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Copyright 2000 by Frnceso O'Rtg. All rights reserved. With the exception of short excerpts of criticism o reviews, no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the author. This story is a complete fiction. This article does not affect in any way. IS sexual orientation or beliefs of the living conditions of people in other words FICTION my usenet vladmodels All comments are welcome. Good or bad. Feel free to send an email to frnceso hotmail. com Chapter 11 Trevor awoke to find the kinder model photo bed empty. He looked around for Brian, if realized he was alone, took the phone and dialed a number. After three rings the voice answered. He shuddered at the memory last night. " Yes, this is Trevor" he said. " Trevor baby!" Said the voice from the past. " Long time no hear, the report yesterday afternoon. " Trevor was still, as youGHT of last the night. Last night was a grim reminder that even under the control of the the ring. No matter how they are still a prisoner. that shuddered at the memory. "Trevor ? " Asked the voice. Trevor could affidavit that there is a real concern there. " I'm still here, sir," he replied. " I want best boy models
you to come through the house. I have a gift for you," asked the voice of s. "I korean nude model think you will like. Say at nine this morning? " " Yes, I'll be there as fast as I can," said Trevor tries angela model portfolio to hide the fear of voice. He recalled the last time I was late for a meeting. that could not sit for almost a week. " This is not an option for Trevor. I model agent child have ten children who have not become teenies model
a receives a month. Do not make me do is let loose against him," the free preten model
voice threatened. " I'm not going to be, Sir," he said, as he turned off the phone. aristotole model The last I needed was ten teens hot rape the **** out of him. It s quickly got dressed and walked out the door. Brian came into the guest room looking for Trevor. "Trevor ?" I asked. " Where are you son? " Receiving no answer, left the room and go to seek. When he entered the hall, struck Johnny was running down the hall to catch the bus. "Whoa no cowboy! " Laughed Brian. "Where are you in such a hurry to go ? " " I'm late ! " Said Johnny. "I'll miss the bus ! " Brian laughed and will enable the young. "Have a good day at school, Johnny," he shouted after him. "Now I can find the Treasure " was Brian in the living room and sit and watch Jason spotted MTV. "Hey Jas ? " Brian said. " Have you seen Trevor today tomorrow ? " " Yes, petite child model he went from here about two minutes. Said he had a meeting n visit, and it was too late," Jason yawned. Brian noted that Jasons breakfast was not touched. " Would you like to eat? " Brian said, pointing to the food on your plate. " I have not hungry this baby child model morning," Jason said as he pushed the plate away. " I do not think I have to it. " " Are you worried about Kevin? "Asked Brian. Jason nodded. Kevin had n this morning to go to the FBI s to exchange views on strengthening security in the House. " I'm having difficulty adjusting to the fact that he was an agent of profound secret all these years, " Jason admitted. " I mean, for as at that time thought it was just an ass. It turns out that very worried about me and Johnny. " section of the city draws Trevor into the driveway of an old mansion. Stops car boy modelnude
and gets out and walks to the door and opens it. A blond man, very young, \ \ n appeal that comes. "Welcome home, sir," called out seductive. "The Master is waiting in the billiard room. "Trevor passed teen modeling portals
nodded and left the young model bestmodelgallery youth and went to the billiard room. We went in and looked around. Everywhere you looked was laying naked teens about. some of them were involved in casual sex, and some of a were swimming to keep your body toned. and there bobbie model forum was a coupland of them, that s have been punished. Trevor shrugged sight. It was never pretty. " Trevor" cried the voice. He turned and saw him. He was a years older than him. He has been repaired by a young man. "We for fun. Leave your clothes with him. " They ordered the man of the house. Trevor knew better than to argue with the teacher. So I gave the dress of his s and sat down beside her. He felt a pair of lips wrap around the tail y looked down in shock. The teenager could not have more than 17 18 a. The pleasure was intense, so that n his shoulders and shrugged sat down to enjoy. " Brad tells me that you might be in something," said the teacher as he pulled his **** dripping from the mouth of a young man. The young husband immediately went to Trevor and others supported a teenager in the care Trevor. " Well, you know that Kevin is the guy who replaced back into the city, " Trevor n home. He met with biting her lower lip to stopGroans form of the joy he received. He did so, the control can Slide cute juliet model in the Master's presence. " Well, something happened last night is the Richardson's house angry. I'm not sure what it is, because it keeps me out of the picture. What I know is that security strengthened yesterday. the guards were doubled and the cameras have also doubled. is almost like a fortress. " " But you can still come and go please? " asked the teacher. Trevor growled a little, and blasted his load into the waiting mouth of the teenager. The nude taiwan models Master sighed, waiting for Trevor to get control of himself. " You model boats practice must! The control is very important in the formation of new servers," nodded Trevor quietly while waiting for the boom to fall. No wine. " Come with me, I have a surprise for you," addressed the two teenagers. " Can one another for the rest of the day of fun. " Smiled Young to each other and smiled gratefully to the masster, and went out to hand. Trevor shook his head remembering those days without medical attention. that thought he was happy, but then realized that slavery nonnude models top was only a differently. He followed his master in a room. It turned out that it was an observation room. Trevor looked out the window and gasped when she saw what it was. A young man tied to a bed. He was blindfolded, so that could not see. All his clothes had dasha modelflat pics been removed. Trevor had to admit, , it was beautiful. It seemed perfect. "It's up to you to train. " " I do not know what to say," stammered Trevor. " How old are you ? " "He's nineteen. All our servers are over eighteen years old now. The The child sexual abuse is old. This is not simply demand young the days when "Trevor took a look at the new prison. He looked so found helpless. 'What the hell I can do?' He asked. " try to escape this hell and now I have to train someone to dothis **** ? Could " Trevor, he asked. " Luckily I start now. I thought I would use the rescue method. I think it works much easier. by the way, he was tested and still a virgin, so you do not have to worry about catch on something. I stopped him in ten days! " Back to the South Fork Kevin came into the living room, looking for Jason. " Jas " he asked. " He is on the terrace. He wants to enjoy the leaves, " said Brian. Kevin smiled as he fell asleep in the direction of the court. Found Jason lying on a chair the living room next to him Scrappy. Era. Kevin was him over and kissed her on the lips. Jason let out a little moan and wrapped his arms around Kevin. Kevin laughed the whole of s Jason. \ \ n " Good morning baby," laughed Jason when he opened his eyes. Jason Kevin yawned loudly and laughed louder. " stop picking on me," Jason pouted. n "Sorry, but I treasure I can not help. You're so sweet when you get up to childs models porn the ", laughed at Kevins Jason kissed the tip of the nose. " I've missed baby models nice ass " he whispered as he pulled on his neck and sucked gently. Jason let out a little moan and grind her crotch against Kevin "O not bother ? " " Well, I do not if I black models swimsuit can help you turn from me! " Jason said Kevin choked the chin. " Why not take this inside? " Kevin asked as he rose and ls model post stretched his the hands of Jason. Jason smiled as he took his hand out. Kevin opened the door and hurried past Brian. " Hey!" Exclaimed Brian. "Where go back two? " " does not bother us for the next two hours! " Kevin instructed, as the light bits Jason neck. Jason gave a shriek and Kevin 's ear. "love birds! " Brian growled. russian girls modells Kevin closed the bedroom door and turned to Jason. Jason I was pulling clothes as fast as he could. Kevin began to undress too. Finally, they were both naked nn kdz models and Kevin collected Jason in his arms and carried him to bed. " Make LOVand for me? "Jason asked as he took Kevin 's **** and stroked it gently. Kevin had glassy eyes again with lust. " Please Kevin? "He ask'd again, and to base his crotch in Kevin. Kevin smiled as he left the condom and put it in the queue. He turned to for Jason, so its side and slid that. in line at Jasons ass Jason let out a groan when Kevin slipped because of " **** me Kevin! " He commanded. " **** me hard ! "Join Kevin and start from hard as he could. Every time Kevin 's **** in the ass of Jason Jason was hit hit with wave after wave of pleasure. " Oh, God mine, Jason, " Kevin breathed. " You're so beautiful ! " Kevin was the body of s soon bathed in sweat, still riding Jason. Jason was there enjoy the feeling of bevair model mt12 love to give Kevin. Could tell by the breath Kevin and groans, I was close. " Oh, **** ! " Kevin shouted as that hit him once more to unleash volley after volley of cum in the condom. JasonKevin felt explosion filled the condom. Kevin was quickly withdrawn and removed the condom and threw it away. He is as Jason turned around and started kissing the body tired of Jason. When he came to Jason Hahn, who left a flavored condom and rolled it to Jason 's bikini model stripping **** and and devoured bathing suit models everything. Jason threw his head back and moaned strong. Kevin Sexy model facial smiled to himself as he continued preparing for the joy of Jason. Jason looked at her lover as her head bobbed on his ****. loved Kevin so much. He regretted that he had cancer again. new adpmodels
He prevent in their sex. Kevin had to really protect themselves, so that s not all body fluids in it. And chemotherapy was always Jason. They would go out for weeks to make love. Making love is an important part of their lives. A party that Jason terribly frustrated if Kevin was separate. asian nn models Jason came closer and closer to cumming and Kevin showed no signs of stopping. " Oh baby, I'm close, " sorryed as a candidate Jason fingers through his hair Kevin. Kevin muffled moan sent Jason to the margin. Scored three good loads on the condom before that date by his power. He models turned lesbian pushed his **** in your mouth sore, and removed the lovers condom and tied the end of it and pulled it. Kevin was right behind him and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him on the lips. " Hello! " Jason said as he smiled looking up and down. "God, have you ever sexy! " N "You're not so bad yourself stud! " Jason laughed. " Let the so we can go to play fair ! " " Play? " Kevin asked, moving his eyebrows. " Is not that what we were doing in the da ? " " Come on baby," Jason asked. "It's a great day, and I will enjoy! Addition of N to the children and have their fun. " He said the last part n when he saw Kevin standing at attention **** again. He bent down youth models nude and kissed the tip. "No more fun for you Kevin Jr," he sandra williams model
complained. Kevin stuck the lower lip in a pout. Jason joineda smile, as he took Kevin 's hand and it took a shower. Trevor came into the room where his students was handcuffed to the bed. It s was awake and had to carry these belts. Every muscle in child model doll
his body was overloaded. Trevor swallowed to calm fox models xxx down. He had to admit it, was a handsome boy. He let his eyes travel to the children tap n. Cut shrubs and surrounded by dark blond pubic hair. that quickly put the thought from his mind. He was there to do a job. no the hell this guy that had plagued him all his life. "Easy boy there," Trevor said quietly. " Who 's there? " Demanded the young. "Where am I ? " Put your hand on Trevor the youth's shoulder. Surprisingly, she relaxed. " Please daisy website model do not hurt me ' s underwear child models asked. The helplessness of the child saying that he broke her heart in two. " I am not here to hurt you. I'm here to rescue you, " said Trevor with the truth. He worked quickly to remove the belts. " Do youthe name of a s ? You can not, " he asked. " Yes, but I have to remind me, "said the young lola model young man, when he arose and rubbed his wrists. He approached the band increased eye but tgp juniors models Trevor reached and stopped him. " Let the " he said. "The only way I have to agree that in this area had to rely on the blindfold off. " The boy looked up confused and tried to take off again. Trevor grabbed his hands gently n and gave it away. " Please, if we leave here, you have to listen that I say. You have to trust me that I will not hurt you in any way. Can you do that ? " He nodded his head. " Well, now we have na 'walk from here, now. I'll top preeteen model hold your hand. You have to run here with his head down. Do not always look or our cover is blown. Stop talking to me. " " What about clothes? "He asked. " That's another thing you have to walk naked from here. They were kidnapped into sexual slavery. Slaves did not wear clothes cp girl model while in theCompound. I have that from the first link that you can clothes. Trust me ? " Asked Trevor. " I have much choice, "said the boy. " Right now, no, not you. But if we play in the book here. Now let's Go, "said Trevor, as he took the boy by the hand of s him out of the room. He, the youngest of the Training result area thankful to leave. The air was thick with the smell of sex. as , which found their way into the back of the house had many other Trevor trainers. smiled at the direction of Trevor Trevor knew what it was always ready to do. usually Trevor victims in acquiring break room and work with about three other teenagers. was basically a meeting of the violation. But Trevor did not intend to do any of that. actress model database the intention of his s get to this child from the home in the car and go to little model asian hell away from this place. They got out and when hell broke loose. "Hey where the hell areShe took it ? " Shouted a voice. naked thai model
" Oh, **** have been animalsex model ! "Said Trevor. He put the blindfold, s of young people. " The car ! " He ordered as he pushed the young in nakedyoungmodels it. The created for the car and began peeling away from the villa. As to approached the entrance he saw the door closing. Heard the ringing phone s and he extended his hand and threw him out of teen hairless model
the car. "Wait a minute," screamed as flattened, 2003 Mustang. Roaring past the automatic doors, that s could fly balls with him to feel. After five minutes to accelerate by the city several revolutions that stopped the car and handed it to the man young man is a bundle of clothes. "fast in these clothes in kids naked models
return. From what I to take you somewhere where you can feel can be sure. "Trevor said. Back to the mansion. The guard outside came into the training room, where they found the teacher leaned on a young apprentice when he hit the young. Another young man for man puts his **** in and out of the apprentice. ofHe was an intern eyes connected, so that he could not see what was going on. The models agency evie
guard smiled, as entered the room and watched the rarely seen breaking sessions. He leaned against the wall watching the scene unfold before raven bondage model him. The teacher won a couple more times and pulled. other coaches let out a groan when he shot his load into her mouth, student. " Untie him and innocent preeteen model cleaned him and naked russian model his chambers. Make sure that it gets plenty of rest for tomorrow, which is known as the hammer," asked the Master, as he wiped the semen and sweat of other thereof. In terms of the guard : " Well, what has model young photography
to go " n " He escaped as you wanted," said the guard. ", and was followed ?" I asked the teacher, stepping into the shower. anyutka model
The security guard followed him. The Master turned on the water and allows cascade of water over his body. " Then followed ? Was not it? " Required of the Masters. " We want, not followed, " the guardIngestion help hard. He was not the teacher's eyes. It was a top 100 nudemodels wonderful man. " So do not just stand there, come dressed and out me! " Demanded the captain, as he watched the young little models cp
guard. The young guard lost no time to shed their clothes and went to the arms of his masters. Back to the South Fork Kevin and Jason came back down the stairs to the living room. Brian was Sitting in a chair looking out the window. "Hey Brian, " said Jason cheerful. Brian looked at his cousin and his lover, and smiled. best model agencies had to admit, they have to look much in love. "As the two lovebirds are doing ? " He asked with a smile, as he called Kevin blush. " We're going out there for a while, want to join? " Said Kevin. " No, you two lovebirds go ahead and enjoy the day. I am interested in waiting Trevor return in any way possible," said Brian, as they defeated Kevin in the back. "It good to see Jason happy again Kevin. " N lingerie models pics "I know Brian, and believe me I plan on keeping in this way, "said Kevin smiling. He followed his lover outside and around the house to its Pavilion special place. Jason and I sat there in order to see. Kevin said which was great, and was 14yo black model
thankful that Jason had brought a light jacket. he sat next to Jason and pulled him. Jason hugged Kevin and laid her head on Kevin 's chest. there was the chirp tires, and giggled. "It must be Trevor, I've heard, it is murder cars n. I can hear Brian " Kevin said as he shook his head. " What do you think about young tenny models Trevor? " Jason asked. " Well, to bikini nubian model be honest, I really do not know preeteen clothing models
what to make of it. On the one hand, s a great guy it seems. But I have the impression that he hides little " Kevin said as he took Jason's hand and looked at the wedding ring in it. " talk is the talk of the Kevin lovers or FBI agent Kevin ? "Jason asked. " I think the next agent to talk to destiny teen model me. I have been trained to study people and the i- thII, which is Mr. Trevor definitely hiding something archived nonnude models in all of us, " Kevin said as he kissed the back of the hands of Jason. " You think it's dangerous? " Jason's question, took her hand back and sliding doors under his arm to keep warm. n " I do not know. I do not know very well to this type of trial. nude hawaiian model
However, given the past history of Brian's fans think that anything is possible. Here are and now seems that she brought a friend. "Kevin got up to meet about the trio. You could say that the three of them were not satisfied. The newcomer, who seemed no more than 18 or 19 years to be afraid to seek n death. Brian was hurt and angry. Trevor was puzzled y wounded. back to Jason, "This can not be Jas good," quiet. n "We have to talk to kids, " Brian said his voice full of emotion. " must is development. " " Who needs you Brian ? " Kevin said as he stood up. ", both Kevin, Kevin Kevin and my cousin, the FBI agent, "said Brian. Trevorka breath suddenly, as I watched Kevin Brian. Chapter 12 revelation! " O God, for giving an undercover agent deep! " He breathed. "I never thought. " "left us at home, where you can walk and talk in private," said Kevin, as a small hand portable radio n drawn. "This is Agent Richardson. Shipping captain of the guard at the house now! " Jason looked at Kevin the fear in their eyes. " What's going on Kevin ?" He asked, sliding his hand in the Kevin's skinny japanese models
outstretched hand. " I models teen video do not know Jason, but I think we're about to find out! " Took Kevin at home and in the living room. Once there, he took a bag of recorder and turned it on. " For the record, which is October 19, 2000 a 11:00 am and I'm in the model tgp process of a formal interview as part of a home the ongoing investigation. " Sitting on the recorder on the table. " Now we want to Let's start with the name bin. As the Special Agent Kevin Scott Richardson and I 'mn now show positive proof of identification. TaKing his wallet Trevor gave it to view. "Now I have to know the circumstances here with this young man. " " I do not know where to start," said Trevor shook his voice. Brian came over and wrapped her arms around Trevor and pulled him close. "Maybe I should start at the beginning," said Brian quietly as Trevor kissed on the cheek. Trevor smiled and turned back to Kevin. " About 10 years ago, I woke up in a mansion. I had no memory of who I was, s where I come from and how he got there. I was in a table attached the fear of death. soon discovered that I was in a school of some type. a school for children in the range of 11 to 19 in the beginning was nice. all are attending classes irina teen model
in subjects as math, reading and History pays special attention to physical training. I thought maybe I n to something like my parents, and they sent me has not screwed up. but that changed when I turned 16 years. I guess thin hydemodel bikini geocities the era when it was decided, show us what we were there for. " Trevor 's voice began to tremble, remembering on that day. " We were taken to the gym and started to undress and showed us what he wanted to do for the rest of our lives. Two we died in the gym and three committed suicide. We learn that the day that were owned by a sick ******* named Alex. Am, "Kevin has a strong in breath, " You know him? "Questions Trevor. " Yes, I'm afraid, I know, " Kevin said quietly. " I was the one who was responsible s of breaking four years ago. Come on, if possible. " yoyo nn model " So the years have been hell over all of us. We have used principle that meat. Wait for our teacher. As we turned n 20, which announced an election. Join the group or die. The choice was not simple. Some of us tried to escape. Were captured and removed. that quickly learned that it was impossible to escape. That one day I got the opportunity. I had a mission. had discis overed that Backstreet Boys were on the brink of destruction, so that way I have worked n replace Kevin. Kevin had left the country and it has replaced. I s job was to find the agent who exposed the East Coast circuit. " " What did you do after being sent to your mission? " Brian said. " I did what I said. I kept my eyes open for the agent. I did not try too I'm still resistant to movement. It was not long to find out I did, but this time I was so deeply rooted in the group can be pushed by it. I recently began to the pressure on me, "admitted Trevor. Brian looked surprised that he was s still there with him. Brian must have read his mind and gave y kissed him lightly on the lips. " When I returned to America," said Kevin. at this time the captain the guard at the door. " Drag a couple of guards near the house. " The captain of the guard nodded and wentthe house back. "What s the matter? " Asked Kevin, adolescent nudemodels
pointing to the girl. He nodded n. " He 12yo naked modell
is one of the new apprentices, " said Trevor. "I assigned train. Was " n "What are you doing here ? " Jason asked. ", released him from their clutches. Sorry, I could not allow him to stay in hell I skinny thong models had. Release him," Trevor said, as tears streamed down his face. Kevin turned to the young. " Do you know the name? " He asked quietly. " I do not remember," he said looking down. Kevin saw that he was trembling. He nodded to Jason about. Jason got up and went to one side the boys. that put his hand on his leg and looked me in the eyes of the child. "We will model blueteen links not hurt you," Jason said softly. " Do naked guy model
you ajas lingerie modeling
believe ? " The boy nodded. No. " Well, now I have to try to answer some questions to us. Not do that? " " I do not know what I can tell, I do not remember much, " the young man to said. At this point, my stomach decided it's time to do, is was the presence of KNOwn by strong protests. He blushed and looked down. "I'm sorry over," he murmured. " When did you last eat ? " Jason asked. "I can not remember," said the young man Jason looked at Kevin, "I want to get something to eat. " Kevin Jason nodded and held out his hand and took her hand the young man and took him in the kitchen to feed. Meanwhile, in the living room. " You have to understand what this means, right? " Kevin asked. Trevor vi with fear in his eyes. " I have violated no law. I'm not in the formation of the engravings slaves or something. In fact, unless one of the slaves," Trevor said hastily. " Whoa slow down there," says Kevin. " I will not throw anything away. We are having a difficult time and protects you and your new friend. " N "I will be willing to testify if you need me," said Trevor impatiently. " It's not as simple as that," said Kevin litlle model video
shook his head from side to side. " Brian, you sit with him watching and hellom. I have about creating a safe working environment home for him and the child, "said Kevin as he rose and left the space. Trevor Brian looked with amazement. " still love me ? "I asked. Brian replied, bending forward and kissed him on the lips. " Of course I still love you, baby, " Brian said as he wiped tears from his face \ \ s. " You've done nothing wrong. In fact, I'm so proud of you live for the salvation of the the boy there, "said Brian in the direction of the kitchen. " But do terrible things, as lightspeed model galleries I live in this webeweb model
house have, "said Trevor as he shuddered. ", but was forced to see Trevor right? If I had not done for those things , as they would have killed him. It is " Brian Trevor took her hand and ucoz model
took him to the couch and sat down with him. " Now we have to do to make sure that you are amateur foto model of the damage. And we must ensure that awful space is turned off and the slaves are freed. " " What is next? " Trevor said as he watched the love of BrianEye. in the village. The study is full of young men dressed in black with black stocking caps. The teacher comes in and manages the front of the room. He took control remote and pressed a button. "This is our goal, if we do We pull the undercover agent," said the teacher, as noted by The TV monitor screen. "In the folders that is all you need to know about it. You have all models flexible nudes the tasks and I hope you will take out " the fourth fastest of the young removed men of the line. The teacher stood before the mirror and looked inside. that up, reaching fingured the medallion hanging from his neck. "After all Kevin " He foam. " My wife is your day. " The phone rang, and picked it up. "Hello? " He spoke into the phone. " Welcome ! " Croaked a female voice. "It's got everything going? " " Yes ma'am, all together, ebina models monique as planned. " You understand that once everything is in motIons, all hell broke loose, "said the teacher on the phone. " I've waited too long for my revenge! " Cried the lady. N " I will not deny ! "N " I warn you, my australian models nude lady, "he said. His face was blank for a time. " JC? " Asked the lady. " JC ? What is wrong with you? Answer me ! " " Who is this ? " JC asked, looking around the house. " What the hell I doing here ? Where is Justin? " " Electric Slide " said the lady. The confusion has been replaced by mask of hate again. " Much better than JC? "(see the twist and turns trilogy) n " I'm so *****! Now I do my work in peace, "said the Master of the the house, as he hung up. On the bus on the way home from little modeling school. "Good," shouted the bus driver feel. "calm everyone down and at the junior models nn bottom. " He pushed the bus stops frowning when he saw the car stopped in the the middle of the road. " What the hell is going on now? "I asked. A young man in a black sweat suit to the door. He opened the door. "What seems to be the problem, asked the driver " Only a few problems with the car 's all, real models nude " replied model wallpaper
the man, " cute model slip Do you have a cell Phone ? " " Yeah, wait a minute while I found it, "replied the driver. That was all he photo model directory
remembered, as the young man hit him in the head with a pipe no. He pulled out a pistol and aimed at children on the bus. " which one of you punks Johnny Richardson" 04th 35 of the clock before the South Fork. n Kevin and Jason at the entrance to Johnny waiting buses. wanted Kevin Harry to reach the goal. Jason looked at his watch and frowned. " is five minutes late. " " Hold on, because here comes something, "said Kevin, when he heard a about the vehicle. There was a police car and closer to that was more the feeling of Kevin fear in Heart constructed. " Kevin, what 's amateur model naked
going on? " Jason asked as he walked toward the car. Is the blue lights flashed and slid to a stop. An officer came kid model fashion out. ", Mr. Richardson, "he said. Kevin stepped forward. " I'm Kevin, what I can do for you officer? " Kevin said. " Where's Johnny? "Asked Jason. " Where is my child? " " sorry, Mr. Richardson. But his son has been kidnapped, " he said. Ok guys, you know there ! The King of suspense is back in full lotitas models force. Let me know what you think. E - mail sex model galery me nn preten models hotmail com frnceso.

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