Web-based Materials to Improve the English Reading Skill of Tertiary Students


Given the low level of English of many students entering tertiary education in Thailand, the Ministry of Education has identified a need to provide extra support for improving students’ English language proficiency. To be most beneficial, this extra support should be available for individualized learning through a website or CD, and should cover the foundation of English language skills. This project is funded by the Office of Higher Education Commission under the supervision of the Consortium of Foundation English







This project consists of 20 hours of web-based interactive learning material on reading, which the students can use to learn and practice their reading skills. The material is separated into 6 modules: predicting, skimming and surveying, scanning, guessing from context, using textual clues and text structure to help comprehension, and making inferences.

Each module includes:

  1. +Pre test

  2. +Warm-up activity

  3. +Explanation of reading strategies

  4. +Tasks to activate users to use reading strategies

  5. +Practice task to implement the strategies

  6. +Post test

Each reading strategy is explained informally, through the conversation of cartoon characters. Thai translations are provided orally when the information is important and the language used is difficult, e.g. explanation of strategies, instructions, feedback. User can click a CD icon to hear a translation. The meanings of difficult words, which are written in yellow, are provided in the dictionary. Users can click the dictionary to see them.

The project will be finished by October. It will be uploaded to the Cyber Thai University website and the School of Liberal Arts homepage. The CD can also be provided by the Office of the Higher Education Commission.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pornapit Darasawang

School of Liberal Arts

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Pracha Utit Rd., Bangmod, Thung Kru

Bangkok 10140


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