies. "Mark and
his uncle preteen sex japanese only korean preteens photos got home about an hour or so ago.""Yeah Dad." Mark says. "We left Louisville about 9o'clock this morning and
Uncle Lee wanted to stop by the cute young preteen
old family cemetery in Corinth to 10 yo. preteens
see how it
was. We preteen mag had a great trip. How did you and Mom do? Have fun in young preteen vids Indianapolis?""Had a nice relaxing trip away from you and your sister. I hope you didn't
wear your uncle out though, running him all over the place. Are you feeling
alright Mark? You look a little tired." John asks, looking his son over."No dad, I'm fine. Carl pushed the tension bar up higher then I was
expecting and caught me off guard for a candid preteens free second." preteens pics russian Mark answers."Ok guys. Just be careful and I'll see you later." John says.As John left the weight room, Carl leaned over to Mark. "Do you think your
dad suspects anything about you and preteens foot
your uncle Mark?" Carl asks."Honestly Carl, I don't know. I preteen youngest boy have a hunch he does but I'm not sure. He
has never mentioned anything like that. I heard him and mom talking once
about Uncle Lee and mom sounded worried but I don't think dad was. He has
always been pretty cool about Uncle Lee." Mark says."I sure hope it is okay for your sake." Carl says. "Maybe I better get on
home and preteen model webcam see you later.""That's okay Carl." Mark says. "Stick around and help me with the bench
workout before you go and preteen gay girls
I can spot for you."John leaves dark hot preteens the boys and walking up the outside stairs he reaches the deck
where Lee is sitting before he remembers he didn't get a cup. Turning he
heads for the side door and calls out to Lee "gotta get a cup bro, be right
there."Retrieving a cup from the kitchen, John returns to where Lee is sitting and
pours himself a cup from the thermos. Sitting down in front of his brother,
he takes a sip."How was the trip to Louisville Lee? Did you get the equipment okay?" John
asks."The nonude model preteen damned company had called and ordered an additional preteens ****** gallery item they needed
and put the pressure on me to get it back ASAP. I called George and seems
like all hell has broke lose at home headquarters. Other then that, Mark and
I had a great time." Lee says.What did you guys do while you were there, Lee? Mark mentioned you stopped
at the old family cemetery on the way back. Did it get cleaned up okay?"
John asks."Yeah, Uncle William and Glen did a great job of trimming and cutting.
Looked real nice. I wish there was someway we could keep it taken care of nonnude darling preteen on
a regular basis but guess not." Lee says. "What did we do in Louisville?
Mark checked out the University of Louisville and he has some literature on
it. We had dinner at some nude russians preteens really interesting restaurants. I introduced him
to William Woolford. Do you remember him John?""I should Lee." John says. "Does he still own the farm in Mt. videos preteens sexo Orb or do you
know?""He does but I don't think he visits it as much now. He has most of it
rented and the house is preteen lollita **** taken care of by an employee of his. bbs preteen vombats His main
business is his clothing store in Louisville. He did invite Mark to visit
the farm if he wanted to next summer. Might preteen models download as well tell you John, I had
three outfits made for Mark while we were there." Lee says."Oh Christ Lee. You spoil him rotten." John exclaims."His birthday is next week russian young preteens and I won't be here to give them to him so
William took special care of it before we left this morning. Besides, you
know how much Mark means to me." Lee says."I've always known that Lee. Every time preteen age xxx you are home, he sticks to you like
glue and then we can hardly live with him when you leave." John says."At preteen sexynonnude pics
least he isn't sitting on the curbs crying glamour model preteen like he did John." Lee
smiles."No but it is just as gallery preteen shaved bad. You can't get him to cheer up or come out of his
room for preteen tease video about a week. When you call he goes bananas wanting to talk with
you and tell us you are coming home......good lord. He counts the minutes.
Speaking of leaving Lee. You said nn galleries preteen something about your company wanting the
equipment back ASAP." John says."Yeah, Carl and I will be leaving early Friday morning. preteen lilita sites He is going to help
me with the exotic preteen stories driving so we get naturalist preteen art
back Friday evening. They will be waiting for
me. I am really anxious to find out what is going on when I get there." Lee
answers."And Mark knows you are leaving Friday?" John asks."Yes, he does and I asked Carl if he was okay with leaving then." Lee
answers."That explains his eyes being red when I saw him in the weight room with
Carl." John says. "Any more coffee in the jug bro?""Hold your cup out. I think there naked underage preteen is another cup." Lee says. "Mark's eyes
were red?""Lee, if you told him you were leaving this Friday, you know he will get
upset. petite preteen photos
He does all the time. I noticed it when I world preteen girls looked at him preteen model galery
and he tried
to tell me it was unexpected tension on the BowFlex. No tension would make
him preteen bbs sports cry." John says.John and Lee sip their coffee quietly. The conversation for preteen tits porn the most part
had revolved around Mark. Lee top preteen erotic could feel that his brother was building up to
something and his stomach had a very empty feeling deep inside of him.John watches Lee carefully before taking a preteen private nudes deep breath and saying, "Lee, you
are my youngest brother and I love you very much. I have always tried to
support you and will continue. Sharon and I know your lifestyle and you have
never brought it into our home and we deeply appreciate it. She and I have
been talking about some things lately and we need your help.""What's preteen model nonnu that John?" Lee asks. "You both know I will do what ever I can for
you.""I know that. **** pics preteen Right preteen topless toplists
now we are at a real crossroads and preteen flip flops
Mark's future is our
main concern. He is almost 17, still has a year of high school and then
college before him. real preteen ***** He has girl's calling all of the time but no steady one.
I know he is aware gallery preteen photo of sex. I caught him and Carl together once. No problem
with that and we had a long talk. Hell, you remember when we were teenagers.
I want Mark to be the best that he can be and happy with someone of his
choice." John says"I understand all of that John. Same thing I want for him. How can I help
you with that?" Lee asks."Lee, would you tell me if my son is gay?" John asks in an almost inaudible
whisper.The words hit Lee and he exhales as preteens nudity pics if he had been waiting for preteen naturist ******
them forever.
His mind wraps itself around the question and he knows that the future of
several people rides on what he will say. He knows his lil preteen model
family could be
ripped to shreds if he expresses the wrong feelings. Sitting his cup on the
small table, he leans forward."John." Lee says quietly. "If I told you Mark is gay, what difference would
it make? Will he change before your eyes or in your heart? Are you going to
treat him any differently then you do now? He is your friendship preteen relationship son and always will
be you can't change that. Disown sex model preteen him? What does that accomplish for anyone?
But, don't you think you should ask him and not me?""You are right Lee, I should have before this." John says. "I think I know
the answer and it makes me remember when you were 16 and the way Doug
treated you. I preteen sleeping girl would hate for that to happen to Mark."Leaning over close, Lee takes his brothers hand in his and say's "John, I
promise you that no one will ever hurt Mark."John sits beside Lee on the bench and takes his hand in his. Looking Lee in
the eye, he says "Lee I love you probably more then Mark. I promised mom
that I photo50 preteen model would never let preteen l
any harm preteen candid movies
come to you. You were her sex videos preteens baby and I think
that is one thing that irked Doug. You being gay was not the reason female preteen art
disliked you, no. He didn't like you taking his place with mom. At least
that is braless preteen the way he thinks and I'm afraid he won't change. Right now bro, I
need you to help me.""Anything I can do John, you know I will." models preteen russians Lee says.Still holding Lee's hand John squeezes it and softly asks, "Have you and
Mark been involved? Tell me the truth, it won't change how I feel."Lee straightens and takes a very deep breath hot preteen non before answering. "John, asking
me that is a little like going through the back door isn't anonymous xxx preteen it? Do you
remember when you took me to meet William Woolford and the reason you took
me to see him? You wanted to make sure black preteen pic that I would learn what being gay
was. For that I will always love you. I know you also kdz preteen saw William later and
thanked him for what he did. I discussed all of this with him and it is
almost like preteen deutch history is repeating itself but this time it is my nephew. Mark
asked me to teach him the same way William taught me. He has known he is gay
for a long time, beauty preteens tip almost since he has memory. It is hard to explain John, but
I felt something deep within me the first time I ever held him in my arms.
It was like there was a connection other then he was my nephew. I have
fought preteen nonude models those feelings for years out of respect and love for you and Sharon.
I never wanted to hurt either of you.""Little brother." John says, squeezing Lee's shoulders. "I have known it but
wanted preteen **** video to hear it from you or him. Sharon and preteen birthday sex I talked about this last week.
She is more concerned with Mark being happy then being gay, I think. Me. Lee
I told Sharon that if Mark was gay then I could think of no one I would
rather have preteen magazine sex him with then you. I mean that bro. I admit that it will take a
little getting used preteen threesome to but we will love you both just as much nude preteen youtube as we do now.""John." Lee says looking deep into his brother's eyes. "You have just lifted
a ton off of my shoulders. Can I give you a big hug and tell you how much I
love you?"Carl and Mark walk out onto the deck and see John and Lee hugging each
other. They both look at each other questioningly as they walk towards them."Hey guys." Mark says. "Uncle Lee is not leaving until Friday morning, this
is Wednesday.""Your preteen message uncle nudists families preteen and I have been talking and reliving memories Mark. How did the
work out go?" John says."Pretty good Mr. Michaels. Always have a good workout with Mark." Carl says.
"I got to be going or mom will wonder why I am not helping her pack littles virgins preteen my
stuff. Thanks again Mark see you guys tomorrow sometime.""Later Carl." Mark says.Getting up, Lee says preteen stripper "Here Mark sit next to your dad. I think he might have
a beer for you.""Yeah Mark. You didn't come up right away so it might he a little warm."
John says. "Your uncle and I have been talking about your trip to Louisville
and all you did down there. Did you enjoy meeting Bill Woolford? He is an
old friend of mine and your uncles, great guy."Mark takes sexo foto preteen a sip of the beer and it is warm. "We had a candid preteen girl great time Dad and
Mr. Woolford is preteen raped children a pretty cool guy. He told me about meeting you at his farm
in Mr. Orb and what you did for Uncle Lee." He says.Lee flashed his eyes at Mark at what europe preteen pic he had just said. He had given his
father the opening and all he had to do was step through. It was like he was
saying, "here I am dad and I'm gay." Lee preteens young download could see from the look in John's
eyes he had heard it too and he held his naked preteen kid
breath. Mark was almost laying down
a challenge.John takes the beer out of Mark's hand and says "that is hot, we will get
you a fresh one if you want. Your Uncle Lee has explained everything Mark,
well just about everything. I told him it will take a little getting used to
but your mother and I will love you just the preteen nylons same. Your happiness means the
most to us."Mark sits there looking first at his dad and then his uncle and then his dad
with tears welling up in his eyes, he throws his arms around John's neck
crying as he says, "Pop, I love you. Thanks for not being mad or all upset.
I promise you will never be ashamed of me.""Mark, don't break my bobbie preteen bobbie neck. Ashamed of you, why would japanese preteens art I ever have reason to
be ashamed of you? I'm sure Lee is doing everything he can to see you stay
out of trouble. Any plans made you want to tell me about?" John says.Mark looks at his uncle and sees him nod his head, "Two things dad. I want
to finish school, high school and college. I want to live with Uncle Lee
wherever he is. He is the only one I have ever wanted to live with outside
of you and mom.""John, I think he means he wants to finish high school here in Hamilton and
then asian preteens nude
attend a college where we can be together." Lee says."Yeah, that's what I meant dad." Mark says excitedly."Right now sport, I got to find out what is going on at work, get a place to
live where I am going to be assigned. I won't know dream preteen model
preteen naked modelz much of this for a few
more days. You start school the day after Labor Day don't you?? Lee says."Yeah Mark, Lee is right. There is a lot to be discussed and figured out. I
think best we cool it for now until we have all of the information to work
with. Right preteen toplist bbs now, I want to eat. I am starved." John says.Just small tits preteen about then, Sharon walks fantasies preteen nude out and asks, "If you real preteen gallers guys are finished
talking, how about we all go to the House of Chili for dinner. We haven't
had anything since Indianapolis and you been talking for preteen schoolgirls xxx
hours. Everything
settled John?""Now I know why I married you and yes everything is settled, I'll tell you
all about it later. Lets go." John says.Sharon looks at Mark, "You alright Mark? Everything okay?" She says."Sure 3d picture preteen is Mom, lets eat, I'm starved." Mark says hugging his mother. "I love
you Mom."Comments to" preteen lokita vixen
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