How to search
Searching the BALD database uses standard Boolean search operators.

If you search for 2 words, such as teacher development, the website will return all entries in the database which contain both words, such as

     argument that CELTA-style training courses are outdated due to changes in      teacher supply, changes in views of native speakers, developments in      methodology, developments in teacher education

If you want the exact phrase, you need to use quotation marks. So if you search for "teacher development", the website will return those entries which only contain this exact phrase, such as:

     summary of historical move from knowledge transmission to knowledge      construction in teacher training; teacher training v. teacher development

If you want to search for one word without another, use NOT. For example, if you search for teacher NOT development, the website will return entries which contain the word 'teacher' but not the word 'development', such as:

     tips for conducting classroom research; reasons why teachers conduct classroom      research; continuum from teacher to researcher