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From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: huge-and-thick/my-first-virginHuge and Thick / My First VirginThese are the sex adventures of a black Brazilian stud from Rio de Janeiro
who goes by the nickname of Grossao (sounds like grow-SAHN-oh, 14-year-old boy nude written with
~ over the a), which means huge and thick in Portuguese. It's the name of
his 13-inch extra thick ****. He's the hottest male I've ever had. While he
****s me leisurely, in his shack overlooking the bay of tgp sexe 13 year
Guanabara, Grossao
tells me his gallery sexe 14 years long life, now 15 years porn foto in its fourth episode. The stories in their
Portuguese version were originally posted a few years ago in a Brazilian
website, naked 13 years girls where they numbered over a bikini sex girl year hundred. Gradually, I'm rewriting one by
one in English. Grossao is helping **** 13 years teen
me, as he ****s my butt, retelling his
exploits 14 year girls ******
with new nude 16 year
details.4 - MY nude teens 16 years FIRST VIRGINOver the next two years, everything turned great for me at the naked 16-year-old pics school of Our
Lady of O. The porn pics 16 year priests let me have sex with all the other boys kids 13-17 years nudes when and
where I wanted them. In return, I 14 year old mpg let the old guys suck my **** or 16years porn
take it
up their asses. The only priest who was not a pervert was young Father
Ramon, our Catechism teacher.Father Ramon was porn teens 15 years a gallego, from Galicia, Northern Spain. He 16 years porn was very
handsome, with long blond air and deep blue eyes. He looked a lot like 12 years porn download
images of Christ, tall and nude 10 year girls strong, with a short pedo year 13 beard. He liked to work in
the garden of our school, terry years 19 old dressed only in a loincloth, and the kids admired
his physique that looked just porno 17years video
like the well muscled body of Christ hanging
from the cross.But everyone knew that Father Ramon, contrary to 16 year sex photos all the other priests,
never touched a boy. He was seen as a saint among sinners, and he acted
accordingly, always preaching in his classes that we were all doomed and
damned to burn in hell. He frightened the boys with his apocalyptic sermons.
They came shaking to my bed, 14 year old naturist where my porn 17 year old Grossao consoled them...Father Ramon despised the other priests. The only person he talked to was
Brother Jumento (jackass in Portuguese) an older black man who was the
school's gardener and Father Ramon's confessor. Every day, they locked
themselves in the shed, far away 14 year no nude
in the back of the garden, and hours later
Father Ramon emerged looking happy and refreshed, after having unburdened
his sins, confessing them to Brother Jumento.I wondered why such a saintly man had so much 16 years girls pic to confess. Especially ass teen 14 year16 years sex pictures to
someone who looked so brutish as Brother Jumento. Though he was old, the
black giant was by far the strongest man in our community. He 14 year porno photo
towered over
everyone else, built like a brickhouse, his neck wide as a 16 years child porno
bull's, the legs
strong and thick 16 year nudist pics
as tree trunks, with a deep barreled chest and arms that
could easily crush 13 years girls ****** an army.Some boys told me that they had sucked Brother Jumento's 16 years naked***** 13 years huge ****. They
said that only my Grossao was bigger than his. I was curious.So one day I manage to sneak into the shed, after class, to check on Brother
Jumento.What I see is beyond belief. Brother 16 years old cumshot Jumento is naked, holding in his hands
a huge black club of a ****. From where I stand, hidden behind some loose
planks, it looks bigger gallery porno 13 years than mine, but I have sexy kids 15 years to trust the boys who suck it
and swear that Grossao is even larger.Father Ramon comes in, locking the door behind him. He's wearing his
loincloth, all covered in sweat, after 12 year porn
working in the garden all morning.
I'm struck by his serene, powerful 12 years naked girls beauty. He goes to Jumento, looking 14 years ****ing video into
his eyes, and kneels in front of the giant."Lord, I've sinned. I'm ready for my deserved punishment".The black beast, with a heavy whip in his hand, lashes free nude 15 years
out at the blond
man's face, chest and 14 years hot girls back. nubiles 16 years old
The saintly priest kneels and looks at his
tormentor with peaceful eyes.Then he takes the huge black **** in his hands, opens his mouth and gulps it
down in one hungry splurge. He doesn't gag or choke. To have such a giant
piece of hard meat shoved down the throat with so much ease, he must have
many years of practice.Jumento grabs naked 16 year oldteens him by the long blond hair 14 year old nude-girls and ****s xxx 13-17 years old
the handsome white face
without young 16 years pics mercy."Yeah son, show daddy how much you love his big hard ****. Since I teached
you to 13year sex pictures suck me when you were eight you've improved day by day. But you've
been a teens passwodrs -16 years bad boy, son. Daddy has to punish you. You're ready?"Father Ramon nude 14 year girls unlodges the ebony trunk from his gullet with a loud PLOP!"Yes, Father, I need you to scourge me".The black giant drags Father Ramon to the middle of the room, where two
heavy chains hang from the ceiling. He shackles the blond man's hands to
each chain. The gorgeous white body now dangles, 14 years incest spreadeagled, like Christ
hanging from the cross.Brother Jumento tears the loincloth off, revealing 50-year old woman nude the spaniard's dazzling
white buttocks. I'm so horny, I start young porn 12 year to beat my teens 12 years pornp
thick hard 16 year nude pedo meat. After
lashing the tortured priest a few times, Jumento hooks his strong arms under
the nude 15 years movie
white thighs and pulls them up.Father Ramon wraps nude 10years girls
his shapely legs around the black man's waist, crossing
his strong white kiddies 13 years defloration feet. Thank God I'm so well positioned I can see the 14 years nude girls huge
black **** plunge between the priest's buttocks, lodging deep into his ass
in 16 years ***** pics one hard shove.I'm even more impressed by Brother Jumento's naked teen 16 year huge buttocks, like two giant
black soccer balls, heaving and flexing as his ****s the white man. For the
first time I feel horny for an older guy. More than anything, I have to ****
that butt.Father Ramon thrusts his head 13-16 year nudist back, moaning in pleasure."Yeah father, 13 years old gay
**** me! litle year sex Thrust your spear 12 year ***** ****** into my hungry 16 year old schoolgirls butt! I can't live a
day without your divine sword. Stab me! Impale me! Kill me! Bring me to
heaven with you!""Yeah, son, take my ****ing weapon! I absolve you of all your sins... Just
make me cum, *****".At this point I can hold no longer. I burst into the scene, hard **** in
hand, aiming xxx girls 12 years at the black ***** girl 16 years giant's big butt."You two ******s made young 16years sexy pic sure that father and son are one. 14 years nudes
But you forgot me,
the holy spirit! Take this, you ****ing father!"I take the giant by surprise and stick Grossao 14 year old xxx into his hole in one big
shove. The big black devil yells in pain and rage."You ****ing boy! Do you have 17 years teenage tgp any idea of what pics of girl 12years
you've done? You just took my
virginity and it's hurting like hell!""Shut up ****** and enjoy the 17 years girl porn
ride. Can't teen 15 year nude you see this is the unholy
trinity? I bet you've been dying to have a **** bigger than yours up that
fat ass, porno 16 year old to complete your union. Right, *****?"I shove my **** even deeper, breaching nude 13 years pic
Jumento's inner ring and triggering a
powerful ******. As the newly opened **** hole hugs my **** tightly, the
black giant's **** erupts deep inside the blond priest."O father you never came so much in my ass! God that feels so good!"I **** the narrow tunnel between the gardener's amazing buttocks, as I slap
and pinch the two fat mellons. The big old guy is my first virgin and pics girl 13 years
intend to make the most of my power year old ***** over him. I may be only 15, but I ****
him like a pro.It's not too late for yong 12year sex foto the old guy to discover how wonderful it is to be
****** by a **** bigger teen 15 year sex than his. He moans like a ***** in heat."Yeah, Grossao, **** my big 13 years sex movie *****! Shove your nude 16years old girl
10-16 years sex super thick **** in my hungry
ass!"He 16 year old schoolgirl gets hard again inside the blond priest's butt. I hold him by the hips
and **** Father 13 year old kid Ramon with his ******'s big black ****. 13 years girls toples The handsome white
man hold his chains and swings his 13 year old kids body back hard against the giant's body,
taking his **** deep and fast, as I hump the black butt with mighty shoves.The three of us, made one, grunt and yell in triumph as we reach a single
******. The door is burst open."What the hell is 16 years teens naked going on here?"It's the headmaster of our 15years hardcore free porn school. He's furious."Grossao, you're raping two of the most saintly members of our community!
You're 17 years old tits expelled right now from 15 year old teen
teens 16year sex Our Lady of O"Thank God, I'm sent back pedo 10 year porn to Rio. My mother is 14 year porno pics mad at me nudist 16 year but she takes me
back home. Now nude 16 years teen
I'm free for japanese year old bikini a life of heavenly sex in the greatest city of
the world.Jorge Alvarez
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