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Subject: The Misadventures of Anna chapter 2Phase Two: The Seduction of Anna"Anna, what do you think of this one?"A few hours after Holly-Raine and Anna had young schoolgirl virgins agreed to see each other. It was
about 3.30, lessons were over now, young pretenn
so the two of them could go out and have
some fun before they had to hit the books at Anna's house. Anna had only
been living in Victoria for a short while, so she had never old **** young experienced much
of what the town young naked loitas had to offer. Soon as Holly learned this, she agreed to
show Anna around before they went home to study. In a flash they went
downtown and hit the largest mall they could find. The ****** too young two girls
window-shopped around and about, checking out some of the new CD's out this
week. After a couple of shakes and some fries, Anna and Holly stopped over
at a clothes shop and took a look at the merchandise on offer.Currently, Anna was at young naked childrens
the back of the shop, next to the dressing rooms. She
hadn't seen anything she liked, not from here at least. All the while,
Holly-Raine was inside the dressing rooms, changing into one of the many
outfits she had taken a shine to. This store was rather expensive, Anna
couldn't afford the majority of clothes here, but Holly could. old vs young
father was a stockbroker, and a successful one. She was by no means rich;
after all she was attending a young nude kid
public school, but her family was well off.
With a cheerful rusian tgp young giggle, Holly stepped out of the dressing booth to show off
her chosen dress, youngest teens
giving a pirouette to show it off.Anna nodded in approval. The dress was body length, obviously. The colour
was a simple Charles young architects white, but tight around the hips and chest, just enough to show
present Holly's `bodily assets' to the world. The silk white gloves and
ashen high heels were a nice touch, too. The whole outfit seemed formal at
most, but it suited Holly with a passion. Especially since the chestnut
brown of her shining silk hair contrasted the pure white of the dress.
Absolutely wonderful."It looks great on you, Holly." Anna said honestly. "But how much does all
that cost?"Holly-Raine held a finger to her chin as she looked off in thought. "Hmmm.
For the dress cute young mpegs
and the shoes and the gloves? Ooh, I'd say it's about 90
bucks."Anna blinked. "C-Can you afford that?""Sure. My dad does have quite amateur young facials
a bit of money, `course, I don't like walking
around with that kinda cash, but I planned to buy some stuff today. Is that
why you're not trying young japan nude on anything?""Not really... I just don't think these clothes suit me. That's all."Holly just shrugged and walked back young smalltits
into the booth. As she begun to undress
out of the white dress she had been wearing, she spoke out to Anna again. "I
gotcha. So what was Minnesota like? Hell of a lot more fun than young photo kiddy
heaven, huh...?""I liked Minnesota." Anna said in earnest. And she did. In fact she was
missing it a little. "But I like it here too. Everyone's younger teenz porn been so nice to me
and everything.""Sure." Holly said distractedly. "...Um, Anna, could you come in here and
tell me how this looks?"Anna shuffled her feet a bit. "Can you just come out here?""Uh... I'd kinda don't want to have someone see this."Oh well. What could be so private that she couldn't step out of the dressing
room? Anna opened the youngest tiny door to Holly's booth, but her questions were answered
with full force. Holly stood before young shaved thumb youngs xxx
the young blonde with an embarrassed
smile, clad only in a skimpy two-piece black bikini. Anna gulped. She had
never, ever been Nude sexy young comfortable around someone else's cleavage. At that little
swimsuit Holly was wearing showed off more than young teen underwear
she ever expected.Anna's eyes ducked to one side as she nude young pusy felt youngest **** pic the young hairy girls
heat rise to her cheeks."Well?" Holly began. "What do you think of my swimsuit?""Uh... Holly, it's... don't you think art young nonude it's a Marieanne young bit late in the year to be
buying things like that? Summer ended weeks ago."Holly just nodded. "Yeah, I know. But my family is taking a trip to the
Caribbean at the end of September. nudist young porn
Something about business there. I just
want to pick up a tan while I'm there, even if it's only for a week or so.
What do you think?"Anna struggled to speak. Skinny young redhead
"It's... nice. I think it looks nice on you."Holly-Raine let out a very young cuties pleasant smile and a giddy chuckle, wrapping her arms
around an uncomfortable Anna. The brown-haired girl young naked preeteen whispered a gentle
`thanks, Anna' into the ear of the other girl, and settled her head against
Anna's shoulder. Anna herself was incredulous. Holly was hugging her. But
that was not the young tender titties
most... unnerving part of the situation. Holly's small,
pert breasts were pressed up against her own. And since the fabric of the
bikini was so slight, she could quite easily feel Holly-Raine's little pink
nipples poking against the shirt that Anna had worn to school. This lasted
for a few seconds until Holly-Raine released Anna from her hug and stepped
back. Anna was still addled. She knew that Holly was a friendly,
affectionate person; that was obvious. But... why would she do something
like that? After a few seconds, Anna realized that Holly wanted her to leave
so she could get changed, so Anna slipped out of the room with a still
confused mind.The rest of their day out was pretty much uneventful. Some guys hanging
outside the computer games store asked out Holly on a few dates, but she
just turned them down saying `that wasn't my scene'. After that, and a few
more young preeteen nude
visits to some other clothes stores, Holly and Anna decided to leave,
and head youngest small titties to Anna's house. Well, rather, Holly decided that they should go to
her house to work on the History project. Anna was still confused by what
had happened in the dressing rooms with Holly.What did it mean?Sure, Anna was uncomfortable; most people would be when placed in that
situation. But there was also a layer of... relaxedness that the hug gave.
She felt almost young hot porn
secure with Holly-Raine holding her. But what did freefoto young picture it all
mean? And just what did that say about Anna. The blonde-haired girl tried
hard not to think about it. Maybe she was just blowing things out of
proportion. The two girls left the mall, by now it was 16 young nude 6.15, so they had to
get started soon. They journeyed to the nearest bus stop, and hopped on Cy young a
bus as soon as one came.By 6.30, the bus had reached Anna's area. They stepped off it and walked
through the quiet residential area. Holly studied this place with her wide
green eyes. The houses seemed so warm and inviting. Anna on the other hand
was still distracted. She couldn't stop thinking about the way Holly had
held her just a few hours prior. Or the way that it made her best young nonude feel. And it
was this that Anna's brain focused on, until she felt a soft hand latch on
to her own. Anna looked up with a gasp, only to see Holly smiling sweetly at
her.Anna and Holly where still walking at the time, so Anna didn't think amateur young blowjobs much of
releasing this grip. All the same it was curious. But Holly was the first to
address this situation."Are you okay?" Holly asked quietly. "You seem kinda distracted."Anna blushed again. Her rosy cheeks gave it christine young blowjob away so easily. She just
couldn't understand what was going on here. But rather than think about
this, Anna's reflexes did the work. Her fingers interlocked with Holly's,
securing the clasping of their hands. And again, Anna felt butterflies in
her stomach as Holly smiled at her. What were these new feelings? These new
sensations? How had they sprung up so easily? Anna had no answer for this.
But at least, for the moment, these new emotions were not troubling her. The
two continued to walk along the pavement, hand in hand, until young 16 porno
Anna spotted
her home."T-That's my house." Anna stuttered. "Shall we go in?"Holly-Raine just beamed another one of those trademark smiles of comfort.
"Well I young porn actor
don't plan on spending my time out here now, do I?"Anna giggled a little, almost childishly, and fished out a set of keys from
her pocket. young girl blogs When Holly released her soft grasp of her hand, Anna felt the
strangest tingle of longing as she lost young grils nude contact with the brown-haired girl.
But, she shook it off and walked up the cobblestone pathway to her door.
Anna quickly slotted her key young beautiful girls
into the door and unlocked it, opening the
door."Come in." Anna spoke, young girl softcore
stepping inside and placing her book bag down against
the inner wall. Holly stepped into Anna's home and gave it a quick eye over.
Beige walls, decorated netting, a few paintings and photos along the walls,
nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal home.Then suddenly, a thought came to Holly-Raine's brain. tiny young teenies "Hey, what time will
your mom be coming home? Anytime soon?"Anna shook her head. "No. My mom works overnight on Mondays, so she won't be
back until at least one. To be honest, I'm glad I don't have to be in this
house on my own, Holly.""That's okay." Holly reassured. "I'm glad I could come. But I suppose we
should get started on the History Project. Where's your room?"Anna walked young nude lol over to the staircase and pointed upward. "Just go upstairs,
turn young porn ped left, and follow the path to the second door from the right. That's my
room."After breathing a quick `great', Holly young litles flung her book bag over her shoulder
and walked upstairs, leaving her shopping bags downstairs. While Holly went
into her room to get ready, Anna walked into young pissing girls young bare feet
her kitchen to rustle up some
drinks for herself and Holly. Her mom had yet to do any shopping, so there
was not much on offer, the most she could find was a two-litre bottle of
lemonade. The blonde haired girl poured out some of it into two glasses,
fastened the bottle top, and placed in back in the fridge. Clasping both
glasses in either hand, Anna stepped out the kitchen and upstairs, towards
her room. The door was open, and Holly was sitting patiently on Anna's bed,
giggling innocently at a picture of Anna as a child.Holly stifled her laughter. "You were so cute as a child."Anna felt un-strangely embarrassed. That picture was of her as a five year
old, when she had been giving her first taste of ice cream. Her face was
covered with sprinkles and traces of cream, while the young Anna beamed a
toothy grin."That picture makes me look so silly." Anna said nervously. "W-Would you
like a lemonade?"Holly gave a short nod with a smile, and clasped Ernst young us one young naked goths of the glasses in
Anna's hand. She placed the picture back on the nightstand next to Anna's
bed, and took a quick young movie toplist gulp of the drinks she had been given. Anna did the
same, and then sat down on the bed, her school books in tow. First things
first, she put down her lemonade, and rustled the young preeteen angels
books out of her bag, the
ones taken out from the school library. There was more than enough
information to get this thing started. Just then, Anna was about to say
something, until she heard the distinct sound of a splash.Anna looked across to see Holly, shutting her eyes in embarrassment. She had
spilled the lemonade over her skirt and blouse. "Of all the stupid... damn.
Sorry about that, Anna, I'm such a klutz. I'm going to young pantys have to get changed
into some of the clothes I bought today. Where's your bathroom?""It's just next to this room." Anna said.Holly just nodded and walked through the door, then headed downstairs to
pick up young guys cumming
some of the clothes she had bought. Anna shifted over the bed and
picked up the glass teen young naturist that had rolled onto the floor. Holly had said before
that she was kinda clumsy, but how could she just spill lemonade over
herself like that? Ten minutes later, Anna had managed to put her focus back
into the project. That was until Holly walked back into the room."Have you started yet...?"Anna's eyes widened, she had barely heard pretty youngest nudes
the words uttered from
Holly-Raine's mouth. All she could understand was what she was wearing.
Holly was clad in a young boys incorporated skintight shirt, a pale summer yellow, a shirt that
flaunted her vivacious chest and ended there. Her navel was completely
exposed, revealing that smooth, firm stomach again. The other piece of
clothing on her body was a very small pair of jeans shorts, sheared at the
leg holes, giving it that `car wash' look. Aside from those two articles,
Holly was wearing nothing else, not even any socks or shoes; those had youngest boylove pic been
left with her soiled clothes.Once more, Anna was thrown for six. But this time, she couldn't bring
herself to look away from Holly's angelic body. What was going on here? Why
was she feeling like this? If Holly was aware that Anna was so restless, she
showed no signs of it, as she sat down quite calmly on the bed Christean young
again, once
more she gave off that guiltless smile of hers."Well?" She started eagerly. "Have you gotten started yet?"Anna shook her head, just about able to tear her eyes away from Holly-Raine.
"...Not yet."Not that she was concerned by the project anymore. Anna was far too jolted
by Holly's choice of clothing. Holly herself took one of the books into her
hand and began to read, while, on occasion, young homemade porn Anna would steal a quick glance
at the beautiful girl on her bed. In particular, it was teen thumbs young
Holly's legs that
gathered the most attention. Long, shapely, bare, exploited young teens and almost freeporn young girls divine in their
sculpture. While admiring them, Anna felt a dull throb beginning to take
shape between her own legs, at their apex, her crotch. Was she... actually
attracted to Holly? Anna couldn't quite get her head around it. But she had
to admit that the thought of being with Holly-Raine that way was not
un-appealing. In fact... it was sort of charming. Anna ducked her eyes back
to her book before Holly caught her gaze, and hoped that this feeling would
pass. Holly was the first friend that she had gotten since she came to
Victoria. She didn't want to spoil that.Suddenly, Holly spoke up. "Anna... do you have a boyfriend?""Huh?" The blonde looked up from the book. "Boyfriend? No... I've... never
been with anybody in that way."Holly blinked. "Really?""Uh huh." Anna confirmed that. "Even nudism young teens if I was with someone, I wouldn't know
how to go about it. I... guess you must think I'm a loser..."Holly slowly moved over to Anna across the bed, and placed a reassuring hand
on her shoulder. "I don't think you're a loser. You're just taking your
time. But I find it hard to believe that a girl as cute as you has never
kissed someone."Anna felt best young **** that throbbing again. "You... you think I'm cute?""Sure you are." Holly said calmly. "And loads of people would agree with me.
I know, I'll teach you how to kiss!"Anna's eyes widened. "Huh?""I said I'll teach you how to kiss. You should know things like that before
you start dating. Otherwise people just take advantage of you. Is that
okay?"Anna simply nodded. This sounded so crazy in her head... but Holly was just
so sweet, there was no way she could offend her by saying no. The young
blonde froze in place as Holly leaned over to her. They were so close young small girls
Anna could feel Holly's warm breath on lips. And smell that sweet rosy scent
of hers.Holly's voice was getting a little huskier. "Close your eyes..."Anna complied, shutting both eyelids. She could see nothing. All see was
aware of was the feel of Holly's breath on her lips. But that didn't last
long. Anna's breathing suddenly jumpstarted as Holly pressed her soft pink
lips up against her own. Her hand tense then loosened as Anna received her
first kiss. But she was so nervous, she couldn't respond to Holly's actions.
But then, Holly really didn't seem to care. The young brunette tilted her
head to the side and desperately pushed her hot tongue past Anna's young children tgp lips.
This caught Anna off guard, just becoming aware that Holly-Raine had slipped
Anna her tongue. All the same she enjoyed this feeling, this feeling of
connection to Holly. Though she was inexperienced, Anna followed Holly's
actions. Holly very young blowjob flicked at Anna's young nude tpg
tongue with her own, Sex young gay savouring the heat and
taste of the other girl's mouth. Anna released a deep, longing sigh as Holly
deepened their kiss, her gentle probing becoming a little young **** virgin
more forceful.It was happening. Anna never really expected her first kiss to be with a
woman. She had never even thought much of relationships. But her feelings
had been jumbled in photos young nude the past few months, and from her reaction to seeing
Holly-Raine half-naked, well, maybe this was the porno young nude reason behind her unrest.
All the new emotions swirling in her head altered her judgement. So much so
that she didn't actually realize that Holly's wasn't just kissing her. The
brunette's delicate hands began to idly roam around Anna's youthful body.
They started from Anna's flowing locks of blonde hair, playing with stray
strands of it. Then Holly's hands slid down her back, and stopped at the
globes of Anna's tight little ass. Anna let off a small `mmmmm...' as Holly
squeezed at her firm behind, restricted by her clothes. Again, Holly's hands
took an initiative, and came upwards, moving around Anna's body. Then they
grasped at Anna's breasts.Anna broke the kiss with a gasp, just about managing to break out of her
deliria. "H-Holly?"But by young teeny **** now, Holly-Raine was too far-gone to even listen properly. She had
been waiting for this all day. Holly did everything to charm and seduce
Anna, from presenting her body in a bikini, to spilling lemonade on herself
and changing into one tight getup. All for this moment. Now her ***** was
leaking out love juices from the sheer anticipation of enjoying virgin young girls Anna's
angel-like body. The horny teen licked her lips, sodden with the saliva of
her newfound lover, and continued playing with Anna's breasts."Anna..." Holly's voice reeked of arousal. "You don't have to worry. I'll
take good care of you.""...Well...I...mmmph!"Anna was cut off mid-statement as Holly, claimed another kiss from her. Anna
was too confused to do anything else, plus she just loved the feeling of
Holly's kiss. It all overwhelmed her. She couldn't protest, even if she
wanted to. Soon as Anna began to settle again, Holly stopped toying with her
breasts, and began to undress the blonde. After breaking their kiss again,
Holly pulled the up the blue shirt that Anna was wearing, youngest teensex lifting it off her
soft body. Holly tossed it to one side, young dutch sex getting out of the way. Now the only
thing standing between Holly and Anna's uncovered tits were that young homemade incest pesky
little white bra. young russian nude
Holly reached around Anna's body with both arms and
unfastened it quickly, until it fell in young selena
a pile around the young Anna's lap.
Again, Holly-Raine threw that now needless article away, then greedily eyed
Anna's healthy chest.Holly studied every feature of Anna's newly unveiled breasts like an art
critic studying a painting. The twin mounds of flesh stood prominently,
without being oversized like so many others. They were small, but firm and
gently rounded, boasting a soft, satin-like feel along with a young naked ladies creamy tone,
contrasted by her rapidly hardening pink nipples. Holly licked her lips
again, while Anna just sat before an entranced girl, completely topless.
Though her eyes were shut, she could ****ing youngest
feel Holly's emerald green eyes staring
at her upper torso, making her nipples swell into hardness. young cute
Suddenly Anna's
eyes shot open again as Holly's mouth latched onto her left breast.Holly sucked at the mound with the greed of younger voyeur a thief, occasionally flicking
at the pink nub with her wet tongue. Anna moaned softly, her eyes rolling in
the back of her head. Her nipples were quite sensitive, so the feeling it
gave her was unbelievable. As Anna continued to moan, Holly continued to
suckle, her right hand grabbing at the other breast. She tenderly caressed
it, rubbing her thumb over the erect cerise nub continuously. Anna leaned
back until her back touched the bedspread, lying evenly across the bed,
while Holly continued to suck and fondle with her sweet little globes of
flesh. It was then that Holly realized how much she liked the sounds of
Anna's moans, and bit her nipple playfully to get a stronger reaction.She got one. "H-Holly... what... are... you... young facial gallery
doing to me...?"Anna's throat released a quick and sharp gasp, and shut her eyes, her cheeks
already flushed from Holly's attention. A trail of saliva began to leak out
from Holly's mouth as she feasted on Anna's ample mounds, the trail
trickling down the outline of her chest. The brunette continued to suck hard
at Anna's left breast, while her left hand reached down to Anna's waist and
began to pull down her skirt. Holly tried to pull it down, but it wouldn't
give, so she had to un-clamp her mouth from her lover's mound. Giving the
stiff nipple one last playful bite, Holly-Raine pulled back, a thick trail
of saliva connecting Anna's nipple to her mouth. It broke, and then Holly
smiled over at Anna, just before she yanked her skirt down, along with her
panties. This time it gave way, and Holly quickly removed it. Anna was now
completely naked, her shoes and socks had somehow come off during their
kiss.Now Anna's pride and glory, the beautiful, sparking-with-wetness ******.
Holly marvelled at it with some awe. In almost a trance of lust, Holly
lowered her head between Anna's thighs. The blonde girl snapped out of her
own reverie when she felt Holly's breath against her wet opening, and her
eyes widened with alarm. Holly was not aware of Anna's confusion, so wasted
no time taking it slow. She quickly separated cp toplist young her lower lips with her hand,
while the other hand continued to grope at Anna's right breast. Anna's
raised head dropped back unto her pillow with a loud thump, and she cried
out as Holly-Raine's tongue slipped between the folds of her tight *****.Anna's gasps and moans became more frequent young babysitters xxx
as Holly's tongue worked it's
magic inside her. The legs of the girl writhed and her hips bucked against
Holly's mouth, Anna's lust nude young erotica and pleasure was now the only thing on Holly's
mind. Holly drove her tongue along the silky innards of Anna's centre,
savouring that sweet taste a teen's younger teenie xxx wetness. She licked and sucked, but made
it a policy to avoid her clit. There was no way she was going to blow japanese young fisting her
plan by letting Anna cum.Holly opened one of her eyes, loita very young
and tried to look at Anna's face, to see far
it might be till she released. From the way her face extreme young was contorting, it was
probably only a matter of time till she exploded all over. Giving Anna's
unbearably gorgeous ***** one final flick of the tongue, Holly withdrew from
between Anna's thighs, her mouth youngest ebony girls
and chin soaked by the Minnesota girl's
love juices. youngest babies sex
Anna's panting slowed down young porn names
a little when she realized that
Holly had stopped, and her searching sapphire blue eyes stared up at the
brunette in confusion. It felt as though she was about to reach some awesome
conclusion, like a huge barrier was about to burst from within. Why did
Holly stop? The young woman had a sneaky smile on her face, grinning at a
naked and vulnerable Anna."Oh no." She whispered, licking her lips. "You can't climax that easily.
That'll spoil all the fun."After giving Anna a quick smile of approval, Holly-Raine slipped out the
door and headed downstairs. Anna was still bamboozled. Why had Holly left
like that? And what did she mean by `spoil all the fun'?**********
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