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About Thailand

SmileThailand is known as ‘The Land of Smiles’; wherever you go you will always see a smile on Thai people’s face. We smile in almost every occasion; when we are happy and also when we are unhappy; when we are nervous and even when we are in trouble. We are famous for our friendliness and hospitality.

Thailand is also famous for unique cultures beautiful beaches and delicious food

Each year many people around the world have chosen Thailand as their holiday destination.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with the king under the constitution.KING To the Thai people the King is the center of the nation. The present King is King Bhumibol ( biography/ index.en.html) who is well loved and highly respected by every Thai citizen.

In the Thai history, the kings played an important role in establishing the Kingdom of Thailand. Our history dates back in the thirteenth century when we built our nation. Our history can be divided into 4 periods: Sukhothai period (13th -15th Century), the Kingdom of Ayutthaya (1350- 1767), Thonburi Period (1767-1782) and Rattanakosin Period (1783 – present)




ThailandThailand covers an area of 514,000 square kilometers, lying in the center of Southeast Asia. It shares borders with Myanmar to the west and north, Lao P.D.R. to the north and northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south. Thailand's people are made up of Thai (80%), Chinese (10%), Malay (3%) and other ethnic minorities such as Mons or Khmer. About 62 million people inhabit the Land of Smiles, of which about 10 million live in Bangkok, the capital city. 

Thailand's shape and natural geography is characterized by mountains and forests in the north, vast rice fields in the central plains, semi-arid farmlands in the northeast, and lush tropical islands and the long coastlines of the peninsular south. Thus, Thailand is divided into 5 regions as follows:

Central Thailand -This region is the heartland of the country because the capital city, Bangkok is located in this area.

Northern Thailand -This region is mountainous. The mountains are covered with tropical monsoon forests. The principle city of this part is Chiang Mai.

Northeastern Thailand - This region is often called ‘Isaan’. Rice cultivation and silk weaving are important to the region.

Eastern Thailand - This region is the richest because it has a well-established industrial and tourist infrastructure. It is full of extraordinary fruits such as durians and mangos.

Southern Thailand - There are a lot of important natural resources such as tin and rubber in this region. This area is the most popular for tourists. The area includes Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, etc


Thailand has its own language, which is called Thai. The Thai alphabet was first developed by a Thai king named Por Khun Ram Kam Haeng, one of the kings who ruled the Sukhothai dynasty, around 700 years ago.

The Thai alphabets have 44 consonants and with 21 sounds. It means that some consonants share the same sounds. In addition, there are 24 vowels with different sounds. If you want to speak some basic Thai, we have a section on Useful Thai Expressions for you to practice. 

We learn English in schools from primary level through tertiary level. The English proficiency of Thai people depends on where we live and where we work. In upcountry locations, getting along in English might be difficult. The local people will be happy if you make the effort to speak a few words of Thai.

English is understood in Bangkok. It is spoken in most hotels, restaurants, shops and major tourist destinations. You should have no problems in using English for communication. 

Bangkok, the Capital City

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. We call Bangkok “Krungthep” or “The City of Angel.” It is the center of politics, economic, education, religion, and culture. A large number of tourists often travel to Bangkok because there are so many places to see and many things to do. The other attractions are the hospitality and exotic culture.