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[RM] To quantify or not?

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2020 06:00
by Richard
Any quantification means a loss of data (even reporting scores on a multiple-choice test means that what each student answered for each question is lost). However, quantification means that more data can be covered (allowing greater generalisability). In other words, a decision needs to be made between breadth (quantitative) and depth (qualitative).

For the following research focuses, is quantification of the data justifiable and why?
1. A researcher identifies different types of scaffolds and wants to see what scaffolds a teacher uses and the contexts in which they are used.
2. A researcher would like to investigate how certain scaffolds change the ways in which a group of students understand a language point.
3. A researcher wants to examine the bases for decision making as students navigate their way through a CALL program by asking the students to think aloud.
4. A researcher wants to examine how bloggers use language to establish a relationship with their audience.