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Interview and survey



Interview about Air Pollution

1. Introduction

1.1 The reason which I choose.

1.2 Group of subjects

          1.1.1 Occupation of subjects

          1.1.1 Place of subjects staying or working

          1.1.2 Time of subjects staying or working

1.3 The questionnaire

2. Body

2.1 Causes of air pollution

2.2 Effect of air pollution

2.2.1 In terms of health

          2.2.2 in terms of economies

2.3 Solution of air pollution

          2.3.1 by government

          2.3.2 by departments which care and control about air pollution

          2.3.3 by industry or factory

          2.3.4 by yourself

3. Conclusion

          3.1 Comment

          3.2 Reader’s Benefit

          3.3 Suggest


·        “Effect on Health and the environment.” On-line. Internet. Available: http://www.infoplease.com

·        “Bangkok “Pollution”.” On-line. Internet Available: http://matrix.bangkokpost.co.th/forums/thread.php?Thread_ID=184#Message805

·        “Pollution.” On-line internet. Available :http://matrix.bangkokpost.co.th/forums/thread.php?Thread_ID=67#Message414

·        “Thailand : Environmental Issues.” On-line. Internet. Available : http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/thaienv.html


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Interesting fact


Interesting Facts

1. Introduction

    1.1 The reason that I choose this column

    1.2 Information of water pollution

2. Body

    2.1 Cause of water pollution

          2.1.1human practices (such as gaseous emissions from                                 

                  Automobiles, factories and even bakeries)

          2.1.2effluent outfalls from factories, refineries, waste

                   Treatment plants etc.

    2.2 Effect of water pollution

          2.2.1poisonous drinking water.

          2.2.2poisonous food.

          2.2.3unbalanced river and lake ecosystems.

          2.2.4diseases from water pollution.

          2.2.5many other effects.

    2.3 Solution of water pollution

          2.3.1care & control to recycle materials whose production

                  creates pollution.


    3.1 Comment

    3.2 Readers benefits

    3.3 Suggestion


    “Water pollution.” On-line. Internet.     


    “Water pollution.” On-line. Internet.


    “National Environment&Health Action Plan-Thailand.”                                        

   On- line. Internet.Available:w3.whosea.org/EN/Section23/

   Section1318/Section1797_7723.htm - 48k

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Traffic jam : Opinions

1. Introduction

1.1 The reason that I choose this column.

1.2    Target groups that I get opinions.

-   who

-   where

-   when


2. Body

          2.1 Cause

                    2.1.1 Cause of traffic jam in Bangkok.

          2.2 Effect

2.2.1 The effect of traffic jam in terms of environment.

2.2.2 The diseases that can occur by traffic jam

2.2.3 The effect of traffic jam in term of economics.

          2.3 Solution

                   2.3.1 Solution of traffic jam from the target subjects.


3. Conclusion

          3.1 comment

          3.2 suggestions


4. References

1. Relationship Between Traffic and Ambient Air Pollution in Bangkok.” On – line. Internet. Available:http://www.sce.ait.ac.th/events/aitcenews.htm

2. “Health effects of traffic air pollution in Bangkok.” On – line. Internet. Available:http://lib.cri.or.th/th/2002/th00016.htm

3. “Traffic pollution 'kills thousands.” On – line. Internet. Available:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/905016.stm


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Recommended website


» Recommended website of noise pollution

1. Introduction:

    1.1 The reason that I choose this column.

    1.2 The cause of noise pollution.

    1.3 The effect of noise pollution.

    1.4 The solution of noise pollution.

    1.5 The present situation of noise pollution.   


 2. Body:

   2.1 Criteria

      2.1.1 Understanding

      2.1.2 Accessibility

      2.1.3 Illustration

      2.1.4 Contents

   2.2 Cause: Transportation and (Business, Entertainment, Construction and Industrial area)

  Recommended website about cause of noise pollution:

       2.2.1 www.tei.or.th/Event/uep/uep_300504_news.html 

       2.2.2 www.istp.murdoch.edu.au/publications/e_ public/Case%20 Studies_Asia/bangkok/bangkok.htm      

       2.2.3 www.epa.nsw.gov.au/soe/97/ch1/15_3.htm

       2.2.4 www.rrcap.unep.org/reports/soe/bangkok_noise.pdf

2.3 Effect: Physical, Psychological and Social

   Recommended website about effect of noise pollution:                

   2.3.1 http://www2.mcdaniel.edu/Biology/estherWEBPAGE/ccehp/NEWpages/


        2.3.2 http://physics.ius.edu/~kyle/E/NoisePollution.html

        2.3.3 http://www.healthynj.org/health-wellness/noise/main.htm

        2.3.4 www.4hearingloss.com/archives/ 2005/06/noise_sufferers.html

   2.4 Solution: (Prevention and Care) and Control

        Recommended website about solution of noise pollution:

        2.4.1 http://www.science.org.au/nova/072/072key.htm

        2.4.2 http://www.nutritionno1.com/article/archive/english/city/html/noise_pollution.html

        2.4.3 http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/soe/97/ch1/15_5.htm

        2.4.4 http://www.adb.org/NGOs/annex1013.as


3. Conclusion:

      3.1 Comment

      3.2 Reader’s benefit

     3.3 Suggestion   



"Bangkok noise." On- line. Internet.  Available: www.rrcap.unep.org/reports/soe/bangkok_noise.pdf

"Noise pollution complaints main worry for city folk. Can cause deafness, heart attacks and stress."  

On- line. Internet.  Available: www.tei.or.th/Event/uep/uep_300504_news.html

"The Beauty of Silence Project: Noise Pollution in          Thailand." On- line. Internet.  Available:            http://www.adb.org/NGOs/annex1013.asp

“ Noise pollution” On- line. Internet.  Available: www.healthynj.org/health-wellness/noise/main.htm

“Hundreds of publications. Unlimited Access. One convenient location.” On- line. Internet.  Available: www.keepmedia.com/ topics/3000000/ HealthDay Airplane Noise Hurts Kids' Reading and Memory.htm


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1. Introduction

    1.1 The reason that I choose this column

    1.2  Brief description of quotation about pollution

about 2. Body

    2.1 The interesting pollution quotations

    2.2 Meaning of the quotations and glossary   


    3.1 Comment

    3.2 Suggestion



   “Quotations by Category: Viewing quotations in Pollution category”

     On-line. Internet. Available: www.deepbox.com/categories/Pollution.html-7k         

   “Quotations on Pollution”

     On-line. Internet. Available: www.stthomas.edu/recycle/pollution.html-259k

   “Environmental Quotes”. On- line. Internet. Available: www.grinningplanet.com/6001/environmental-quotes.html- 01k


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Pollution : Songs

1. Introduction

1.1 The reason that I choose this column.

1.2    Name of song.


2. Body

          2.1 Lyrics

          2.2 Meaning of song

          2.3 Interpretation  

          2.4 Vocabulary  


3. Conclusion

          3.1 comment

          3.2 What the reader will get.


4. References

1. “Grinning  Planet  Saving the Planet one joke at  a time”    On – line. Internet.

Available: http:// www.grinningplanet.com/6001/environmental-songs.htm

2. “Songs  For Teaching Using Music to Promote Learning” On– line. Internet. 

Available: http://www.songsforteaching.com/tomlehrer/pollution.htm

3. “Bags of Water ” On – line. Internet.

Available:   http://www.osp.santacruz.k12.ca.us/songs/bagsofwater.html

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Poem about pollution

1. Introduction

1.1 The reason which I choose this column

1.2 Background of poems about pollution and the poets

2. Body

2.1  Poem about pollution

2.2  Interpretation about poem

2.3  Glossary

3. Conclusion

3.1 Comment

3.2 Reader’s benefit

4. Reference

4.1 “Poems on Pollution” Online.Internet.Available:http://www.k12.nf.ca/discovery/pollutions/2002/environment2/poemsonpollution/mainpage.html

4.2       “Earth Poems” On-line. Internet.   Available:www.childrenoftheearth.org/seigelman.htm

4.3      “ILovePoetry.com On-line. Internet. Available:http://www.ilovepoetry.com/listpoems.asp?cat=Nature&subcat=Pollution


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