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Subject: Mick & Friends - 24Hi there. In case you had not guessed it by now this is an erotic story
involving sexual acts of a gay nature between teen boys. If this is not
your scene or if it is illegal for you to access this material, look away
now.If you continue and read this chapter please let me know preteen agers model what you preteen modles gallerys think
about it and the story in general. Write to me at: to all of you who commented on the question I raised about foreskin
hygiene in chapter 23. There were some really interesting answers. If you
haven't replied to that and still want to then please feel free to. Please
use the title of this story as the subject for your e-mail so that I don't
delete it as spam. There is rather a lot of that coming through preteen models toplists to this
address at the moment.It would be preteen underpants nice for you tell me something about yourself as well so that I
can get an idea of who I am writing for. But please only tell me what you
want me to know (if anything). I'm not trying to pry into your private life
or anything like preteen underwear thumbs
that. Anything and everything will of preteens in shower course remain
confidential. I will try and respond to all mail received.RickChapter 23 ended
With that I left them free preteen naturist
and returned home to let mom know the details I had
learnt and give her Bob's mother's phone number. I relayed it all to mom
and then asked her what she thought. Could I go?"If I get the answers I want from Bob's mother then I think it maxwells naturists preteen will be
ok. By the way, I have also got something to tell you. well actually two
things, but it will have to wait till after I have made this call." Mom
said."What's it about?" I asked. I hated it when mom did this to me. She was
always leaving me in suspense."One thing at preteen hairless nudists a time." Was the only answer I got.Chapter 24So here I was, held in suspense on three points and then mom did not go to
call the Johnsons right away, as I had understood she was going to
do. Instead she headed for the stairs to go up. "Aren't you going to call
Bob's parents now then?" I asked."No." And that was it. Just that one word answer which left me completely
in the dark and so I decided to pursue it further."When will you call them, then?""When I'm ready to."I realised then that mom was having me on and so I decided to give her, her
little preteen buttocks
bit of fun and played along. But I was also going to have my fun
too. "Please, mom, can't you just call them preteen model cameltoe now and see what they say?"Mom was already half way up the stairs and she stopped and half turned so
she could see me looking up at her. I gave her my best attempt at a puppy
dog expression and holding my hands together in supplication added another
pleading, "Please.""I said, I would do it when I'm good and ready. Now you will just have to
be satisfied with that." But mom couldn't quite keep a straight preteen ****ing
face and
her mouth turned up slightly at the corners in the start of a grin, plus
she had that little twinkle of delight in her eyes she always gets when she
is teasing me and believes she has got the better of me.I changed tactics then, "Oh, alright, I guess I'll just have to wait then."
I said a little gruffly and resignedly turning and slouching off to the
lounge as if in a bit of a sulk. But really I had to turn so that mom would
not see the grin on my face. I thought I had won. But mom did not come down
the stairs then. Instead she just continued up. I must admit I was a little
shocked and also a little peeved until I heard a door close and realised
that she had gone to the loo. The sneaky old thing! I thought. Right we'll
show her. She would have to come into the lounge to make the call and so I
thought it would be better not to be around, or at least not to appear to
be around so I got up from the couch where I had plonked myself just
moments before and trying to walk in a normal way, but also loud enough for
mom to hear I plodded off to the front door and opened it. Then I let it
close a blue mania preteens little bit harder than I normally would have, but not hard enough
for it to sound like a slam. I then walked very softly back into the lounge
and snuck in behind the couch video preteens nymphet I had been sitting on earlier. I was glad
that I could wriggle down and kind of tuck myself away at the other end
which was up against the corner. free preteen modeling I just hoped that I had not made too much
noise doing so and that mom would not be able to see me there when she came
in. Then I had this ghastly thought that maybe she had taken a book or
magazine in with her to do a number two and that I was now going to be
trapped in a way for fair while. My luck was with me and it was not long
before I faintly heard the loo being flushed and the light footsteps of mom
as she came along the landing and down the steps. Thinking I was outside,
mom did not carry the game any further and came straight into the lounge to
call Mrs Johnson. She sat down in the armchair and had not seemed to have
seen me. Good going so far."Hallo, Mrs. Johnson?"Pause"Hi, this is Irene Doppard, Mick's mum. How are you?"Pause "Yes fine thank you. I am calling about this trip Bob has invited tessa preteen model Mick to
go on with him. Could you please give me some more details on where they
are intending to go and who is going to be there? I feel I need to know a
bit more than what Mick has been able to preteen mpges tell me before I can give my
permission for him to go along."A longer pause with the occaisional acknowledging "Yes" and "Mmm"."So you are quiet confident that Cliff will be in charge and can handle
things?"Pause"And what will he need to bring?"Pause"What are they doing about food and transport?"Pause"Oh, ok then. It sounds like they have got it all well planned. And you say
they have gone away like this for a few times quite successfully?"Pause. It was sounding very hopeful indeed."Oh, every year for over ten years. And it's your father's house in Wales?"Pause, a fairly lengthy one."Well I guess you have had to set other mum's minds at ease over that
time. Thank you for being so open and frank with me."Pause"Yes, I think I will let him, but I will send him along with some cash to
help with the travelling costs, so tell Cliff to get it off him. And I will
expect a call from Cliff soon. Thank you again. Good bye."Mom hung up the phone and then got up to go out of the room."Thank you mom." I called out from my hiding place."What? ... For goodness sake Mick. What on earth are doing behind the
couch? You gave me quite nude preteen european a fright."I scrambled out from behind the couch and got up to face mom. "Sorry for
the fright mom. I realised that you were teasing me and so I decided I
would have a little fun myself also. But thank you for saying I can go. And
also for saying you will pay a bit for it. I did feel a bit uncomfortable
when they told me they would pay for it all.""You little imp." mom said, but preteen boys anal it was clear she was not upset with me."Now can you tell me the other two things you talked about please?" I
begged."Well perhaps for playing a trick on me, I should make you wait a bit
longer." Mom teased some more.I dropped my head, "If you have to, I'll wait." I said sadly, and then
looked at mom from under my fringe with my head still a bit lowered and a
smile to show that I realised this was still litlle nude preteens
a bit of a game and that I was
enjoying it as much as she was."Ok, I had a call this morning, well actually I got two calls this morning
while you were out. The first was from Mrs Shelley and she has arranged for
both Brandon and Kevin to come and stay here with you from next Monday
through to Thursday....""Oh boy! and Yippee! Thanks mom." I interrupted her in mid sentence."I tried to get it for them to come for a whole week, but that is not
possible this time, I'm sorry. And the other call was from John. He would
like to get away earlier than he had originally planned on Monday, so he is
coming around at six tonight, and we are all going to KFC at Braintree for
dinner. Then we will all come back nude preteen board3 here for a coffee and David will stay
over from tonight until Wednesday evening when John will pick him up again
after work.""Oh boy mom, you're the best. Thank you so much, this is just too cool to
be true." I stepped over to her and gave her a big hug and then standing on
tip toes I stretched up and kissed her full on the mouth. "I love you mom.""And I love you too Mick. You're a very special person in my life. And that
is why I try to do things for you that iligal preteen fotos I know will make you happy.""And that is why I love you too. It also deserves a cup of tea. Do you want
some?""Yes please, and thank you." I headed off to the kitchen to make mom and me
a cup of tea. Mom followed behind and once in the kitchen began to talk
again."David might not want to sleep in the same bed as you. You had better have
the air mattress ready and offer to sleep on it if David doesn't want to
sleep with another boy. Especially a naked boy.""Yeah, I had been thinking about that too. Especially as he will know
before we go to sleep that I am gay. He might not want to sleep in the same
room even. But I don't think so.""Do you think he is gay as well?" mom asked."I really don't know. And besides I would need his permission to tell you
if he told me anything like that and as I don't have that go ahead, I can't
tell you on two counts.""Well done, Mick. That is the right way to be. Please be David's friend
first; and let things develop out of that. I'm so proud of you. Sometimes
you're still my little boy and then you show me a maturity beyond your
years." Mom came over and hugged me and I realised that I was not
embarrassed, but was indeed preteen 14 ****ing a little emotional. Soon my eyes would be over
flowing unless I was able to change the subject. I turned away to pour the
water into the tea pot. Yes this was not just a bag in the cup - I was
doing the soft preteens models full Monty on this cuppa for mom. While the tea brewed I got out
a tray and began preteen russian vodeo to set it with cups, milk jug and sugar, all matching the
tea pot and asked mom where she would like to have her tea."It's a little too chilly to go outside. Let's go in the lounge and have
it. There's a packet preteen pictue galleries of biscuits in the cupboard if you would like some." I
knew this meant that mom would also like a bikky or two and so I got out a
small plate, matching the rest of the tea set and putting a small paper
doily onto it I went and got the packet of chocolate digestives out and put
a few on the plate. Mom had already gone through to the lounge and I
followed through with the tray. I put it down on the coffee table and then
knelt by the table to pour the tea. Of course I knew how mom liked her tea
and so didn't have to ask."There you go my very nice and special mother." I said as handed her cup to
her."Thank you, my beautiful boy.""Beautiful? No surely handsome is more correct?""Oh you are handsome, but your character is beautiful and you are going to
break so many girls' hearts by being gay." This was not a criticism but a
compliment and I knew that."I guess I had better go and get the bed pumped up and then get ready for
John and David." I got up and went off to the store cupboard and got the
air bed and foot pump out. I carried them into my room and laid the bed out
on the floor. Then I stripped off so that I could put on some other clothes
to go for dinner in. However preteens models kissing instead of getting dressed right away, I
decided to pump up the mattress first. So naked I sat down on the bed and
began pumping. I would go at it for a while and then change the foot that
was operating the pump because my leg would get tired and then when the
other one got tired, I would change back. It was a three quarter bed size
mattress and so took a lot of pumping. I had not closed the door and after
about the fifth change mom walked in and asked if I would like her to do a
bit of pumping. I had not heard her come in, and so got a bit of a fright
and jumped. Micklet of course did the equivalent of the Frosby flop and
this set mom to giggling which did embarrass me."I think you should cover your cgi boards preteen
***** up before jumping like that." mom said
between her chortles."I was not expecting to have to jump, thank you very much." I was not
embarrassed at mom seeing me naked as I was used to this and at least I did
not get an erection this time."Well do you, or don't you?" mom asked."Do I or don't I what?" I asked back."Want a hand, or rather a foot with blowing that mattress up.""Well if you could take over while I get some clothes on that would be
nice.""Ok, I would suggest you wear those white trackie type bottoms this
evening.""Thanks mom. That is actually what I had thought of also. And I will wear
that black T shirt with the silver skateboard on it with the white cotton
jacket. I wanted to make an impression on David, but I wasn't going to tell
mom that. I didn't give my dressing style a thought and getting out of the
way so that mom could sit on the bed and pump the mattress; I moved over to
my cupboard and got out the trousers. This meant that I was side on to
mom's view and she could see what I did to pull them up. But I was unaware
of this and so just pulled them up the way I always do. That is I get each
leg over my legs and then kind of stand up as I hold on to the waist
band. Once I'm standing straight up I just continue to pull on the waist
band by bending my elbows. Of course this has the effect of causing the
waist band to hook under Micklet and then push him to point upwards as the
trousers slide over him. Then my **** just flops forward leaving a tent in
my trousers until I start moving and it can flop the rest of the way to
hang down between my legs. Watching this got mom into giggling again. I
pulled my T shirt on and asked what was so funny.Mom described to me what she had seen, knowing it would embarrass me a
bit. "But it just conjured up in my imagination the idea of watching a preteen sesx tent
fall down in slow motion." and she went off into another pre teen titties fit of giggling."Thanks mom. You know you can be like a little girl at times." I told
her. Of course this only made her realise my embarrassment even more and in
turn encouraged her giggling. She was no longer pumping the bed up either
and so I went over and told her to shove over so that I could pump some
more. She didn't really shove over, but got up and left the room still
chortling away. I hoped she would not tell anyone about this incident, and
was beginning to think that I would have to revisit the idea of freely
going naked in front of my mother. Ah well, I guess I could live with it
for a bit longer. I only had to change feet twice more before the mattress
was sufficiently inflated and I propped it up against the wall. I wanted to
have some room to move about before we went to bed. With the mattress ready
I pulled on some white sports socks and then a pair of trainers. Grabbing
my jacket I went downstairs to wait for their arrival. On the TV I
purposefully chose a programme which could not induce any erotic thoughts
as xxx ftp preteen I didn't want any wet spots making my pants see through. Or a tent
pushing them out to greet our guests.I had not even worked out what was going on in the show, as I had not
watched it from the beginning, when the doorbell rang. As mom was still
upstairs getting herself beautiful for John, I went to open the door
shouting out "They're here" preteen child nudist
as I went.This time David was standing in front of his dad and his face lit up with a
smile when he saw it was me who had opened the door. I didn't have to stand
there open-mouthed this time and greeting them invited them in to wait
while mom finished getting ready."Has your mom told you I'm staying over from tonight?" David asked."Yes, isn't that cool?" I said letting him know by that, that I was happy
with the idea. "We'll be able to get to know each other even more now." I
added."Thank you, for being so friendly towards David." John said. "I do hope you
guys can be real friends.""David is a cool guy, I am sure we can be friends. Can't we David?" I said
bringing him preteens suck pay
in so that it did not look like we were talking about him as
if he was not there."From the way Dad has been since he met your mom, we had better be able to
be friends I think." David added with a cheeky smile as he looked at his
dad when he said it.John blushed a bit and said, "Be careful Davey boy or I'll tell how you've
been preteen nylons girls since meeting Mick.""Dad!" David turned preteens sexy models absolutely scarlet. I almost expected to see beads of
sweat break out on his forehead he was so flushed."Don't worry David. I get treated the same way by my mother also." I said
trying to ease his pre teen music pain by letting him know that I understood and could
empathise with him. We were sitting opposite each other and I had the
opportunity to look at him without it looking like I was staring. Like me
he had trackie style bottoms on and a T shirt with a matching cotton
jacket. This was, after all, the boys fashion at the time. Only his bottoms
and jacket were a medium blue and the T shirt was yellow with black preteen boy thong
on it,
but I couldn't make out what the black was. It looked like it might be a
word but one that was sort of jagged."How do you manage to go for a week without training and still manage to be
a gymnast of competition standard?" I asked, knowing he was not going for
training till Thursday."Usually I train at least three times a week, but our trainers are away on
a course and so we have had a week off. But I have still done my stretching
exercises and what other practice I could at home, so that I don't feel it
too much when we get back to training.Just then mom walked in and announced she was ready. John stood up and
going over to her he embraced her and gave her a little peck on the lips in
greeting."A kiss from two preteenangels com
men in one day, I must be coming up in the world." Mom
said."Without realising it, David asked, "Two men?""Yes, Mick gave me a spontaneous kiss earlier today." Now it was my turn to
blush and David's turn to comfort."I think we better try and keep these two love birds apart as much as
possible or else we will both be permanently embarrassed." he said.I giggled and repeated, "love birds." and giggled some more."Alright giggler," mom said, "Enough of that. I think we had better get forbidden photos preteen on
our way."We preteen asian
all stood up and made our way out underage preteen picks to John's car. Of course David now had
to sit on the back seat with me as mom was riding up front with John. For
both of us, giving up our seat of privilege for my mom was not a problem
because incest preteen free
it meant that we were together on the back seat. Mom couldn't
contain her curiosity and turned round at least five times on the short
journey to Braintree to see if we were up to anything. David and I realised
this and as there was nothing out in the open, we were very careful not to
do anything that might give rise to ideas on mom's part.It did not take more than a quarter of an hour to drive to the KFC and then
John announced that we would eat inside there and that David and I could
choose whatever we liked. The only condition being that we eat all we ask
for."Let's get a bargain bucket between us." David suggested. I looked up at
the menu on the wall behind the servers and saw that we could get a six
piece bargain bucket which would come with four small packets of chips and
four drinks."Ok we preteen going wild
can get a six bucket and ask mom and John to have the other two
drinks." I agreed. So went over to the two love birds and put our
suggestion to them."That will fit in just nicely then. Let's go and order." John said, and
then, "You two boys go and find a table for us and Irene and I will get the
order. What drinks do you want?""Coke please." I asked"Same here," David added. We wandered off to find a table, which was not
hard as there were only about two tables already taken. But John obviously
wanted a chance to talk with mom alone. When we sat down at the table,
David said, "What do you think of my dad?""Well I haven't really had that much chance to get to know him yet, but
what I've seen I've liked and he makes mom happy. I cannot remember the
last time I saw mom as happy as this, and I like that and I like your dad
for that.""Do you think they'll get together?""I think they are already together and just haven't realised it yet." I
answered. "What do you think about my mom?""It's the same as you feel about my dad. He is so smitten by her. And he so
wants us to be friends so that he can have your mum. Your mum is good for
my dad. I think you are right that they just don't know yet they are for
each other. It's a good thing that we seem to have clicked or that could
prove very difficult for us.""I know what you mean, but there is something for us in this. I can't
understand how it is that I feel so safe telling you things that I have
never told anyone else, not even Brandon, and I thought he was my love for
life.""Yeah, that is so funny because we both knew we could tell each other
things we haven't been able to say to anyone else, and we instinctively
knew it was safe to say it on our first meeting.""I tell you what. When we get home, let's leave the two love birds to try
and discover that they are supposed to be together and we'll go up to my
room and do what ever we want. Ok?""You got it. Anyway, I don't think I want to stay with them and be
embarrassed again." David said with a knowing wink."Agreed one hundred percent." I concurred with David. We had both suffered
enough embarrassment for one day. I was about to preteen clit bbs
ask him about his father's
use of 'Davey' when they arrived with the food and so let it drop. I would
ask him later. David and I had purposely sat on the same side of the table
so that mom and John could sit together as well. The food was dished out
and we tiny horny preteens began to eat. Silence ruled for a while as we ate the initial edge
off of our hunger."So what have you two planned to do for the evening?" John asked of us."To stay clear of you two I think." I answered."Mick!" Mom was shocked."That's a very wise answer," John broke in, "you don't want us to embarrass
you again. Not so?"Both David jp pantie preteen and I nodded our heads as preteens russian sites we munched away on our chicken and
chips. Mom was not quite so shocked when she heard John's reasoning, and
even began to smile, "Ah but that will take away some of our fun. Perhaps
we better get it in now before we leave.""Mom please!" I said in a hushed but agonised tone. "Not here.""Just kidding my little boy." Mom said with a smile again. Why did she have
to call me her little boy? Especially in front of John and David? She makes
me so cross sometimes. Wasn't it just this afternoon that she was saying I
was special to her? I didn't preteen pregnantsex dare talk because I might have said something
that I shouldn't or worse begin to cry. David must preteen russian girls
have sensed my anguish
because he put his hand on my leg under the table and gave it a gentle
squeeze. I put my hand on his and squeezed back to say thanks.Mom must have realised she had upset me because she apologised and then
suggested we head off home. I couldn't agree more. At least at home I could
escape to the bedroom. We all got up and walked out depositing our litter
in the bin on the way out.We started off the journey in an awkward silence, but then David turned to
me and quietly asked me to tell him more about my skate boarding. "What's
the most difficult trick you do?" he asked. I described the flip, sit and
catch to him and then told him about the time Mark tried something like it
and ended with model philippine preteen
the pictures erotica preteens board landing on his stomach and him having a bruise
front and back. We chuckled about that and John asked us what was amusing."Mick just told me about another friend of his who tried to do a trick on a
skateboard and ended up landing square on his bum with the skateboard
coming down edge first onto his tummy and so he had a bruise front and back
and had to sleep sideways."That doesn't sound like something to laugh at." mom said."We are not laughing at what happened to him, mom. After all I had to help
him get up. We were laughing at the fact that he said he needed to hold
himself off the toilet seat when he went for that end of the business.""And I said he needed a suspended stool." David added, making a pun. John
laughed at that."That's a good play on words Davey." Although it was dark in the car I
could feel David tense up and so boy preteen photo I knew he didn't like that term. I reached
over and gently squeezed his leg model galleries preteen to show him that I knew. He put his hand
down onto mine and held it there until a passing car put enough light into
the car for others to see and so he realised it would be a bit risky and he
let go. I moved my hand away to take the risk away also.When we got home, we carried David's bags in and took them upstairs to my
room and then came back down when mom suggested that we boys make the
coffee, and then we could do what we wanted. I grumbled on principle, but
showed willing by walking to the kitchen as I grumbled about being the tame
slave, and only kept for the work that could be got out of me. lsmagazine com preteen Mom knew
that I was not serious and winked at David to show that. In the kitchen I
whispered a thank you to David for helping to calm me down at KFC and he
said a thank you back for the comfort in the car on the way home."We seem to be able to just know how the other is feeling at times. We will
definitely be friends. No! We already are friends." David said. I threw
caution to the wind and turned and hugged him for that."We definitely are."David told me how his dad liked his coffee and I gay russian preteens
got two mugs out while preteens models forum we
waited for the kettle to boil. Neither David nor I wanted anything to drink
and opted to take a glass of juice each upstairs for later on. I had David
carry mom's coffee through and I carried his dad's through. We gave them
their coffee and then announced that we were going to go up stairs and
would not be down again. So I said good night and goodbye to John and
thanked him again for the dinner, and then went and gave mom her obligatory
hug and peck goodnight. David said goodnight to my mom and then went and
gave his lesbian preteen nude dad a hug and said he hoped his business trip would go well and
then said good anya naked preteen night to him as well. We went off to the kitchen grabbed
our glasses of juice and went on upstairs to the room.Once in the room, I closed the door and turned the key in the lock to make
sure we were not surprised. Even though I was pretty sure that both the
love birds downstairs had got the message we didn't want to be disturbed. I
then went around the room and sat down on the bed and patted the bed beside
me inviting David to sit down near me. "David, I want nonude preteen model us to just talk first
and then if you want to try anything, you tell me. I want you to be in
control because I don't want to try and influence you in any way. But I do
think we need to just talk about how we are feeling first and anything else
we might want to say. OK?"David reached out to touch me and then pulled back. "Sorry, I just wanted
to hold you a moment to say thank you. You seem to know just what I need at
the right time.""Look, if it feels right to you to hold me then go ahead. But don't nymph preteen free
do it
if you think that will persuade you one way or the other. I don't want you
to feel that I made you choose whatever you do choose. I want to help you,
but it's got to chubby preteens naked
be your decision and yours alone.""You do know that I will want to be your boyfriend if I choose to go that
way don't you?""David I like you a lot, but right now I'm not sure either of us is ready
for that. I have told you about the way I feel guilty when I have sex with
the other guys here in Witham. I still feel like I'm betraying Brandon and
Kevin's trust. Although I did not feel guilty about what we did the other
night. Isn't that strange?""You didn't feel guilty because you were just helping someone who needed
some very personal comforting.""Yeah, but I have had some pretty awesome ****s on the strength of those
few moments and not felt guilty about that either.""I also have had some great ****s over it. In fact I have had the best
****s in my life using what we did as a basis to fire my imagination.""You see the air mattress there. The choice is yours. When it comes time
for us to go to sleep, you can choose if you want to share this bed with
me, or if you want me to use the air mattress. I just thought I would let
you know that now so that it is not plaguing you why there is another
mattress in here.""Thanks Mick, but if anyone sleeps on the mattress it will be me, there is
no way I will kick you out of your own bed.""You can't kick me out of my own bed if I haven't got into it. I can't let
my honoured guest have the second rate sleeping gear. That would not be
hospitable.""Oh, shut up you pompous twit." David laughed and leaned over to give me a
hug. "I really like you and your humour. Anyway, I don't think there will
be any need for anybody to be kicked out of bed.""Mom was a right ass tonight. She really upset me. Or am I too sensitive?""No, you are not too sensitive. Both our parents were not too great
tonight. I really hate it when dad calls me Davey. And he knows I don't
like it yet he called me that twice tonight.""What do you prefer being called?""David, but I don't mind Dave either. And you? What do you like?""Well I prefer Mick to Mike, and I don't mind Michael.""But can I still call you Bubbles or Bubs in private.""Well that's more desirable than pompous twit. And I like the reason you
came up with the name, preteen exposed so yes that's ok. I might even come up with a
special name for you yet; but so far no inspiration.""What am I not inspiring?""Careful or else you won't like the name I come up with because it will be
something like Oliver.""Oliver? You've got to explain that.""Oliver Twist, nut head. You are either round the twist or you twist my
words too much.""No I don't like that then. Neither do I like nut head."And I won't call you that, I was just giving you an example. If I come up
with a special name it will be that, special. And like Bubs it will be
based on something good. I couldn't go around constantly taking the Mickey
out of you by using a mean nickname. I like you too much." I leant back
against my pillows so that I was half sitting half lying. This made my leg
move to lie against David's where it hung over the side of the bed. David
did not move to separate them and we remained like that for a couple of
minutes in companionable silence."I think dad thinks I might be gay. I guess it's because I haven't shown
any interest in girls and have never had a girlfriend, even though someone
at my stage of puberty would have been looking for relationships left,
right and centre. ""Well, I haven't been sworn to secrecy about it so I am going to come clean
to you. Your dad knows I am gay. My mom knows also and she thought she
should preteens sexe x let your dad know before they got too far into a relationship just
in case your dad couldn't handle it. Anyway when she told you dad, he said
he was ok with that and anyway, he thought you might have tendencies that
way because you never seemed to be interested in girls. And I can nymphets preteen bbs tell you
that your dad has told my mom that he will be ok if that is they way you
want to go. But don't get upset with your dad talking to my mom like
that. He has followed that route because he feels that you wouldn't be able
to talk to him about such things and so he doesn't have any other way to
help you. I actually think that your dad is glad I'm gay, because he feels
he can maybe help you through me. Does that make sense to you?""It does, but it hurts. It makes me realise that my dad and I don't have
confidence in each other. preteen easter dress I preteen sun bbs
love my dad and I don't want to hurt him but I
can't talk to him about anything personal.""I know what you mean. I felt the same way with my mother until I
discovered that she new I was gay and was involved with Brandon and she preteen naked fotos
not said anything because she didn't want to embarrass me. It was only
after that, that we began to be able to talk about these things. You know
that I go about the house naked most of the time and my mom passes comments
on my lack of hair and teases me when I get a stiffy in front of her. She
has even seen me ****ing, but preteen nude pusy that was accidental. I had forgotten to close
the door.""No ways man! That is freedom. I wish I had that.""It doesn't come easy David. Brandon is only now developing that with his
folks. It came about when we spent a weekend together and gave each other
our cherries. Brandon's dad brought in a supply of condoms and lube for us
all. Man was that embarrassing. But not as bad as poor old Kevin. His mom
took him to a doctor to be checked out before and after. Kevin thinks the
doctor is gay also. I am waiting to see him to find out what the after
visit was like. And then there's that." I pointed to the bottle of baby oil
on the night stand. "Mom just got that in the groceries because she noticed
the preteen nubile movies
bottle I had been using was almost empty. I didn't preteensmodel non nude
think she even knew
about it.""Awesome." David chuckled. "No wonder you can just talk about things and no
wonder ebony preteen *****s you knew what I was trying to say the other night. I preteen non bikini thought maybe
you were psychic. I'm still not sure I'm too happy about dad telling others
what he thinks about me, but I think I can live with it divine preteen
for the reason he
did it.""At least he has not, as far as I know, talked about it with anyone else. I
guess it is not the sort of thing you want a lot of people to know. And he
didn't say anything until after mom had told him I was gay, which did give
him an opening.""Yeah. I wonder how long he has been questioning it. At least I know he
must accept it to some degree or else he wouldn't let me stay alone with
somebody he knows is gay would he? So tell me what a blow job is like?""I don't know if I can explain it properly to someone whose only sexual
experience has been with his hand.""And yours." David butted in."Well you can hardly call that much of an experience. We didn't get the
chance to do more than a fleeting touch.""Will you let me see you naked again please?""Oh that will happen because I sleep naked.""Good so do I. Now about that blow job.""Well, have you ever ****ed where you used some sort of lube and made a
ring with your fingers and slid them up and down your **** and then
flittered your thumb over your **** head?""Yeah. That's one way that I get quite an awesome ****.""Well that is a little like a blow, only a blow is hugely much better.""What about giving a blow job?""Ah that takes some practice and can be very tiring if the recipient takes
a long time to come. But if you like the person, you can cope with it and
the reward is great.""Reward? You mean when they come? Do you let them come in your mouth?""You better ****ing believe it. Cum tastes so nice and knowing what you are
swallowing gives you a real thrill. I guess that is if you are not too
squeamish.""What else do you guys do together?""Everybody has their own ideas and preferences. I like quite a few
different things. I mean my **** and being ****** was awesome, but I
wouldn't want to do just that. I like a bit of S&M. I like sucking, I like
being sucked. I like rimming and being rimmed. I like just fondling each
other and ****ing each other. I like 69's. I like sleeping with someone and
waking up with my **** between their legs. I like having my hairs plucked
and the feeling of smoothness it brings. But most of all I like doing it
with somebody that I believe I love.""And do they have to love you?""I think if I believe they love me it does make the feelings better, yes.""But you do it with quite a few others. Do you love all of them?""No that's the problem. I think that's why I feel so guilty.""But you said you don't feel guilty about what you and I did. Does that
mean you love me, or you think I love you?""****, I'm supposed to be the one helping you find your life, not getting
confused by you. I don't know. I do know that I have never been able to
click with somebody like we've clicked together, and I think that has got
to say something.""Mick, can I tell you nubiles preteens nude something and not have you laugh at me?""David, I would like to laugh with you, not at you. I want you to tell me
things because I want to know more about you. I think we are going to end
up living together, because our parents are heading that way; and I want us
to be able to say what we want to each other in full trust.""I want that too and that is why I am going to say this. I'm still not sure
if I am gay, but I do think I love you. Does that make sense?""Perfect sense. I think I loved you from the beginning but not necessarily
in a sexual way, though the idea does have its own appeal. But I think I
loved you more as a brother or as a very good and close friend.""Will you give me a blow job sometime, even though you know that I might
not be able to give you a good one?""If you really want me to, I will. But not tonight. I think we need to move
slowly so that you can preteen porn sex
be sure each step along the way, however preteen nude girlies
far we go.""Can I see you naked maxwells preteen modle now, please?""You can, but only if you help me get that way.""You mean you want me to strip you?""Yes. And then I want to strip you also."I stood up and reached out my hand to help David to stand up. As he stood
he opened his arms and took me into a hug. I preteen fantasy cartoons
had topless preteen pictures said I wanted him to be in
control and so let him hug me and returned his preteen natural pic
hug. Then he bent his head
to me as he was a bit taller than me and he kissed me. I kissed back and
his tongue began to search for my mouth. He might preteen females nude
be inexperienced in love,
but he seemed preteen model nonnudes to know what to do. While we were still kissing his hands ran
down my back and then started to lift my shirt. We broke our kiss so that
he could pull my shirt off over my head. He threw it to the side and then
ran his hands down my chest slowly caressing my nipples and playing preteen latin sites
with my
navel. His fingers hooked in my waste band and began to push my trousers
down. He bent as he pushed down so that by the time he got the waste band
down to my ankles he was squatting with his eyes level with my ***** and he
was clearly ogling it. Then he indicated for me to lift a leg and he pulled
my trainer off and then the trouser leg and finally the sock. Then he
repeated the process with the other leg and I stood totally naked before
him. As he stood up, he ran his hands up my legs slipping to go inside my
thighs and coming to a stop over my hard **** and balls. "When you have
finished, I would like you to lie down and just let me examine you for a
bit. You know that I have not really seen any other naked lola preteen
****s and so on close
up.""I told you I wanted you to control the events tonight and so you can do
what you want." I then put my hands onto the hem of his shirt and began to
lift it up. I realised I was going to see his chest for the first time and
was really looking forward to it as I knew it would be a sculptured
physique from all his gymnastics. I was not disappointed. As I lifted that
shirt up it revealed a chest to compete with Michael Angelo's
David. "That's it. I'm going to call you Angel. You remind me of Michael
Angelo's sculpture of David. Is that ok?""Yes that is very flattering, but I hope I have better appendages than his
David has." David answered with a smile. I threw his shirt away and then
like him moved my hands down to the elastic of his trousers waist
band. Hooking my fingers in I began to lower them. As I got down a bit I
discovered that David had left his underwear at home as well."You have no brooks on." I stated the obvious."I wanted to experience the same as you."Getting his shoes and trousers off was a bit of a fat preteens nudes mission because I didn't
want to take my eyes off of his jewels. They were so nice and big and his
**** was so hard with the glans peeping out of his preteen closeup foreskin. And my eyes
were level with all this and rather close to it all as well. I slowly stood
up and like David used my hands to cup his balls and ****. It was a good
thing that I had two hands as one hand would never contain it all. In fact
two hands struggled vainly to achieve this. David pushed me towards the bed
and asked me to lie down on it. He then sat down beside me and began to
look at me. He lifted my **** up and pulled the foreskin back, and then he
felt my balls and pulled on my scrotum. Then he jerked me a bit and wiped
the pre-cum off the tip of my **** and lifted it to his lips. Sticking his
tongue out he licked at it and then just nodded his head. "You said you
wanted me to be in control, but if I do anything you don't want me to, you
must say so. I don't mind having a free choice, but I don't want it if my
choice upsets you.""Deal. I would like the chance to have a bit of a closer look at you as
well if you are willing. And then I think we should try and go to sleep. We
can continue tomorrow.""I haven't quite finished with you yet. But when I have, I will then lie
down just as you are and let you have your way. That is what I want. There
has got to be give and take, or I will not get the best idea." My Angel
then went on to feel my chest more and play with my nipples rolling them in
his fingers and causing me to break out in goose bumps. He felt my hairless
arm pits and ran his fingers down my side, all of which was making me very
horny."I will have to have a **** before going to sleep or else I might rape you
in the night.""It wouldn't be rape. But perhaps we could **** side by side and see who
can come first.""I don't know that I want to have a race. I want to take it slow and savour
each moment as I fantasise over you.""Yeah that is a better idea. We will each do it at our own speed and for
our own pleasure."By this time he porn preteen model had got back to my **** and the pool of pre-cum that had
dribbled onto my tummy. Bending down, he licked the pre-cum off my stomach
and then just flicked his tongue over the end of my **** to lick off the
pre-cum there."Are you going to use baby oil when you ****?" he asked."Probably. I might not have enough natural lube left. I've lost preteen babes xxx
so much of
it already tonight.""I haven't licked up that much you know.""Just teasing. What did you think of it?""I like it. Does cum taste the same?""I think it tastes a bit saltier than pre-cum, but others would disagree
with me. Its flavour does change depending on what you have eaten." during
this time David had been just slowly running-his hand up and down my ****
and over the skin around the base and my balls. It kept me hard and very
horny, but it would take an age to make me come that way. It was very nice
and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Then he said for us to swap so that I
could have a look at his body.This was going to be my delight. I started by running my fingers over his
face, just as a blind person does to 'see' someone. Then I moved on down to
his chest and drew little circles around his nipples. He had quite big
areoles but his nipples themselves were somewhat inverted and flat. preteens com lingerie I had
every intention of rectifying that so that he could experience the sensual
pleasure a nipple can offer. I rubbed my finger backwards and forwards
over them until they began to preteens **** fotos wake up and stand up. Then I took each one
between finger and thumb and rolled them around. David gave off a little
groan of pleasure. I felt in his armpits and ran my fingers through his pit
hair. Then bending down I put my nose in one and inhaled, discovering that
he used the same deodorant as I do. I tickled down his sides and over his
chest and tummy spending some time on his navel before reaching his ****. I
picked it up in my hand. It was a beautiful thick **** and as I pulled back
I revealed to myself his **** head in all its glory. It was a perfect
firemen's hat when out of the foreskin and big. I knew where they got the
idea of a mushroom head. There was a large glob of pre-cum on the end of
his **** and bending again I took half his glans into my mouth and sucked
that pre-cum off, using my tongue to dig into the slit to remove as much as
I could. It is true that everyone's pre-cum tastes different and I had
proved that to myself once again with David. He just sighed and I began to
gently **** him while I used my other hand to fondle his balls. I was
right. He had big nuts. I guessed they were bigger than Bob's and Bob was a
few years older than David. I ran a finger down between his legs under his
scrotum and slid it gently into the start of his bum crack. This elicited
yet more sighs of pleasure. But then I could take it no longer. I had to
get my **** in as I feared I would have a spontaneous ****** if I didn't
start soon. And I wanted to get as much pleasure as I could out of this. I
let go of David's **** and lay down on the bed beside him."Are you ready to go for it?" I asked."You bet. Pass the oil.""Angel it's on the stand beside you. Use it and then let me have
some. Please.""I'll put some on you if you like?" He was asking to be allowed to put some
on and as he had control I agreed."Do you want me to put yours on you?""No. If you do that I will want you to **** super preteen hardcore me as well and I think I need
to sleep on all that has happened so far first. Is that ok?""Sure." I felt that I would get a turn some other time.David opened the cap on the bottle and propping himself up on his elbow he
let some oil dribble preteens sexpics out onto my **** as I ****ed away. When I felt I had
enough I model preteen newstar told him and he lay down and began to lube his **** up in the same
way. Then I heard the clunk as the bottle was put back onto the bedside
stand. After that all that could be heard was the heavy breathing and the
squelching of lube soaked ****s sliding through hands. I was so horny I
couldn't control myself much and it was far too short a time when I
exploded forth onto my chin, neck, chest and belly. It was then that I
discovered I didn't preteens nude topliste
have anything to clean up with, and not wanting to
interrupt David in his **** I had to just lie there. Well that had an
advantage because I was able to lift my head and watch David **** himself
for the next couple of minutes. I saw his balls pull up close to his body
and his **** head swell to an even bigger size. Then amidst some very heavy
breathing and jerking movements of his pelvis great big globs of cum
squirted out onto his chest and tummy. Before he could do anything, I wiped
my finger through a glob of his cum and brought it to my mouth to
taste. Joy of joy, I had also got some of the jelly and not just liquid
semen and so could roll preteen model preteenx this about in my mouth and even chew x preteens com on it a
little. Then I wiped up a glob of my cum and offered it to his lips. David
opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. For the first time in his life
he tasted man's seed, and liked it."There is a box of tissues on the shelf of the night stand I said. Could
you asian preteens sexys pass us some and you can use some for yourself also." We cleaned
ourselves up and then underage hard preteen
decided it was time to get to sleep, but first we
needed to pee. We were not sure if John was still here or not or if mom was
upstairs and so decided preteen magazine pics
we had better wear our trousers at least. Pulling
them on we went to the loo together and stood side by side to have a battle
using our piss streams australian preteen model
as if they were lasers.Once we had emptied our bladders we went back to the room. I immediately
took my pants off and was again naked. "Well what do you want to do? Share
or sleep separate?" I asked David."Oh definitely share and in the nude." he answered as he pulled his pants
off as well. We climbed into bed and I let David have the outside side so
that he could get out easier if he needed to during the night. We moved
around a bit to get comfortable and then David turned off the bedside light
that stood on the night stand plunging the room into darkness.I rolled onto my side to face towards David and felt to find his head. I
kind of pulled his face toward me and giving him a kiss on the cheek said,
"Goodnight Angel, sleep tight."David turned and kissed me full on the lips and then said, "Good night
Bubs, thank you for being so nice to me. I hope you sleep well. Can I
snuggle up to lie along your back with my **** between your legs please?""With pleasure." I rolled over so that my back was too him and he snuggled
up close. Lifting my leg I put a hand through and grabbed hold of his ****
which was hard again and I guided it through between my legs and then let
my leg down to squeeze his **** in between. His **** was pushing against
the bottom of my ball bag and feeling his hard piece immediately set mine
to rising so when he put his arm over my side, I had no hesitation in
guiding his hand down and wrapping his fingers around it. "Good night." I
said again and then put my hand behind me to rest on his hip. David mumbled
his good night and snuggled his nose into the back of my neck so that I
could feel the warmth of his breath as he exhaled. Every so often he would
give my **** a little stroke, but the gap between the strokes got longer
and longer and I don't if he fell asleep first or if I did. Perhaps we both
dropped off at the same time.________________________________________________________________Well what way should David go? Has Mick had it too good already? Should
David decide to be straight but still have to move in and share a room with
Mick? Let me know what you think, and then wait to see the next chapter to
find out.Rick
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