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Subject: The Making of Daniel #38 The Making of Daniel
Part 38 18 and over, as with the writer, please be naked and hard.....lets
read on boys! If you would like to become a Fan of 'Daniel' on FACEBOOK,
let mek know.Exhausted for their fight and intense ******'s they both remained still,
until Tony lifted his face to his brother's. They stared at thai virgin yung each other for
what naked virgins seemed like eternity, while we just stood there, waiting to see what
was going to happen next........ "You ****ing *******s....." Todd said. "You really had us going."
Tommy and Tony had to break from their passionate kiss, because
they were laughing too hard.
"Who the **** are these guys, bro?" Tommy asked. "I didn't expect
an audience, sex russian virgine movie but
****in 16 virgin sex pictures A, it was hot!" he said, american nude virgin girlvirgin pics gallery as he got up off the floor, and then
helped his brother.
"These are the ****ing guys from "Men's Weekend" I told you about".
"No way!" Tommy exclaimed, and then he turned to buggery in virginia my father. "Hey,
did you really make my brother cream all over your pizza before you would
eat innocent virgins sex video
it?" virgin pretens He asked, in his thick Italian draw.
"It's the angles little virgin
Giometti's special sauce!" my Father said, looking at
Tommy like he was a 6 lb. pork chop. He was almost drooling, as Tommy
stood naked next to his brother. His **** actually dripping cum, as it
deflated from it's former raging **** tool.
Tommy was definitely tighter; his abs were stretched hard across
his virgin little boy sex
washboard stomach. And the deep V leading down to his ****, with a
nicely trimmed patch of dark pubic hair, could litle sex virgin girls make any horny teens adolescent hot virgin man cream in
his pants. That is, if he were russians virgins nude
wearing any.
I Mature anal virgin could see my father's **** beginning to bounce, as the blood
began to flow, hardening his massive ****. Tommy must have noticed it at
the same movement, because he walked right over to him, and virgin lesbians porn
cupped his
smooth low-hanging balls in his right hand.
"Yo, 'bout a daddy sandwich?" Tommy said, looking
right into my father's eyes. His **** was so hard now, its massive head
was almost purple. And like his 3 sons, a large dollop of pre-cum began
flowing from his piss slit.
"Yea, I'm pretty hungry, but get him started; I have to piss like a
horse," Tony said as his **** began to swell with blood.
"Hey, where is the bathroom? These beers are going right through
me." I asked, and I really did have to piss, after 3 beers; actually, I
was ready to burst.
"Follow me, boating british virgin islands Daniel, Tony said, as he walked out the kitchen door,
and turned to his virgins girls pictures left.
When we got to the men's room, I noticed that it was a single
bathroom, with one little nude virgin pictures sink and toilet. Tony offered to use the girl's room,
or he suggested that we could just share a piss, which of course, I went
for. virgin teenz top list
When he walked free teen virgin up to the toilet, I grabbed his right shoulder, and
pulled him away.
"Dude, I really have to piss; I'm not joking!" he said turning
back towards the toilet. By this time, I was how **** virgin virgin twink gallery
on my knees, and when I
pulled him back around by his waist, his dark, uncut hairy ****, was right
in my face. I was so close, I could see the head of his **** just squeezing
out of the foreskin around teen virgin rough defloration it.
My mouth opened, and kid virgin porn I moved forward a bit, placing the tip of his
skin-covered ****-head on my lips. As I looked up at him, with wanton
eyes, I could see his confused look tiny naked virgins turn to desire. He grabbed the back of
my head with both hands, and pushed his soft **** deep into my throat.
My mouth was soon lose virgin sex free flush from barely legal virgins the heat of his hot piss, that
immediately began pouring out of his ****. The flow was fast and heavy, as
I swallowed petite virgin teen eagerly, wanting to drink virgin xxx clips down his full load of yellow piss.
His piss was almost cream-like in substance, crazy virgins nude
as it passed over my
tongue and down my throat, with each gulp I ingested. Tony's stream of
piss was still heavy and going strong, his **** had hardened slightly, but
that didn't impede the flow of virgin teen video his delicious pissing; it just kept coming,
and I kept kiddy virgin free fotos swallowing.
He had just pulled his **** back a bit, letting my mouth fill with
his golden virgin angels porn nectar, when the door slammed open, and he jerked. His pissing
**** flew out ash virgin hi top of my mouth, and I was instantly being drenched in his hot
yellow **** juice. As I fell backwards, I had piss dripping off my hair,
covering my face, and all down my chest, and rusian virgin girls videos that's when I heard his voice.
"Daniel, what the **** are you doing?" my fathers voice rang out
He walked over and grabbed me by my ear, and pulled me to my feet.
Tony just stood there watching, as top virgin tgp
his **** dripped the last of his golden
I didn't have a chance to respond, as I was immediately pulled out
of the bathroom, and back into the kitchen.
"Guys, Daniel here can't get enough of bodily fluids, it seems. So
I think we need to fill him up good," my father said, still holding me by
the ear.
"Dad...I ...." Shut the **** up, Daniel, ghosts virgin islands
and get your ass on that
table." He had walked me over to one of the prep tables that had pots and
pans hanging above it.
"David, get me some rope, or one of those aprons," my father
bellowed. He grabbed russian virgin girl my 13 virgins sex ankles and pulled them up over my head, as I laid
down on the table. And with the apron David gave him, he tied them
together and to virgin sexy russian girl one of the empty hooks hanging from the pot holder.
I could barely move my legs, because they were tied pretty tight,
as I laid on my back against the steel prep table. little nude virgins But I little virgin pics could see my
father's face, and free porno lost virgin
it was like.... crazed , but with determination. He
then slapped my ass hard, on both cheeks, causing me to wither, and yelp in
"You want bodily fluids, boy? Do you? Well, you're going to get
your fill tonight," my father said, as he slapped my ass again with his
bare hand.
And with that, he spit on his hard ****, and shoved his full 12
inch fat **** deep inside my ******* in one thrust. He immediately started
****ing me with long, fast, vigorous thrusts, giving me no chance to get
used to his hard, fat, ****ing huge rod of a ****.
"Hey, who's next? I'm going pump my load into his ass soon, and I
want someone ready to move in when I pull out! And we are going to do this
until all our balls are spent," he said to everyone in the room as he
continued to ram his hips so hard into my ass, that you could hear his
balls slapping against my skin.
And as Todd walked up behind my father, I could feel his ****
swell, and I knew, from experience, that his balls naked hot virgins were tightening against
the base of his ****, and they were about to produce a massive amount of
sperm, teeny virgin porn that would virgin sexe
soon be swimming virgin defloration russian up my ass.
And right then, in his trademark ****ing russian virgin nubile style; he gave two hard
long thrusts. I felt the heat of his ****** began to warm me, as his ****
exploded in my *******.
And just as he pulled his cum-covered **** from my freshly ******
*******, my brother shoved in his fat **** to fill the void. Without a
second to breath, my ass was getting pumped full again. Todd was not being
as forceful as my father, but his **** was doing a good job pounding away
at my ass.
"****, Dad! You got him all sloppy," Todd said, as his virgin place tgp ****
slipped too freely inside my now wet, ****** Lttle virgin blondes ass.
"Just keep ****ing him, Todd! Who's litte virgins free
next? teen virgin mpeg gallery I don't see anyone in
line." And with that, David, Tommy and Tony lined up behind Todd to wait
their turn.
I could feel Todd's smooth balls up against my ass, as he ****** me
with short, hard thrusts of his hips. Slap after slap of Todd's balls
against my red, raw ass, must have been causing them to boil, and, again, I
knew it wouldn't be long before the gooey seed of my brother's cum would be
mixing with the milk of my father's balls.
I was loving it! Todd's long, hard **** was so far up nude teen virgin russian my ass...oh,
god! He was holding my ankles as he ground his pelvis into my ass, pushing
his **** further and further inside me. My own **** was hard, and, as Todd
pumped me with his hips, it would bounce up and down on my shaved pubic
bone. My balls were tight against my shaft, as they were ****ing virgin cp ready to explode
any moment. And with little virgins ru
each of his short, sharp jabs of his fat ****, my
body shook, and my **** bounced, as it leaked pre-cum all over my stomach.
Todd groaned loudly, and then collapsed on top of me, and
immediately I could feel the warm flow of his cum spew from his ****, as it
pulsed and throbbed deep inside my already cum-soaked *******.
"Ahhhh, fuuuuck, little dude; that was so hot!" Todd said,
breathless, as he lifted his head to look at me.
"****, always is Todd!" I said, relishing the feeling of
his hard ****, which was laying dormant free teen porn virgins
inside me. As we kissed deeply, we
"Hey, if you're finished ****ing your brother, there're others
waiting," virginia youth soccer league my father said to Todd, as he literally ripped him off me. He
pulled so hard you could here the popping free virgins sound of my ass hole, as his
still hard **** little virgin porn innocent was dragged out.
Dave then moved up between my legs; his **** was rock hard, as he
held it in his hand.
"Little Dude, nude teen virgins
youth cheerleading competition virginia your ass lil teen virgins ******
is dripping cum," he said, as he dropped to
his knees. Instantly his tongue russian virgins naked
real virgins ilegal
was darting into my blessed virgin mary sketches ass eating and sucking
out the cum deposits of Dad and Todd.
As Dave was eating as nude virgin cute
much of my ass as he could get his tongue in,
I could hear Tommy and Tony talking softly to each other behind him.
"Tommy, just do it!" Tony said, a bit louder than he expected.
And just as David was standing, I could see Tommy leave his brother
and walk behind me.
"You want this, Daniel?" David said, as he wagged his big, hard
**** at me.
'Your ****? You know I do; give it to me hard in my ass, fill me
up with your jizz," I said as I pulled my ass off the table, showing him
how eager I was to have him inside me.
He didn't make me wait long, as he slowly pushed virgin **** galleries little
his 10 inch virgin girls top ****
up virgin porno picture collection my cum drenched *******. He knew, from experience, how to **** me, and
make me cum within seconds. virgin teenagers He lesbian photography virginia should; he had been ****ing me almost
nightly, for months now. But polish virgin
it wasn't David's ****ing that virgins picture made me blow
the biggest load ever covering me in my own jizz, virgins ukraine from my hair, to the huge
puddle of spunk floating in my belly button.
While teen virgin ***** mpegs
virgin cuties Dave was taking his time, giving me a nice slow, long stroke
****, I heard a chair scrape across the floor behind me. And when I School teen virgin looked
up, all I could see free sex teen virgin
was two big, hairy balls hanging between two hairy
Tommy had pulled the chair up behind me, and was virgins boys now standing over
me. I could see that his hand was holding his sink-covered ****, and I
knew what nudist virgin ****ing
was coming. I watched as he pulled his foreskin back, exposing
the red, massive head of his ****. I opened my mouth, to let him know I
wanted it all.
The japanese virgin pics flow of his piss was slow and virgin pics nude spare at first, dribbling out of
his piss slit tiny virgin ****
onto my chest, making me shiver with virgin topless
anticipation. But I
didn't have to wait long; soon, his stream of hot piss was splashing down
on me, warming my body with his hot, golden shower.
He was pissing all over me, and David at the same time. I could
feel it as he pissed on David's ****, causing him nude kids virgins pictures to pump into me harder.
I opened my mouth, hoping Tommy would see beaches in virginia williamsburg that I want to drink his piss,
and he did. Instantly, my mouth was filled with his piss, as I ravenously
sucked and gulped down all the heavy stream of warm golden nectar flowing
from his uncut ****.
I don't know virgin thumb who was more turned on, but David and I came at the
same time. When Tommy directed his virgins russian
piss back to my hard ****, I began
stroking wildly, as he was drenching us both, and my **** soon erupted, as
David was vigorously pounding my ass.
And when we came, it was so intense, that we both shrieked free lola virgins pics
pleasure, as our cum blasted from our balls, straight through our ****s,
and exploded out of the naked virgins movies
engorged helmet head of our ****s.
The first few jets of my cum hit me in the head and face, filling
my right eye socket. A large rope of cum hit my open mouth, which I
hungrily swallowed, as the rest of my jizz shot over my lower body
Even in the mist of my own intense ******, I could feel David's
jizz blasting inside me, as his massive ****** seemed to continue on. And
when I opened my left eye, and free nude virgin pictures
saw what my brother was doing, I almost came
His mouth virgin girl defloration
was now tightly wrapped virgins pix around the head of Tommy's
pissing ****. As drops real naked virgins
of his piss hung from his chin, I could see David's
Adam's apple pumping up and down in on his virgin preeteen *****
throat as he eagerly drank down
Tommy's warm golden yellow piss, right from the tip of his uncut ****.
When I finally looked down, I could see the owner of the tongue
that was lapping up the massive amounts of cum and offhost virgin piss off my chest. He
even drank up the large puddle of piss resting in my chest cavity!
You go virgin llitas Dad! russias virgins Hope you all enjoyed, and are soaked with your own cum. chinese virgin erotic stories JoinING
Daniel on FACEBOOK? Let me know, I will add you as a friend/fan.
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