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Subject: 101 loli pics Mall Workers 2Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes of gay sex
between that of consenting adults. If you find this offensive, are under
the age of 18, it is illegal wherever you are to read this, stop now. Leave
this site. If you are offended by harsh language, please exit this page
immediately. You have been warned. This work of fiction is property of
myself and may not be copied or used in free nude loli
any way kinder loli sex without sweet young lolit my express consent.
All persons in this series are fictional and not real people living or
dead.Drew woke first the next morning and then flower lolicon links woke up Troy since Troy had to be
at work at 10 at the mall. Drew on the other a loli preteen hand had to work from one to
close being the assistant manager. Troy insisted on cooking breakfast that
morning and showed Drew a few of his skills he had learned. Drew let him
have at it and was pleased since Troy was making an omelet.Drew sat down preteen loli tgp
to the nice cheese omelet. "Troy, I am sorry if I brought
back some bad memories last night.""I will be okay. I still think about it a lot. You know you are the first
person I have ever told." loli hentai tgp
Troy said."I bet it was pretty bad.""Drew, you don't know the half of it. Every night it seemed one was getting
raped. I actually feared for my life. I still can't believe I stayed there
two weeks.""I guess it was air conditioned then?" Drew asked."Yeah that and a free meal. I had a little money and kept it in my car,"
Troy said downing the omelet."I know now why you choose to just live in your car.""Yeah, it sure beat having to suck a guy or being petite loli teen
threaten all the time.""It sounds like prison.""I know. I can only imagine what prison is like." Troy said and then went
to shower. He forgot to get loli sex porn a towel as fotos lolis non nudes
Drew heard him holler. Drew didn't
mind and just laughed at him when he opened the door. Drew got another good
look at link bbs loli Troy and what he had to lolicon pthc offer.Troy was dressed and then left to go to work. forum ls loli Drew cleaned up the dishes
and drew some before heading off to his work.At five, Drew spotted Troy standing in his store. peeing loli galleries Drew board3 tag loli then smiled when he
saw that Troy got a hair cut and really looked nice, despite still lolitta young free
on his work clothes."Hey, I like the hair cut," Drew said."I hoped you would," Troy said. "I look styling now. I guess I will just
hang around the mall until you bbs loli pedo gallery
leave.""No Troy, here is a key. Go get one made and I will catch you at home,"
Drew then pulled out his house key and took it off his key ring.Drew continued to work until a co-worker came up to him."Dude, don't tell me he is staying with you?" The guy said."Yeah, just for a little while. Did you know he was living in his car?"
Drew said to the co-worker as a lolit sexy female co-worker came up russian loli toplist to them."Dude, I don't care if he was. He is nothing hentai loli anal but trouble." The lolia ped guy said."Oh, Drew that is so sweet teen loli nude porno of you to take in a homeless person." The girl
said."I did feel sorry for him. When has he child loli stories ever caused trouble here?" Drew
asked."He hasn't. He just looks loli 15 sex like trouble. Another store thinks he is just
hanging around and going kdz loli teen models
to start shoplifting stuff." The guy said."He just hung around because he lived in the parking lot. You should see
his car." Drew said defensibly."Whatever. Don't come tell me later he took your stuff. You will be sorry,
dude." The guy said."I still think Drew is just trying to young teen porn loli
help him." The girl magic loli bbs
said."Thanks, Laura. At least someone here has a little met art loli
heart." Drew then
continued to hang up the new shipment of fall pedo loli kdzboard models loli and winter clothes.Drew headed home after closing with a few clearance things he had bought
with his discount for Troy. school young loli top
He found Troy smoking lolicon pay sites
a cigarette and watching
TV."Getting comfortable I see," Drew then shut the door walking in."Oh I am real lolicon mpegs
sorry, Troy. I will go outside and smoke," Troy said."It's okay. My ex used to smoke. I am used to it," Drew then handed Troy a
shirt and some shorts."What is this for?" Troy then put out the cigarette in the ashtray he had
found sitting around."Oh I just got them for you oriental loli since you said you hadn't had any new clothes
in a while," Drew said."Drew, these are cool." Troy immediately had to try them on. "How do they
look on me?""With that new cut, you look hot!" Drew said."Oh how much I owe you?" Troy asked."It is a gift," Drew said, "You deserve it. Your story has touched my
heart.""I czech little loli will pay you. lolits illegal Oh you see I got the window fixed on the car today
too. Now it doesn't look so ghetto." Troy said and then kissed Drew. asian loli "What
time you work tomorrow?""Same time, you?" Drew replied."I was supposed to be off, but they want me to work 1 to close. We can just
ride together then." Troy said."Troy, I noticed your license has expired." Drew said."Yeah, I didn't have an bbs loli nymphet address. It just expired. Can I give them this one,
if you don't mind?""Sure. We can go before work and get it renewed." Drew said. "I am tired. I
am going to free 3d lolicon movies bed and just read.""I will be back later," Troy said.Troy finished watching TV and found lolicon nudist Drew still reading. He undressed to
his loli boy sex
boxer briefs and just kissed Drew."Thanks, Drew. You are the coolest guy," Troy said."You're welcome," Drew said lolitta undergrund and then saw Troy Japan loli teens roll over to sleep. Drew now
wanted Troy to initiate the sex and would wait until Troy was ready to do
so.Drew turned out the light and went to sleep. Drew was awakened in the
middle of the night by Troy's scream. He looked and saw that Troy must be
having a nightmare. He wondered if this was normal as he drifted back to
sleep.Troy was up early the next morning. Drew could smell the bacon cooking
when he finally woke up. Troy seemed to like cooking for Drew since he was
letting him live with him. Drew checked out what Troy had and found eggs
and toast and bacon."Troy, you are asian lolicon trying to get me fat," Drew said."Well we both could use some pounds, don't you think? I think I have lost
about 10 since I graduated," Troy then served up the great smelling
breakfast."Yum, Troy you are a great cook," Drew said while tasting the eggs."Oh breakfast board ls mag loli is lolit hentai
easy," Troy said."Troy, lolias rusas illegal were you having nightmares last night?" Drew asked."Yeah, I was. It was real scary in that 3 guys were holding me down and
making me have sex with them. Ls magazine lolits
This time they were raping me," Troy said.Drew was a little taken back by this, "Do you have them often?""No that is the cp loli models first one in like a week," Troy said eating his loli preten models breakfast."If I had the young lolitta bbs
money, I would get you some counseling," Drew said."I'll be okay," Troy said after cleaning his plate of food.Drew jumped in the shower after very young lolipop girls
eating. He never forgot to take a towel loli tits xxx
did this time. He hollered at Troy to bring him a towel. Troy just
laughed and handed him a towel. Drew was not ashamed of his body or his
**** but wasn't near as hung as Troy."It looks like I got you," Troy said looking at Drew's wet ****."Yeah, you do," Drew said."I haven't found any guys yet that beat me yet," Troy said proudly."I don't imagine. How big is yours hard?" Drew asked."I don't know. Some guy told me it looked to be around 9 or 10 inches. I
never have measured," Troy said and then saw Drew mouth wide open. "Yeah
most guys are like that the first time they see me look lolit nude fully hard.""I bet." Drew said now wanting illegal loli
to engage in sex with that beast but wasn't
sure if he could handle all Drew had to offer.Troy grabbed a towel and hit the preteen loli **** videos shower after Drew left. Drew liked the
fact he could just wear the store's clothes while Troy just put on some old
stuff. They then hung out a little while before heading off to renew
Troy's license. After getting the license, they then went to work at the
mall after Troy put on his uniform in the car.Drew was really starting to develop feelings for Troy. He wondered if Troy
had ever had a lover in his life loli nude kidz other loli kogal nude than family. Drew meet Troy for
their dinner break and then back to work. Drew's co-workers knew of Drew's
sexuality and began to ask him about having a new boyfriend. Drew just
played it off and told them it was just a friendship for now, knowing all
along he longed to have sex with Troy.Drew saw Troy sitting outside while lolit naked
he finished cleaning up for the night
and getting the store in order. Drew and Troy lolicon free pic went to Drew's car and went
home."Drew, I think I love you." Troy said after he kissed Drew once they were
inside.Drew was a little taken back by the sudden I love you and asked, "Troy have
you ever had a boyfriend?""Oh yeah, I had a cute one when I was lolicon manga free
a junior and he was a senior. We had
sex a lot." real teen lolicon Troy said."I was just wondering." Drew said."Do you love me?" Troy asked.Not wanting to break his heart, Drew replied, "Yes Troy, lolit rompl
I loli cartoons porn am starting to
fall young loli ****** in love with you.""Hell yeah, dude, I knew you were." Troy then kissed Drew on the loliteen nude lips and
made out again with him. After making out standing in the living room, Troy
whispered into Drew's ear, "I think I am ready."Drew then looked into Troy's eyes knowing he was more than ready to have
hot sex with Troy. He kissed him, "Are you sure?""I want videos lolis you so bad tonight, Drew," Troy said. "I warn you I can get loud
and really spew out the loli photo cuss words when I have sex with a guy I do love and
care about.""Oh Troy I know it is going to be hot," Drew said leading Troy by the hand
to hairless little lolis
the bedroom.Drew free lolicon game lay on top of Troy kissing him while Troy's hands exploded Drew's
body. Troy lifted lolicon girls pics
Drew's shirt off and kissed him. Troy then leaned up to
allow Drew to remove his shirt. Drew could still smell the grease on Troy's
body as he kissed his lolicon amateur neck. They then kissed again with Troy's hands all
over Drew's ass and then slide his hands to feel Drew's skinny ass. Drew
reached down and undid his shorts while they were still lip locked and Troy
just slid his shorts and boxer briefs off the rest of the way.Drew then, still on top of zep loli rompl
Troy naked, now started to make his way down
Troy's thin but hot body. Troy reached down to undo his pants but teen loli 12yo loli
Drew took
his hands away."I want to do that," innocent russian lolitta sex Drew grabbed the pants and undid them with his
teeth. Drew then unzipped Troy's pants with his teeth and jerked them down
the rest of the way with his hands. Drew could see Troy's large ****
trapped in his boxer briefs. Drew kissed Troy for just a second and then
licked Troy's large **** through his boxer briefs."Oh Drew, you are so hot!" Troy then dark board loli
watched while Drew peeled back his
boxer briefs to reveal as huge **** that was getting hard. Drew then
started licking up and down Troy's ****. He loved the taste of it and then
proceeded down to lick his loli 3d hairless balls. Troy moaned slightly. Drew
wanted to please Troy and make this experience one he wouldn't regret.Drew kissed Troy's lolicon movies large **** on the head and then took it in his mouth."Oh Drew, that's feels so good!" Troy screamed.Drew then slowly took as much of Troy's manhood in his mouth. Troy was now
playing with Drew's short brown hair that was highlighted. Drew then kissed
Troy and went back to suck his lolicon hardcore large meat."**** dude, your mouth is so hot!" Troy said. Drew was now going up and
down Troy's **** about half way. Troy's hands were on Drew's shoulders and
then pulled him off his **** to kiss him."Damn that **** is so big!" Drew said and then watched as Troy explored his
upper body with his tongue. Drew loved it when Troy teased his a loli sex
before making it down further. Drew now was fully erect while Troy was now
licking up and down his 7 inch ****."Oh you are awesome!" Drew moaned while Troy sucked his balls. Drew could
tell this wasn't Troy's first time and was very good at it.Troy then took Drew's **** in his mouth. Drew moaned loudly while he
looked down to see Troy sucking his hard ****. Troy alternated between
sucking him and licking him."Oh Troy you are so hot!" Drew said."I should be since I sucked a lot of ****s!" Troy then took all of Drew's
**** loli angel virgin in his mouth."OOOOOOOOO" Drew moaned while Troy kept working his ****. Drew knew he was
about to cum and pulled Troy off his ****. He pulled Troy up to him and
kissed him. Drew could taste his own **** on Troy's breath.Drew then spread mpg lolicon his legs wide while Troy started eating his ass. Drew
loved seeing Troy between his legs working his ass with his tongue and
finger.Drew loli model clip reached over to the night stand and pulled out the drawer. tiny angels henati loli He still
had condoms and a little lube. He handed both to Troy and preteen image board loli said, "**** me!""Oh **** yeah, I would love to **** that hot ass." Troy then ripped open
the condom and unrolled it onto his large ****. He knew it wasn't the
large condom but would do illegal russian loli
for the night. He then lubed up Drew's waiting
ass and his condom.Troy then slowly inserted his **** into Drew's bbs sun loli
ass. Drew let out a sigh
when lolits extreme he felt Troy's **** enter him for the first time."I will be gentle, Drew. I got a lot loli top tgp
of ****ing **** for you to handle."
Troy slowly kiddie loli slid his **** deeper and deeper. Drew moaned with each inch
that filled his ass."Oh Troy that feels so good!" Drew about loli pic bbs screamed."Oh Drew, your ****ing ass is so hot!" Troy pushed a little more into
Drew. He wasn't fully in Drew but started pumping his **** in and out
Drew's ass. Troy felt it slip out and slowly stuck it back in."**** me Troy!" Drew then felt Troy get faster. Troy slowed down to let
Drew underage home loli adjust a little."**** yeah!" Troy then leaned over and kissed Drew. Drew's hands were all
over Troy's back while Troy was now ****ing his pre loli nubile toplist
ass pretty good. Troy
noticed Drew's **** was hard now as he now slowly worked the rest of his
**** into Drew's ass."OOOOOOOOO" Drew screamed when he felt where no other guy had been
before. He looked down and saw Troy was now ball's deep in his ass.Troy lifted Drew's legs and started ****ing him harder. Drew was moaning
and breathing hard. Troy was grunting with each dive into Drew's ass. The
bed was now shaking and rocking with a fury. Drew then felt his balls
tighten and his **** exploded with a blast of loli manga
hot cum. Drew loved the fact
that neither he nor Troy had touched sex 13 yo loli
his art loli preteen **** and had an ****** while
Troy's big **** was ****ing him."**** yeah!" Troy screamed when he saw Drew shoot. He then pulled out his
long **** slowly. Troy immediately shot his bbs lolipop kindergarten load on Drew's stomach. Troy
was a cum lover and licked 3d animated lolicon incest
all the cum up with his tongue."**** Drew you were ****ing hot tonight," incest anal loli Troy said."You were ****ing hot, too," Drew then kissed Troy. They sucked each
other's tongue for a little while. Then they just looked into each other's
eyes."You know Troy, I do love you," Drew said."I know I love you now," Troy kissed Drew. They were basking in the glow of
their recently completed sex. Drew then felt Troy doze off to sleep in his
arms. Drew snuggled and held Troy tightly as he went to sleep too.To be continued.

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