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From: trip carver
Subject: Me and Shawn and Dad chap. 8Please note, all the characters in this story are fictional. All rights to
this work of fiction, or any parts of it, belong to the author. No use
other than what is specified on Nifty is permitted without express
permission.Comments and plot suggestions are gladly welcomed. Please send them to me
at ""Chapter 8 starts just where chapter 7 left off. In that chapter Dad, his
brother uncle Travis, and the boys have had quite model 14 year a day. Uncle Travis came
over, and on the way to the park to play some ball, he got to check out
Shawn's ****, and the boys got to see their uncle's monster **** as
well. They then played some gropey football in the park, did a little
mooning, and Trip got an expert handjob from "unka Trav" on the way home
after lunch. Once home, Trip got children model top
to check out everyone's ass, even getting
to finger-**** his dad. Uncle Travis gave the boys a lesson on the joys of
going doubles while pissing, before embarking on a four-way group
suck-a-thon, ending with Trip getting help from the other three for his
second cum of the afternoon. As the chapter ends, Dad is talking about the
boys, and their cousin Jeff, joining the Dad, uncles Travis and Kevin, and
Kevin's partner Scottie, at their annual guys-only
`close-down-the-lakehouse' weekend in the fall. As they head into the big
shower in the bathroom off of Dad's study, Shawn reminds Dad that he still
has to tell them what that shower-shot thing older women models is for.(Note: this chapter is written from Trip's point of view.)"Me and Shawn and Dad"Chapter 8 - - -"Dibs!""Shawn, you're like always calling dibs. Whadda ya dibbing now," I ask,
wondering what he's gonna get that I'm gonna miss out on."Well, remember the other day, when we bayliner model chart all took a shower together, Dad said
it's more fun showering with someone, and since there's the four of us, me
and you and Dad and Uncle Travis, I figured we'd shower in pairs, and I
call dibs on uncle Travis. I want to wash that big monster **** of his and
besides you just got to blow him and besides . . .""And besides, I bet that ain't all you wanna do with him, like wash his
**** an' all," I said right back to Shawny. I just knew my horny jock
brother had other ideas, `cause if he didn't I like certainly did."Boys, boys, don't you think your uncle Travis should have a say in this,
besides, alex rodriguez model maybe I want to shower with my brother Travis. After all I don't
get to american nude model see him that often and . . .""Aww Dad, c'mon, we never get to see uncle Travis. You guys can hang out
anytime you want, and besides you guys grew up together.""Chris, boys, it's really neat how you're all fighting over me, I'm
flattered and everything. But, hey, c'mon, it's only a chinese model naked shower," unka Trav
says, while his big ol' **** is just like hanging there all big and it's
not even hard and I wonder what that feels like to have a really big long
**** like that and what if he's like dressed and he gets a hard-on where
does it go? and can everyone see it? and I wonder like I could only blow
him just a little bit, like just an inch or two past the head, and he said
he and Dad like fool around too and ****, can Dad like suck that whole
thing? Can like anyone suck the whole thing? Does aunt Kate suck him off
too, and when he ****s her does like his whole **** fit inside-a her, and
cousin Jeffie! ****, he said that cousin Jeffie's ready to join us at the
lake house, so like, does that mean that cousin Jeffie sucks him and can he
take the whole thing and does unka Trav also suck off cousin Jeffie and,
****, if unka Trav's **** is so big an' all, and cousin Jeffie's his kid,
does cousin Jeffie like have a big one too, and. . ."So, Trip-man, that ok with you?"****, was unka Trav talking to me? ****, I hope he didn't see me like
staring at his **** an' all, I'd like be so embarrassed an' all."Trip-man, stop staring at my ****, and come back to earth!," unka Trav
says laughing."Yeah, twerp, like look at you, staring at uncle Travis's **** and playing
with yourself, twerp," Shawn says. "Can't you leave that thing alone for
like five minutes?"I glare at Shawn, and like make a face. I let go of my ****, but it's too
late, it's like all hard and sticking up at an angle like it does for
everyone to see. It's even starting to drip too. Fuuuck. I didn't even
realize I was like jacking off thinking about unka Trav's big ****. ****!
"Oh, unka Trav, I was like uh, just uh, thinking, and, what?""I think your uncle was asking you if it's ok with you, if he and Shawn
shower up together and that you and I pair off. That ok son? I'd really
like it," Dad said, looking right at me, with that famous cop-look of
his. And then he like reaches out and just taps my hard-on, pressing it
down a little, like it's nothing, like it's something everyone does,
boinging your kid's hard-on while you're all naked ready to go shower with
your naked uncle and Dad and brother. And my hard **** just like boings
down with Dad's pressing it and then comes back up and ****, is everyone
like looking at it?"Uh, yeah, Dad, that'd be ok. Yeah, we can shower slim bikini model
up together like we were
doing last week." Actually, thinking about it now, it could be kinda hot.
I like Dad's hairy chest and all, and his hairy ass, and he got bigger
muscles than unka Trav anyway, and maybe I can get to suck his ****, yeah!
this could be ok. "Yeah, Dad, that'd be ok.""Great son, I'm glad. Travis, why don't you and Shawn start. Trip and I
will be right in behind you.""Sure thing, bro. Shawn-dude, you and all your muscles ready to get
clean?""Yeah uncle Travis, sure, let's go get clean. Hey, uncle Travis, check out
these guns," Shawn says as he does that corny arm muscle flex thing, making
his arm muscles all hard and tight and big. Unka Trav is behind him, so he
turns around to look at him, and damn, if unka Trav's **** isn't like
starting to get hard again. I guess he really does like Shawny's teenage
jock muscles."Hey, that's quite enough, stud. You're going to drive me to distraction,"
unka Trav says with a laugh, as he playfully slaps Shawn on the ass. But
his **** is getting harder. I watch unka Trav looking at Shawn's ass as
they go into the shower. I start to follow, but Dad touches my shoulder,
like to stop me."Hold on a second, son. I want to talk to you first. Let's go back into
the study for a minute."Uh-oh, did I like do something wrong? Dad sounds more serious than angry,
sure hope it doesn't mean we can't keep like fooling around. ****! I
really wanted to suck Dad's **** in the shower, and now he's gonna like say
we can't and stuff, I just know it! I can feel my **** start to like go
down too. "Sure Dad, did I do something wrong? What's up?"Dad kinda crouches down in front of me, so he's like looking me square in
the face. "Oh no, son, you didn't do anything glamor models
wrong. There's nothing's
wrong. It's just that all this playing around, you, me, your brother . . .""Unka Trav too!""Yes, and your uncle Travis too. All this playing around, fooling around,
all this sex, well, it's a lot for a kid to deal with and I just want to
make sure you're a hundred per-cent ok with it. I don't want you to feel
pressured, like you have to do something you don't want to, do stuff you're
not ready for. If any of this littel models free is making you uncomfortable, or you know,
like, um, uh, well, if it . . . "This is weird, Dad's usually so together, always able to say what he's
thinking, and here he is, getting all mixed up an' all. Man, this must be
real important-like. He's looking like real serious, and looking at me
like right in the eye, but also looking a little worried and concerned and
. ."...if this is all making you feel uneasy, and you don't want to, you zoey model gallery know,
you can say `no,' you can say you don't want to, and no one's going to hold
that against you, or think anything bad about you. You know you can say,
`no,' right? You can say, `I don't want to.' I guess that's all what I'm
trying to say."He's still crouched down in front of me, and he's got like one hand on my
shoulder, the other resting on his hairy thigh. I just look into his eyes,
and wow! is he looking like he's about to cry or something? I just keep
looking into his eyes, at his handsome Dad face."Trip, son, you understand?"Yeah, vladmodels torrent
Dad, I guess I do. But I like all this fooling around with you and
Shawny, and the sex, and the hard-ons, and unka Trav, and the sucking ****
and the cumming and like when you had your finger in my ass that time, and
like when 2010 hummer models
you made me lick up my cum from Shawny's face, and when you
sucked me off and I came and then we kissed, Dad. And I like finger-******
you, and you and unka Trav and Shawny all helping me to cum before, and all
the kissing and stuff. Dad, I like all this Dad. And I don't want to not
do it anymore, cause it's fun and Daaad, like are you about teen model natasha
to cry Dad?"Oh, no son, just got some dust in my eye or something. Come here, " Dad
says as he stands up and reaches out his big strong arms and pulls me in
tight for a hug. Mmmm, he still kinda smells like sex and sweat and Dad
and I really love his hairy belly and the amateur shemale models muscles there. I reach my arms
around him too, and I can't quite get all the way around him, but I can get
a feel of his hard hairy ass, and I figure, why not, so, -smack!- I give
Dad a swat on his big hairy ass!"Hey! What was that?," he says and pulls back from little models rop
the hug just a little,
looking down at me, all surprised-like.-Smack!- I give him another swat but on his other ass cheek this time.
"What was what Dad?," I ask, looking up at him, all innocent like an' all.He starts laughing, and before I know it, -smack!-"Daaad!," I'm more surprised than hurt. He gets my ass this time! And it
almost hurts, but it feels good at the same time. And I start laughing too."You like that, son, when I play-spank your ass like that? Does that make
you feel good?""Yeah, Dad, it kinda does. Is that that weird, Dad, that I like it when
you spank me?""No, not weird at all. You know, maybe some day we can play around with
play-spanking, but for now. . . " -smack!-"Owwww! Dad.""But for now, let's join your brother and uncle Travis in the shower and
get cleaned up before your mom and aunt Kate get home."Yeah, Dad, petite teen models let's see what those two are up to. Y'know, unka Trav was like
checking out Shawny's muscles an' all, and he was getting a hard-on too
doing it!""Yeah, your uncle's always been a muscle-pig. When I was Shawn's age, and
for a few more years after that too, I had quite a set on me too. Boy, the
things your uncle would do! I wouldn't be surprised if he was blowing your
brother in the shower right now, feeling him up, getting off on his young
jock muscles.""Yeah Dad, Unka Trav's like always horny! Must be that big **** of his,
huh?""Yeah, son, must be," Dad said, as we walked back into the bathroom, me
just a half step ahead of Dad, heading for the shower."Look Dad, Shawny's blowing unka Trav!" I said when we got in there. Unka
Trav was like standing facing the water, with his back to us, and Shawn was
like down on his knees in front of him, and we could see his **** all hard
and curved up, and his abs all tight and wet and sexy, and he was like
holding onto unka Trav by his waist, and unka Trav was like real sexy, with
the water running down his back, and his balls hanging down an' all, and
his ass all tight and just kinda sticking out there, and his legs all
tensed up and muscley. I mean we really couldn't see Shawn's face but
y'just knew like he had unka Trav's big **** in his mouth. I wonder how
much of unka Trav's big **** he could suck, and if he could suck more than
me."Well, Travis," Dad said as we get in there with them, "I see you fellows
didn't waste a whole lot of time." Dad gets up right next to unka Trav and
puts his hand on unka Trav's shoulder, then runs it down his back, and down
to his ass, and he kinda cups unka Trav's ass and holds it and like jiggles
it, and like I can see him running his fingers all inside of unka Trav's
hairy ass-crack."Yeah Christian, Shawn-dude here thought it wasn't fair that Trip got to
suck me off before, and that I gave Trip that hand-job in the car, and he
didn't even get a teen modellin bilder taste of my ****, and beside we thought maybe you and
Trip were going at it again out there, and Shawn didn't want to miss out on
anything.""Is that right, son?" Dad asks looking down at Shawn.I peek around unka Trav's wet sexy body and see that Shawn's like only got
a few inches of unka Trav's big **** in his mouth, but he's like really
sucking on it hard, and moving his head all up and down it, and I can see
his tongue licking it too. Yeah! he's not even sucking as much of unka
Trav's **** I was!"Son?," Dad says like tapping Shawn on the shoulder."Hmmmpphh?" Shawn kinda grunts to Dad, looking up at him, but still not
letting unka Trav's **** oudda his mouth.Dad just kinda laughs, and Shawn keeps sucking. He must be doing a good
job, `cause unka supermodels nude pics
Trav's like moving his **** in and out of Shawn's mouth,
and he's like got his eyes closed an' all, and he's letting out like little
moans and groans, saying stuff like, "yeah Shawn-dude, that's right, oh
yeah, like that, uh-huh, take my big ****, yeah...""Hey, Trip, I got an idea. Want to see something?," Dad asks, now looking
at me. He's got that evil grin thing going on, so I don't know what's up,
but my ****'s getting hard looking at unka Trav gorgeous young models and Shawn like blowing him
an' all."Sure, Dad, whatcha have in mind?""Let's check out your uncle Travis' butt while your brother's blowing him."
Dad moves behind unka Trav and like gets down on one knee and he's like
right behind unka Trav's ass and the shower water is like running down unka
Trav's back, down his ass, and is like splashing Dad in the face, but he
doesn't seem to mind. "Come over here son, come down here with me," Dad
says, holding out his hand. I get down there behind unka Trav's butt with
Dad."You see son, when you have an ass as fine as your uncle Travis' here,
there's a few different things you can do with it, son," Dad says, all
serious-like, kinda like sounding like a teacher or something."You can feel it all up," and Dad like takes unka Trav's ass cheeks in his
hands and like feels them, rubs them, like massages them and squeezes them."You can lick them all over," teacher-Dad says, and sticks his tongue out
and starts to like lick unka Trav's butt cheeks all over. "You want to try
that son? First feel and squeeze them all over, then lick them. Give it a
shot."Dad moves his head out of the way, and takes his hands off of unka Trav's
butt and looks at me. I reach up and take unka Trav's fleshy butt cheeks
in my hands and start to do what Dad just did. I feel them allover,
feeling, squeezing, massaging."Oh Yeah, Trip-man, that feels gooooood," unka Trav kinda moans."See," Dad says, "you're doing a good job. He likes it. Keep on going,
and start to lick all over too."I do that for a little while, licking all over unka Trav's sexy butt, the
shower water like running into my face."That's good son, yeah," Dad says. "Now, what else can you do with a sexy
butt like your uncle Travis'?," Dad asks in his teacher-voice.I think I know what Dad has dreammodel teen in mind. I take my hands offa unka Trav's ass,
and stick my finger in my mouth, which I guess is kinda dumb `cause like
we're in the shower an' all, and everything's already wet. I look over at
Dad, and he's smiling, and he nods his head, `yes.'"Let me help you out son," Dad says as he reaches over and takes hold of
unka Trav's butt cheeks, and pulls them apart a little for me. I can see
the shower water running right down unka Trav's hairy little crack, down
over his balls too."Dad, Dad, there's unka Trav's *******! I can see his hole, it's really
neat Dad, it's all like crinkly bikini models tpg
around the edges too Dad!""Here son, let me in there for a second, let me show you something else,"
Dad says like real eager-like, almost pushing me out of daughters models toplist the way. Dad gets
his face right up in unka Trav's ass crack, and Holy ****! sticks his
tongue out, and like licks unka Trav like right on his *******!"Daaad!""Chriiiiis, Yeah, like, wow Chrissss!""Hummmppphhhh?," that Shawn, with part of unka Trav's big **** in his
mouth, wondering what's going on."Shawny, Shawny, c'mere, let go of unka Trav's ****, You gotta check this
out! Dad's like licking unka Trav's *******!"Dad turns away from unka Trav's ass for a minute. "It's called rimming, or
giving someone a rim job, when you eat out their ass. Your ******* is very
sensitive, and it feels really great when someone tongues it out. Watch
and learn." And with that Dad sticks his tongue out again, and gives unka
Trav's hole another little lick. And another. Then he like makes his
tongue all hard like and like pokes at the hole, like he's trying to ****
it younger nn models with his tongue or something.Shawn let's unka Trav's **** plop out of his mouth. He wipes his mouth on
the back of his hand, and like still on his knees, comes around the back of
unka Trav, on the other side of Dad."Travis, shut the water off, it's getting in the way," Dad tells unka Trav."That better, Christian?""Yeah, Travis, better. Now I can really get in there without getting
drowned," Dad says with a little laugh."Yeah, Christian, show the boys how it's done. Eat my ass, bro!"Yeah, and that's kinda what Dad is like doing. He's holding onto unka
Trav's butt cheeks, and sticking his tongue out and poking at unka Trav's
hole. Then like starts at the top of unka Trav's ass crack, and runs his
tongue down the crack . . ."Yeaaaahhh, oh, man, Christian, that's sweeeet!"... right over the mini nn models hole, and down to the end of the crack. He's got a hold
of unka Trav's **** now tiny models pics too. And now he's doing it again, licking down
from the top of unka Trav's crack, over the hole, licking down, licking the
****root, the space between the hole and the back of ball sack, and licking
the back of unka Trav's balls and licking down his big **** and ..."Oh Christian, yeah, like, that, lick those nuts, yeah, get my ********,
yeah, take it in your mouth, lick it, yeah . . .". . . then like starts going back up, over the ****, the back of unka
Trav's big balls, back over his ****root, up his crack, and this little preeteens models time he
like stops there. He like doesn't really stop, he just like puts his face
like right up against unka Trav's butt cheeks, and he's 2008 diesel models
like moaning and
grunting an' all, and his face is like tight up there and y'can see his
jaws moving, like he must be like licking, eating unka Trav's little
crinkly hole, jabbing his tongue as deep as it can go, pushing it in
farther, deeper, harder, licking that hole, eating it, slurping away at it,
his whole face like buried in unka Trav's butt, his hands holding onto the
cheeks."Fuuuuuck! Christian! Yeaaaah! Eat that hole! Yeah, jam it with your
tongue, Yeah, tongue it, **** it, tongue-**** it yeah, oh, ****, **** ****
Christian, yeaaaah!"And Dad's still like munching down on unka Trav's hole, still moaning and
making little noises like he's really trying hard to like get his whole
face in there, but only his tongue's gonna fit, and he's like starting to
breathe hard an' all, licking, eating, slurping, munching down on unka
Trav's hole. He pulls his face away for a second, wipes his mouth on the
back of his hand that was holding onto unka Trav's big ****, and still
holding pretten model flowers on with the other hand, breathing hard. I guess like eating out a
guy's ass is hard work an' all. But then he goes back and starts again,
licking unka Trav's crack, from the top, over the hole, all around the
hole, down the crack, the young virgins modeling
****root, the back of the balls, he licks unka
Trav's big **** again, and then he goes back into the hole like before.
Puts his face right up tight against unka Trav's butt cheeks, lets go of
unka Trav's ****, and holds onto to unka Trav's ass with both hands, his
face like asian internet models
right in there, his eyes closed, his mouth moving, like eating,
slurping, swallowing, munching out his brother's little crinkly *******.My **** is like all hard and dripping watching all this, and I'm like
jacking it too. It's gotta be the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Shawn
too. He's jacking his **** with one hand, and like where's his other hand?
I look down, kinda follow Shawn's arm, and it's like going behind his body
and I look around and, ****! Shawn's like finger-****ing himself watching
Dad eat out unka child model nn
Trav's ass! His mouth is like just hanging open, and his
eyes are like just staring at Dad's face and unka Trav's ass.I like look back at Dad and unka Trav. Dad's moved his face back just a
bit, so he can poke at unka Trav's hole with his tongue. He pokes at the
hole, licks it, jabs at it, pokes it again, trying to get his tongue in
there, licking and jabbing, poking, licking..."Yeah, Christian, that's great bro, keep it up, keep like tongue-****ing my
hole with your hot cop-tongue, yeah, lick it, lick it.""Dad?" It's Shawn, but Dad doesn't hear him."Dad?," Shawn says again, this time tapping Dad on the shoulder. It must be
the hand he was using to finger-**** himself, `cause his other hand is
still like stroking his ****.Dad pulls his face out of unka Trav's ass, and turns to face Shawn. He's
still like breathing hard, and young exotic models he doesn't look all that happy being
interrupted from eating out unka Trav's ass. "Yeah, son, what is it?," he
asks in that voice that says, `this better be good or else.' Dad's **** is
all hard and sticking out even though he wasn't even jacking it off. Unka
Trav turns his head around and is looking at Shawn too, and he doesn't look
happy either, getting interrupted from having Dad eating his ass."Dad, uncle Travis, I was like, uh, wondering, if um, uh, if I nude hippy models
could uh,
like try that," Shawn asks real quiet-like. Dad and unka Trav look at each
other, unka Trav like nods a little `yes,' and Dad smiles, and says to
Shawn,"Sure son, have a go at your uncle Travis' ass," Dad says as he moves out
of the way, letting Shawny get in there.Shawny doesn't waste any time. He goes in just like Dad did, his tongue
reaching out for unka Trav's hole, as he holds onto his ass cheeks. He
takes like little licks with his tongue at first, I guess checking it out."Yeah son, that's the way, just like that," Dad tells him. "Yeah, run your
tongue all the way up and down his ass crack, even swabbing his balls, and
back up again, up the crack, over the hole all the way to the top of the
crack, then back down again. Yeah son, you're catching on." Then Dad says
to unka Trav, "Travis, how's he doing?""Uhhh, yeah, Chris, he's goooood, uhhhh." Unka Trav is sounding like all
the tonguing of his ass and hole and balls an' all is making him sound like
all goofy an' all.Now Shawn's really going at it, just like Dad was. I hope unka Trav's
alright. He's like holding onto the shower coming out of the wall, and his
eyes are like closed, and he's sticking out his butt I guess to make it
easier for Shawny to little higgs models
eat him out an' all."Ohhh, yeah, Shawwwwwwwwn-dude, that's super, yeah, just like, Oh!, yeah!
do that again! Shawn-dude!"I can't really see just what Shawn's doing, cause his whole face is like
practically attached to unka Trav's ass like Dad's was before. So maybe
he's like jabbing and poking his tongue right into the hole. He's got hold
of unka Trav's ****, and he's like jacking it too while he's munching on
his ass, and maybe that's what unka Trav was feeling. Now Shawn's like
making noises too, like moans and some slurpy noises, and I can see his
mouth like moving, like he's really getting into it, really going all out
to eat out unka Trav's ass."Here, Shawn, let me at that monster ****!," Dad says as ilegal models nude
he gets around free bondage models in
front of Shawn, taking unka Trav's **** from Shawn's hand, and squatting
down and starting to suck unka Trav's big ****, taking the **** in one
hand, while he's sucking it, and the other hand stroking his own fat ****."Wow, unka Trav! Shawn's still like licking and eating and slurping and
munching on your ass and now Dad's like sucking your **** an . . .""Uhhhhh, yeeeeeeaaahhhh,, ohhh, fuuuuccck, fuuuccccckk. . ." Like I said,
unka Trav's like sounding all goofy like. I guess he likes it.Dad's making slobbery noises now too, slurping on unka Trav's ****,
stroking it, jacking his own ****. I wonder how much of unka Trav's ****
Dad can like suck on. I move around the side of unka Trav so I can diabetes working model see,
and wow! it looks like Dad's got like almost the whole thing, all but the
last inch or two, and his mouth is like really open wide, and his eyes are
closed too, and he's like grunting, making all like these chokey noises,
and Holy ****! he's swallowing unka Trav's whole ****, he's got his mouth
right up against unka Trav's wet pubes an' all, and I can like see his
throat like moving, like he's really swallowing all that big long ****!"Yeaaaaah Chris! Take that ****, take it all the way down, show these boys
how it's done," unka Trav is jailbait model teen talking to Dad, looking down at him now. It's
kinda funny looking - he's like almost on his tip-toes, models nudes hungarian holding onto the
shower coming out of the wall, he's sticking out his ass and Shawn's still
behind him, still on unka Trav's ass, licking and munching, making little
grunty sounds, and Dad's like attached to unka Trav's crotch, sucking down
all of unka Trav's big monster ****. youg nude models I'm jacking my **** as hard as I can
cause all this is like super sexy, and Dad's jacking his **** too, and
Shawn's **** is like bouncing around on his own cause he's still holding
onto unka Trav's ass, and Yeah! that gives me an idea! I get down like on
my belly like sideways between unka Trav and Dad, right up close to Shawn.
I reach up and take his ****, pull it down, and start sucking on it. Oh
man, this is so cool. Just like before for the suck-a-thon on the floor,
we're like all connected again. I'm sucking off Shawny. Shawny's eating
out unka Trav's ass, and Dad's like swallowing unka Trav's **** an' all."Christian, I'm gonna blow, bro. Gonna cum! Pull back off my ****, I want
to come on your face, in your mouth, on your tongue," unka Trav shouts out.I gotta see this, gotta see unka Trav cumming again. And yeah, that's what
happens. Dad pulls his mouth offa unka Trav's ****, and unka Trav takes
over and starts jacking on it. Dad's still crouched down in front of him,
and he's looking up at unka Trav, and unka Trav's like looking down at him,
and stroking his ****, and Dad's mouth is like open, sticking out his
tongue and unka Trav is jacking off and Shawn's like pulled back too, just
lightly licking all over unka Trav's ass, I let go amy k model
of Shawny's **** and get
up and come around the side of unka Trav cause I wanna see him cum all over
Dad. And now even Shawny's coming offa unka Trav's ass, and he's coming
around the other side of unka Trav, cause I guess he wants to see unka Trav
cum on model agency babies Dad too, but he's still like holding onto unka Trav's ass with one
hand, and jacking his own **** with his other. Me too, I'm kinda holding
onto unka Trav's ass from the other side, and jerking off too, watching
unka Trav jerk his big **** and Dad's like all ready to get unka Trav's
load."Unnnnnngggghhhhh fuuuuuuck yeeeeeaaaahhhh!," unka Trav shouts out as he
starts to cum. It's not as much as before, but still he shoots some on
Dad's face and another couple-a squirts right in Dad's open mouth, right on
Dad's tongue. Dad reaches up for unka Trav's ****, takes hold of it, and
sucks little idol models just the head and little bit of it in his mouth, like cleaning desktop model sexy off
and swallowing any cum that was there. Unka Trav is like holding and
rubbing Dad's head, like encouraging him. Yeah, he likes it. Dad just
sucks off unka Trav's ****, just a little, to get all the cum off it.He then looks up at unka Trav, then at me jacking off, then at Shawn, also
jacking off. "Trav, let's finish off the boys. We'll start with Shawn.
After eating your ass like that, he's probably ready to let loose another
load. You take fore, I'll take aft," Dad says to unka Trav.Fore? Aft? Huh?And before I know it, unka Trav's crouching down in front of Shawny,
sucking his ****, and Dad's down behind Shawny, and he's like got his face
in Shawny's hard muscle jock boy ass and he's like eating him out! Like he
did on unka Trav and like Shawny did on unka Trav too. Fuuuuck!"Dad! Dad! Me next Dad!"Dad shoots me a look, like, `yeah of course, who else is there?'
Oh. Yeah. I feel a little dumb, but mostly just horny, watching Dad eat out
Shawny's ass and unka Trav sucking his ****, knowing I'm next. I'm still
like jacking my **** watching them all.After all the ass eating he did, and me sucking his ****, and seeing unka
Trav shoot all over Dad's face an' all, Shawny doesn't last very long.
"Uncle Trav!, I'm gonna shoot!" And unka Trav pulls his mouth offa his
****, and just strokes it harder and faster and "uuuuuuunnnnggghhhh" Shawny
lets loose with a really big shot of cum, then another and another, mostly
on the floor, but some on unka Trav's face, and then just some more
spilling oudda his ****. Dad pulls away from Shawny's butt, and gives it a
little slap, while unka Trav little russlana model is licking Shawny's **** clean. Shawny leans
forward and licks the little bit of his own Shawn-juice that got on unka
Trav's face. I think Shawny's kinda pooped out, cause after he cums, he
just plops down on the floor, leaning up against the wall of the shower.
But he's not that pooped out, cause he is kinda playing a little with his
****, looking at Dad and me and unka Trav."My turn! My turn!""Hey Christian, I've been dying to munch out on Trip-man's cute little boy
butt. Lick out his little hole, kind of slobber all over his ass. Mind if
I have a go at black swimsuit models it?," unka Trav asked Dad."Fine by me. Son, that ok with you, if your uncle Travis eats out your ass
and I . . .""**** yeah Dad! Unka Trav's gonna eat my ass! He's gonna rim me! I can't
wait! Unka Trav! Unka Trav!""Ok, stud, let's do it, come here," unka Trav says to me, opening up his
arms.I go over to him, and he takes me in a big hug, real tight an' all. He
looks down at me and says, "you ready Trip-man?," while he's reaching
behind and like squeezing my ass an' all. "You ready for your first rim
job?""Yeah unka Trav, I can't wait. Whadda I gotta do?""First, we got to turn you around," and with that unka Trav like takes my
shoulders and like turns me so my back is facing him. "Then, I got to get
myself in position." I twist my head around and see unka Trav like sitting
down on the floor of the shower. "Then, I take your hot sweet little butt
cheeks like this," and he takes my ass cheeks in his hands, and kinda pulls
me down a little, so I'm like almost starting to squat, my ass right at
unka Trav's face. "And then...""Oh! Wowwwwww! Unka Traaaaaaav!" I feel unka Trav's tongue like licking
me, my ass crack, up and down, over my hole, down to my balls and back up
again, and back over my hole, and he pauses at my hole, and licks just
there, and pokes at it with his tongue, and it's like he's trying to get
his tongue inside me. And he takes his hands and kinda pulls my cheeks
further apart, and I can like feel his face trying to get inside there,
between my cheeks, and he lets go of one ass cheek and I feel his hand on
my ****, and he's like stroking my ****, and licking my hole all at the
same time. And unka Trav's like poking my hole with his tongue and it
feels like so great and hot and sexy and all. And now he's just licking
again, and that's like really cool and feeling his preeteens model list
face and his tongue and
knowing he's right there and I'm like jacking my ****, and now he's pushing
my hand away, and he's like jacking my ****, and licking my crack, and down
over my ****root and he's like . .."Unka Traaaaaav!". . . and he's like sucking on my balls now, like what Dad was doing with
Shawny the other time, and now licking down the back of my ****, and
sucking it and licking back up and like eating my balls again stoking my
****, and Shawny and Dad...Shawny and Dad. I turn my head to where Shawny was sprawled out before and
he's still there and Dad is sitting down next to him, his arm around his
shoulder, his hand like lightly tickling and teasing Shawny's little
nipple. Shawny's **** is not all really hard, but it's not all soft either.
Dad's **** is really hard, and he's got his other hand like stroking it,
playing with it. I guess seeing unka Trav eating out my ass is making Dad
all hard like, and besides, like, unka Trav came before really big, and
Shawny too, and Dad hasn't come a second time yet, and. . .****! unka Trav's tongue in my hole and his face in my ass, and him holding
and stroking my ****, and him munching out around my hole and the little
like grunty noises he's making, he must really be having a good time and
****! there's his tongue again right in my hole, poking around, digging
in, trying to like **** my little boy hole hot charming models and he's like holding my ass
cheeks apart and really going all out on my hole, and I'm like back jacking
my **** and unka Trav's eating me out and Shawny's stroking his half hard
****, and Dad's **** is so hard and he watching like so serious-like, and
unka Trav's making those noises and his tongue is like swabbing up and down
over my hole and poking it and ****! what was that? Something like hit my
hole, wet like, ****! there it is again. And unka Trav's tongue licking up
and down."Unka Trav unka Trav, whatcha doin' to my hole?" I call out to unka Trav,
trying to turn around to see."Oh, you mean this?," unka Trav says and ****! there it is again, and again
tongue thing."Yeah unka Trav it feels all wet and slobberly like and. . ."Do you like it Trip-man?""Yeah, but whatcha doin?" I look over at Dad and Shawn and Dad's like
grinning like he knows something. Well, yeah, he can see what unka Trav's
up to! And Shawny's just got this like face on like he does when he doesn't
want anyone to know what he's thinking. But I think his ****'s a little
harder and ****! there it is again!"Oh, it's nothing Trip-man, just a little. . . "****! Again!". . . spit" and the tongue thing too."**** like, wow, unka Trav, that's hot! Do it again!""Sure enough Trip-man." And he like does it again and then the tongue and
it all feels like so hot and sexy and I can't believe how cool it all feels
and I'm stroking my **** and little nudist model I'm feeling like real close to cumming again
and unka Trav's just munching away, rimming my hole, licking, doing my
balls, licking, and slobbering all over, and ****! tiny models nonnude
I gotta cum!"Unka Trav! I gotta cum unka Trav!""Yeah Trip-man, do it, shoot another load, let's see you cum."Unka Trav pulled his face offa my ass just long enough to say that, and
****! another spitball and now he's just licking licking licking, and
poking and I'm jacking off faster and faster, and Dad's watching real
serious like, and even Shawny's paying attention, and ****! if his ****
isn't all the way hard and curved up again, and I wonder what unka Trav's
**** is doing and I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna shoot, I'm jacking as fast as
I can and . . ."Unnnnggghh! Unka Traaaaaav!" I let loose another load of boy cum, mostly
all over the shower floor, and even while I'm cumming, unka Trav's back in
my ass, licking and now he's like slowing down and more like just kissing
my hole and he's now just like kissing my ass and I just got one or two
little spurts left, just like oozing oudda my ****, running down the sides.
Now unka Trav's turning me around and taking my **** in his mouth and
cleaning off the little bit of juice that was there, licking it, sucking it
all clean, taking it all the way in his mouth, and letting it go.Unka Trav gets up, and bends over to kiss me, and I can taste my cum and my
ass on his lips and his tongue and it's like so cool. He pulls me in for
another hug."Well, Trip-man, that was really something. I really enjoyed eating you
out, then taking some more of your cum.""Yeah unka Trav, you're the best! That rim job was like so super cool, and
the spitballs! ****! They were hot too and . . .""And now boys, Travis, let's get cleaned up, cause there's still one more
thing we have to take care of before your mom and aunt Kate get home," Dad
says, taking charge again. "Shawn, you're with me, Trip, you and uncle
Travis.""What's that Dad, what do we have to do?," Shawny asks."Well, you each got to cum again, and now I need to also. And . . ." And
Dad looks over at youngvideomodels ls
his brother. Unka Trav like grins and nods, and like
reaches back and gives his own child supermodel naked ass a little smack. "And, your poor ol'
ass-eating, can't-cum-enough uncle Travis there needs to get ******!""****!" You mean, like ******? Like in the ass? Like how Dad?," like I
wasn't getting what Dad meant. Like I knew what it meant, but I couldn't
like imagine how it works, like how a guy ****s a guy and how does it fit
an' all?"Son, by me and my hard fat **** up your uncle's hot slender ass," Dad
says. "C'mon, let's finish showering down, and we'll show you how it's
done. Right Travis?""I don't know if I can wait that long, Christian. After all this ass
eating, and cuming, and ****-sucking, I really need your big ol' fat ****
up my ass again. Like, now. It's been too long, I don't know if I can wait
anymore," unka Trav says, like he's dead serious, or super-horny, and like
he really means modelo peruana desnuda
czech adult models it, and like can y'even take a **** up the ass like that?
`It's been too long,' like what does that mean? Does that mean like Dad's
****** unka Trav before, and it was a long time ago, and now he wants it
again? ****! I gotta see this! Dad like putting his **** up unka Trav's
ass and like ****ing him! Doesn't it hurt?"Right here Travis?," Dad asks, as his **** starts to rise again. I think
he's anxious to **** unka Trav."Nah, Christian, let's take it out on the couch in the study, it'll be more
comfortable.""Sure," Dad says to unka Trav. "Doggy?" Must be a secret code or something."Yeah, for starters," unka Trav answers, smiling, and kinda playing around
with his big long ****."Ok, let's take it out to the study," Dad says, kinda nonude model net
herding us out of the
shower and back into his study. It's like really sexy seeing Dad walk with
his hard-on like sticking out and bouncing around in front of him an' all.When we get out there, he turns to Shawn. "Shawn, special assignment for
you. Go over to my desk, and in the bottom right drawer, get two, or
three. . ."Make it four Shawn-dude," unka Trav interrupts, looking at Dad, smirking
and anxious-like. He's still kinda stroking his ****, playing with it."Get four condoms, son, and there's a bottle of lube there too. Get that
too," Dad tells Shawny. I think his **** just got a little harder."Lube?" Shawny asks."Yeah, son, you'll recognize it when you see it. It's in the drawer with
the condoms."We're all standing around, like where we had our big suck-a-thon
before. Unka Trav's **** is like half-hard, and he's just kinda holding it,
stroking around a little. Dad's **** is still super hard, but Shawny's
like almost soft. I'm hard jaime teen model too, like Dad.Shawny comes back with this like skinny plastic bottle, and a bunch of
condoms. Dad motions for him to put them down on the coffee table. I
wonder what other treasures Dad has in his desk?"Dad, what's that big long rubbery-thing I saw in your drawer. It kinda
looked like a . . . :"Uh, we'll get to that some other time." Dad then turns to me. His ****
is still hard, and now he's like stroking it too."Here Trip, you can help us out," Dad says to me as he lets go of his ****
and picks up a condom, and starts to open up the little package. He hands
it to me. "Take the condom out of its wrapping, and help me put it on.
I'll show you how it's done," Dad says.I take the condom and pull it out of the wrapping. It's all like round,
and rubbery, like what balloons are made up of. I hold it out to Dad. He
takes it and places it on the tip of his ****. "Ok, son, now using both
hands, just unroll it down my ****."I do just that, using my hands to unroll chasity teen model the condom over Dad's fat ****. I
notice Dad's like pinching the tip of it while kids models toplist
I'm doing that. "It's more
comfortable that way, son," he explains. "You have to leave a little room
at the tip." The condom feels like a real tight balloon on Dad's ****.
Dad's **** is all like really hard, and fat, and I can like feel it pulsing
as I roll the condom down it. "Yeah, son, that's good, yeah, all the way,
as far as it goes."I see Unka Trav picking up the bottle of lube. "Here, Trip-man, hold out
your hand," unka Trav instructs me. When I do it, he squirts some of the
lubey stuff on my fingers. animal models psychiatric "Now rub ls dyna model that on your Dad's ****, get it all
over. It's like you're oiling up your bicycle chain, got to cover it
really good." I start rubbing the lube all over Dad's ****. I guess I'm
doing a good job, cause he like starts to breathe heavy."Whoa, there Trip, son, that's good, that's good. Just want to cover the
**** with lube, you don't want to bring me off," Dad looks teen model planet
at me and grins."Shawn-dude, you can help too," unka Trav says as he hands the bottle of
lube to Shawn. "When I bend over, I want you to squirt a little lube on my
hole, then . . .""Uh, Travis," Dad interrupts him. "Why don't I show Shawn how it's done,
at least this first time?""Oh, yeah, sure. Good idea," unka Trav says to Dad. Yeah, he's really
horny for Dad's ****."Men, let's move over by the couch," Dad says. "Travis, bend over and
spread `em," Dad adds laughingly.Unka Trav bends over the end of the couch and shows us his ass, then
reaches back to pull his cheeks apart and there's his little crinkly hole
again. I look at the hole, and I look at Dad's thick balloon-covered lubey
****, and I can't see how it's gonna work, like there's no way that whole
fat **** is gonna fit in that little crinkly hole."Dad, how's your **** gonna fit inside-a unka Trav's hole?, like your
****'s all big and fat an' all and unka Trav's hole is all like small and
crinkly and how's it all gonna work, Dad?"Both Dad and unka Trav kinda chuckle at this. "Well son, the ******* is
pliable, it can expand, and especially now, after all the rimming your
brother model nn child and I did, your uncle Travis' ******* is relaxed and ready. You'll
be surprised.""Yeah, Trip-man, it's ok, no need to worry. Your Dad's big ol' fat ****
always fits up my hole really nice, you'll see. Alright Trip-man, you
trust us?"Always?"If you say so, unka Trav, Dad." Either way, I like looking at unka Trav's
exposed *******, and seeing his balls hanging down underneath, and his ****
too. And it's so cool and sexy-like. And my ****'s still hard, and
dripping now, but just a little, so I guess it's alright.Dad turns to Shawny, "Ok, son, here, take the lube," and he gives the
bottle to Shawny. "Hold it a little up above your uncle's hole, yes, like
that, and very gently squeeze some out, so it falls on his hole. Yes,
that's good like that. Good, now put a little on your finger, yeah, that
one, good. Now using that finger, rub some of the lube around and into your
uncle's hole. Yes, that's good, like that. Is that good Travis?""Yeaaaah, Christian. Shawn-dude's got a nice technique there of lubing up
an ass. Maybe a little more, inside. Oh, yeah, like that, get me all nice
and slippery for your Dad's ****. Yeah. Hey Shawn-dude?""Yeah, uncle Travis?," Shawn answers as he's like rubbing all around unka
Trav's hole an' all. He's also like stroking his ****, and it's getting
all hard again."A little more inside still. Like, almost **** me a little with your
finger. Yeah, like that, Oh yeah, Shawn-dude, lube up my hole! Yeah.""Ok, you two, I think it's time. Travis, you lubed up enough?"Yeah Christian. Good job Shawn-dude, thanks.""Any time uncle Travis, I like lubing up your ass almost as much as I liked
eating it out before. You got a great ass, uncle super model naked Travis."Yeah, he dell pocketpc models musta really liked it, cause his ****'s all the way hard now."Aww shucks, Shawn-dude, thanks," unka Trav says, and then, still bent
over, he kinda wiggles his ass. Me and Shawny crack up, `cause it's all
funny like."Looks like you're ready, Travis," Dad says, stroking his ****, and moving
to stand behind unka Trav."Yeah, Christian, Let's show these boys how it's done," unka Trav says in
that joking-serious voice of his, wiggling his ass at Dad some more.Dad's now standing right behind unka Trav, still like bent over the end of
the couch, resting his hands on the seat. He gets really close to unka
Trav's ass, mature model tgp and takes his hard balloon-covered **** and like rubs it up and
down unka Trav's ass a little, I guess like teasing him. He finally stops
with the tip of his fat **** right at unka Trav's hole. He starts to kinda
feed his **** into unka Trav, pushing it in. Unka Trav is like moving his
ass a little, I guess like teen model sandra
trying to help Dad find the exact nude models mature right spot or
something."Yeeaaaahhhh," unka teenie model Trav like breathes it out, and Holy ****! Dad's ****
really is going inside unka Trav's ass, inside his little hole! I can't
believe unka Trav's like opening up his hole to take Dad's fat ****."Yeahhhh Chrissssstian, oh yeah, like that, oh, ****, Christian!," unka
Trav is like moaning and grunting out, as Dad slips his **** in more and
more deeper into unka Trav's hole. Dad's like moving his hips a little,
side to side, and that's like pushing his **** in more and more."Holy ****, Dad, like your **** is like all the way inside unka Trav." I
can't believe I'm seeing this. It's too ****ing hot. I'm crouched down
next to Dad and unka Trav, like looking right at where Dad's **** is inside
unka Trav's ass."Yeah, uncle Travis, Dad's got his whole fat **** buried up your
ass. Cooool," Shawny says, watching from like the other side from where I
am. Shawny's **** is as hard and as curved-up as it can be, and he's like
stroking it real slow-like."Uhhhh, yeaaaahhh, ohhh, fuuuuuck," unka Trav groans as Dad starts to pull
his **** back out. Just when it's about half-way out, Dad starts to push
it back in."Uhhhhh, fuuuuuuccckkk," unka Trav lets out again as Dad's **** goes back
in. Unka Trav relaxes down into the couch, so now he's got his face and
chest like down on the couch, and just his ass is sticking up, getting
****** by Dad. His big long **** is like almost hard, hanging down under
his sexy balls, his balls like starting to sway with Dad's ****ing.Soon Dad's like pulling out and pushing back in, a little faster and
faster, and unka Trav's like groaning and breathing hard and making all
those noises, and Dad's like really ****ing him now. Man, it's so cool to
see Dad's **** ****ing in and out of unka Trav's ass. I look up at Dad.
He's got a real hard kds models top
concentrated look on his face, staring down at unka
Trav's back, his ass, his own **** ****ing. His mouth's all tight and he's
breathing hard too. His big hairy chest's all hard and pulled tight, his
hot hairy cop pecs all hard and tight too. His hairy stomach's all tight
and hairy and y'can see his ab muscles all tight like under the hair.
Dad's just so ****ing sexy ****ing unka Trav.****, I can't help myself, and I reach out and kinda touch Dad's hot hairy
ass as he's ****ing unka Trav, kinda feeling him go in and come back out,
and it's really sexy, there are like these muscles on Dad's ass cheek's
that are like getting tighter and then letting go and getting tighter and
then letting go, as Dad's ****ing unka Trav."Hey Trip." I look up from the muscles in Dad's ass, and see that he's now
looking at me. "You like helping me **** your uncle Travis? You like
feeling my hairy muscle cop ass as I **** my brother? Guiding my ass as I
****?" Dad asks me, while he keeps ****ing unka Trav."Yeah Dad, it's like so ****ing sexy and hot like, and my ****'s like so
hard watching this, and seeing your ass muscles play and your **** like
****ing unka Trav," I answer Dad."Yeah son, I like that, you watching me **** your uncle, feeling up all
over my hairy ass while I'm ****ing. Keep it up son, it feels real good,
all sexy.""Sure thing Dad," I say as I start feeling up his hairy ass again. It's
really neat, and I feel like I'm like helping Dad **** uncle Trav.Dad's like ****ing in a steady rhythm, ****ing in, pulling his **** like
almost all the way out, ****ing in again, over and over. Unka Trav's like
still making all this groaning and grunting noises, like, `yeahhhh
Christian, like that, yeah, that's the way, oh **** me Christian, **** me,'
and just like grunts and stuff between it all."Shawn!""Yeah Dad?" Shawn's been like watching too, breathing along with unka
Trav, playing with his own nipples with one hand, and stroking his hard
curved-up **** with the other. He looks over at Dad, sees Dad ****ing,
Dad's fat **** ****ing in and out of unka Trav's ass, all the muscles in
Dad's hairy body tight and hard."Shawn, your uncle's always been a noisy ****. Why don't we give his mouth
something to do other than making all that noise? You game?"Shawn's face like lights up, and big smile breaks out on his face. "Yeah
Dad, I think I can handle that." And with that, Shawny kinda moves closer
to the couch, and turning around, sets himself in front of unka Trav, who's
like somewhere off in ****-land, grunting and moaning and saying stuff like
`awwww fuuuuck,' and `yeahhhh, **** me **** me, yeahhhh' all the time.
Shawny kinda sets himself in front of unka models slimsex Trav, but it his ass that's
facing unka Trav!"Uncle Travis!" Shawn calls out to unka Trav, adp amateur models kinda bringing him down from
his ****-trance. "Uncle Travis, eat my ass!""Aww fuuuck yeah, Shawn-dude, yeaaahhh," unka Trav manages to say between
his grunting and groaning. "But Shawn-dude, flip over on your back for me,
lift your legs way up, and give me your hot muscle jock hole from the
front, so I can eat it out and also suck your **** a little."Shawny mens workout model does that, flips over on his back, and lifts his model teen asian legs way up so his
ass is right in front of unka Trav's face."Yeah, Shawn-dude, look at that sweet ****ing jock ass just waiting for my
tongue," and with that unka Trav like reaches out, grabs Shawny to pull him
in a little tighter, sticks oksana teen model out his tongue and starts rimming Shawny!
Again!"Fuuuuckkkk Yeahhhhh! Oh My God! Oh Fuucccckkkk uncle super porno models
Traaaaavis!, that
feels so great! Oh fuuuuuckkkkk yeeeahhhhh!" I guess Shawny likes unka
Trav's tongue up his hole, likes his face buried in his ass. Unka Trav is
like licking and slurping on Shawny's hole, munching and slobbering all
over. Poking his tongue in the hole, around it all, licking, licking up
his balls, up his hard curvey-****, and back down to his hole again. Man
that's so hot, I wonder when I'll get my turn at eating ass?I guess Dad's idea to get russian vladmodel unka Trav to stop making so much noise worked,
`cause all we're hearing now is a bunch of licky and slurpy sounds and an
occasional `yeaaahhh, fuuuuuck, oh my gods' from Shawny. Dad's ****ing
unka Trav real hard now, like he's getting to the end of a race or
something, I can barely keep my hands on his ass. Man, yeah, he's ****ing
harder and harder, and unka Trav's lifting his head out of Shawn's ass and
moaning and grunting again, and Dad's pulls all the way out and then jambs
his fat **** back in, and pulls out again, and ****! I look at unka Trav's
hole, Naked black models
and like it's all big and pink and open and I can't believe how big
and open it got, and Dad ****s back in, and pulls all the way out, and each
time he jambs his fat **** back in unka Trav lets out a grunt, and it's
cool how unka Trav's **** is like swaying around with the ****ing he's
getting. Dad's ****ing like even harder now, his whole body tense, all his
muscles tight and he's like all covered in sweat and he's ****ing, and then
all of a sudden, he pulls his teen model shwlby **** all the way out of unka Trav's ass, and
peels off the condom real desperate like, and starts stroking his ****,
jacking it, stroking it harder and harder, and his eyes are closed and he's
like breathing real hard, and he's jerking off, stroking his fat ****,
stroking, stroking, and . . ."Uhhhhnnnggghhhh, Uhhhnnnnnggghhhhh, fuuuuccccck!" And with that Dad starts
cumming, shooting his load all over, bust mostly aiming for unka Trav's ass
and his hole. Dad's squirting his Dad juice all over unka Trav's ass!
****!, there's a lot, he must-a really really had to cum! lia gallery model
Dad must-a let
loose with about five or six really full shots of cum. It's just dripping
down unka Trav's backside, everywhere! Dad's **** is just sitting there
now, not cumming, but still kinda hard.Dad takes just one or two licks of his cum from unka Trav's ass, while unka
Trav takes just another swipe or two at Shawny's ass with his tongue. He
and pushes himself up, and kinda twists around to face Dad. Dad smiles naked russian model
him, and reaches out and pulls him in for a kiss. They go at it really
hard, tongues an' all, but just for a second or two."Yum, yum, Chris cum" unka Trav says, laughing."Mmmm," Dad says back, now looking over at Shawn and like licking his lips,
"the taste of boy butt." The he says to me and Shawny, "C'mon, boys, help
me clean off Travis' ass.""Nah Dad, you and Tripsey can have it all," Shawn says from down on the
couch. I can kinda see why, he looks all comfortable and really relaxed,
just having his ass licked out s'more by unka Trav. His ****'s not all the
way hard, but it's really sexy like just laying there over his muscley
thigh, his big balls resting on the couch, and I can even see his hole,
it's all wet and sexy boy models sexy too."Sure thing son, more for me and your brother. C'mon, Trip, help me lick
all my prepubescent models sexy cum off of your uncle Travis' backside?," Dad asks looking down model nude teenage at
me."Yeah! Cool! Fresh Dad-juice hot offa unka Trav!," Yeah, this'll be really
neat, eating Dad's cum from unka Trav's ass. Maybe I can even get to lick
his hole too!, lick my tongue around inside-a where Dad's **** just was. I
can feel my **** getting hard again, so I grab it and start stroking as I
knee-walk over to unka Trav's ass. Dad sees me and starts laughing."Hey, Trip, c'mon, leave that thing alone, and get in here," Dad says
laughing while he crouches teenie top models
down behind unka Trav, taking hold of his ass
cheeks. "Son, you take the right cheek, I'll take the left, and we'll meet
in the middle, ok?""Yeah Dad, I'll race you to the middle," I say as I start licking all over
unka Trav's ass, getting lots of Dad's cum, licking as fast as I can.
There's s'more up on unka Trav's back, so I lick that awesome models off too, swallow it,
and look over at Dad. He's busy on unka Trav's other ass cheek, licking
and kissing all over. I guess unka Trav likes it, cause he's making those
silly moaning noises an' all. Pretty soon there's none left on the
outside, me and Dad cleaned it all off."Hey Dad?""Yes, son?""Can I lick up in unka Trav's ass crack, get your cum oudda there too?""Travis?""Huh?"I guess unka Trav was really enjoying me and Dad like licking all over his
ass an'all, `cause he sounds all spaced out like. Shawny chuckles,
watching all this, kinda playing around with his balls."Trip wants to lick out your crack, make sure it's clean of all my spunk.
That ok?""Yeahhhh, sure, sxsy child models that'd be great, Trip-man, get my ass crack. Make sure you
get every last drop of your Dad's cum from in there. Do a good job!"Yaaaay! After seeing Dad eat out unka Trav's ass, then Shawn get a turn,
now it's my turn. Yaaaay! I do what I saw Dad and Shawny do before, I
take unka Trav's butt cheeks in my hands and kinda pull them apart. Wow!
Unka Trav's hole, like it's right there. ****! I stick my tongue out and
just touch it. Feels really cool, like smooth and wrinkley at the same
time, and there's even a drop of Dad-juice there for me to lick up. Mmmm.
I lick all around the hole, then start licking up unka Trav's crack,
finding just another drop or two of Dad-juice. And I lick up and back
down, stopping at the hole to poke it with my tongue. I wonder if my
tongue can go inside? Dad just had his whole **** in there, so I guess if I
try real hard and push in with my tongue I can get inside, like really
inside unka Trav's ass like where Dad was. I try to push my tongue in,
making it hard and all pointy-like, poking, and pushing."Trip-man, you trying to get inside my ass?" Unka Trav asks, still sounding
all dreamy and spacey-like. But childmodel nn not like he minds it or nothing."Yeah, unka Trav. Let me in! I wanna get inside-a your ass where Dad's
**** was just ****ing. C'mon unka Trav, please?"Unka Trav kinda chuckles a bit and reaches back to take hold of his own ass
cheeks, pulling them apart just a tiny bit more. Then, like, Wow, I can
actually see his little hole like opening up. little mmodels
It's like he's pushing out,
causing the hole to open. ****, that's hot. Unka Trav's ******* opening up
so I can get my tongue in there."Spit on it Trip-man, like I did for you."Yeah!, I forget about that. I gather up some spit, and take aim at unka
Trav's hole and, ptewww, let loose. Bulls-eye! Yeah."Ohhh, yeaaaah! Trip-man. Do it again, and then go in and **** my open
hole right away, while the spit's still there, and skinny models teens lick all up and down my
crack, my hole. Yeah, Trip-man, eat my ass!"I don't answer unka Trav, but take another wad of spit and let ptewwww
loose, like he says. Another bulls-eye! And I do what he said, poking my
tongue into his hole, like ****ing his hole with my tongue, poking,
****ing, licking nude nopi models all around. Then I remember something else. I reach down
and take hold of unka Trav's big long ****. Yeah, it's all hard again. I
jack his **** while I'm still licking his hole, and his whole crack. Up
and down, and licking his big long **** too, and the crack, and the hole,
and his **** . . ."Balls," unka Trav eeks out.Huh? Oh. Yeah, I let my tongue go down his crack, over the ****root, and
down to unka Trav's hairy balls, licking them, then taking them in my
hands, and licking one, then the teenmodels preeteenmodels other, then the first one again. I try to
take katia preeteen model them both in my mouth, but there's now way they fit, so I just lick
them again and again . . ."Ahhhh, yeeaaaahhhh"I guess unka Trav's liking this. I lick his balls a little more, but I
wanna get back up to his open crinkly wet hole, and I do just that, licking
my way up, swirling my tongue around his hole. I let go of his smallteen model pics big long
****, and hold onto his cheeks, pushing his hands out of the way. I grab
hold of his ass cheeks, and pull them apart myself, and I can like almost
get my face like right in there. I remember what unka Trav felt like in my
ass, so I start moving my lips and mouth, like munching on his hole, while
my tongue's still licking and poking and swabbing all around. Yeaaaaah. I
pull my face back and ptewwwwwy! let loose with another spitball, and. . ."Yeahhhh, Trip-man, Ohhhh!". . . and jamb my face back in, my tongue back in licking up my spit, and
****! this is like so cool, eating out unka Trav's ass like this and like
did it feel this good for him when he was eating my butt before? I keep
licking, and slurping, and I didn't even realize it, but somewhere in there
I started stroking my own **** again, and it's all hard, and sticking up,
and I'm stroking it, and eating out unka Trav's ass, like giving him like
his third rim job of the day, and like three rim-jobs, and Dad ****ing his
hole, and how much can his ass take? And wow, my **** all hard and drippy,
and awww ****, I'm just stroking it, jacking it, licking unka Trav's hole,
munching it, my face like buried in there, like can I even get any deeper?,
and awww fuuuuuuuck! I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna cum again!, eating unka
Trav's ass, jerking off, eating ass, licking his crack, poking his hole,
****ing unka Trav's hole with my tongue where Dad's **** just was ****ing,
Dad's **** ****ing, Dad's **** ****ing, oh, oh . . ."Fuuuuuccckkkk! I'm cummmmming!" I scream out, pulling my face oudda unka
Trav's ass, jacking my ****, my cum starting to shoot out,"Trip! Son, down here!"I look down. It's Dad! Sometime in there he got himself in front of me,
his face by my ****, his mouth's open, his tongue's out, he's looking up at
me. ****! Dad wants another load, he wants my load. I mini models porn give it to him,
aiming my **** at his face, an' just in time too, as another wad of spunk
shoots out, hitting Dad in the face, and another, yeah, he's getting my
cum. Fuuuuck, this is so hot, eating out unka Trav's ass, shooting my load
in Dad's face. Dad's tongue sticking out, reaching for my boy-juice. Soon
enough though, there's no more left, just another drop or two at the end of
my ****. Dad can't resist and licks it off, and starts to take my sore ****
in his mouth, and . .."Hey Dad, that's kinda hurts.""Oh yeah, sorry son. Guess I shouldn't be so greedy.""Yeah, Christian, you're such a cum-pig," unka Trav adds in, looking down
at Dad, kinda laughing. "Give the poor boy a break, he just did an A+ job
on my toppless models female ass, let his poor ol' **** alone." Dad just grins and shrugs. "Hey,
bring that cummy face up here," unka Trav tells Dad.Dad turns his face up, and unka Trav leans his face down, and soon unka
Trav's licking all over Dad's handsome cop face, getting every drop of
boy-juice there, like me and Dad got his Dad-juice offa unka Trav's ass.
They're still at it, when Shawny interrupts,"So, Dad," it's Shawny. "We were heading in to take a shower and get
cleaned up before Mom and aunt Kate get back, and then we got all
sidetracked and stuff.

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