The Craft of Writing Effectively

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The Craft of Writing Effectively

Postby Sachiko » 18 Mar 2019 19:39

Came across this Youtube video the other day. Lots of great insights to become a better writer.
I'd like to know your thoughts if you ever get a chance to watch this.
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Re: The Craft of Writing Effectively

Postby Woravut » 23 Mar 2019 14:16

Thank you, Sachiko.

But after watching the clip for 25 minutes, I felt so bored. (But if I were in class, I would probably feel more motivated.)
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Re: The Craft of Writing Effectively

Postby stevelouw » 01 Apr 2019 07:19

Worawut, you're funny. Perhaps we should get a video for this guy to watch about how to give lectures effectively.

I find writing extremely difficult and I've fought with many approaches to trying to do it 'effectively'. I'm not even sure what effective means when it comes to writing. A lecture like this is really important for beginner researchers, and probably more so for non-native speakers who are nervous about writing in English, and I'd say the guy in this lecture does a good job of coming up with things to 'give' his students about how to write 'effectively'. One of the best things I learned about writing academic texts when I was studying was from Richard - and that is to focus on an argument. I found that worked for me. Whether or not the ideas in this lecture might actually be useful to a writer is probably a matter of personal opinion, but it would give a student some interesting places to start exploring their own writing.
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