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Postby Yukari2702 » 06 Feb 2024 16:55

Thank you, Aj. Richard, for sending us the meeting summary. I hope it is OK to create a new topic. I want to share what I am learning about AI Companion. I was impressed by the high context culture of AI Companion for today's TLL class. "Yukari Kimura presentation was related to the Bisher Group and an anime character named Anpanman." I am guessing:

1. AI Companion knows I am from Japan.
2. "Unparalleled" was interpreted as "Anpanman"
3. AI Companion kindly tried to fill a cultural gap by adding an explanation of "an anime character"

I have no idea where "Bisher Group" came from but I would like to try to make myself understood better next time :) !
(Another thing is that somehow I think I was better than AI Companion understanding Noi's talk about her exciting project.:D)

Wenwen, if you conduct a study on how AI Companion can motivate learners, I will be happy to be a participant!
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Re: AI Companion

Postby Richard » 09 Feb 2024 16:36

It is an interesting activity trying to reverse engineer the Zoom AI companion. It clearly identifies speakers by their microphone use. Last Monday, Al had problems sharing the screen so he used Suzuki's computer to present. The companion assumed it was Suzuki presenting.

I have no idea where "Bisher Group" came from, but some of the companion's misunderstandings are amusing. I still like the companion mishearing "Sapir Whorf hypothesis" as "Sapir dwarf hypothesis".
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Re: AI Companion

Postby Udomsak.S » 21 Feb 2024 11:58

I think the data behind its meeting summary is probably business meetings or general knowledge. It’s not customized for a specific talk like linguistics, so it generated a text like, “they also discussed a course being taught by John Super Gong and the need for further investigation on the topic.” Actually, it did very well compared to us as human beings. Sometimes, I went back to review my notes, and I found that I did not understand what I wrote at all! I needed to read through the summary again!

Also, it seems like it focuses on the amount of the content and relevant content each speaker contributed. It tried to fill in the cultural gab, but it seems to ignore the culture of Face. So, I tried to turn on my mic and contribute because I’m afraid that I’ll be blamed that I did not contribute significantly to the conversation:) Anyway, I like Anpanman.
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