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Subject: Mikey and Billy Cum of AgeAll the regular warnings and instructions as to who should and should not
read this are in full force. I do not condone sexual activity between
adults and under-aged persons or any other illegal relationships. I also do
not support adults trying to train youth to make certain choices for the
benefit of the adult's own pleasure. I do advocate for youth to be who they
choose to be without being persecuted for their own decision. I do not say
whether their decision is voyeur upskirt preteen right or wrong for everyone ... but for
themselves ... that is their personal business!Spin-off: Mikey and Billy Cum of Age
Chapter OneIf these names sound familiar ... they ought to, if you have been following
the story about Larry's family. Yes, Larry and his lover, Korey have moved
to Toronto with their two sons, Casey and Eaton. But two other boys were
very significantly affected by a relationship that was severed because of
that move. One is the younger brother of Joey Matthews, (Billy). Joey was
brutally injured and subsequently died of his wounds. The second boy,
(Mikey), was a school mate and close friend of Billy, who had to be placed
in a foster home after his brother's death. The foster home supervisor was
Mikey's mother, Mrs. Phyllis Gillis. What tied all these people together?
What caused Joey's death? Prejudice! Homophobia! Harassment of human beings
who just happened to be different than the norm!So this story begins with a look at our two boys trying to face almost
terrifying anguish in an preteen model columbia
environment that should show tolerance and
understanding for minority groups ... the school campus. After all, it is
LAW, especially in California, that discrimination for any reason is
prohibited. However, you and I both know that legislation isn't the answer
to attitudes. To quote a song from "South Pacific" ... "You have to be
carefully taught hate ...".Let me remind you of Billy's and Mikey's stats ...
(Please do not point out slight changes from the first story ... preteen naked art
I did
it on purpose! The models I am using for my character base have changed! To
protect the innocent! *S*)Billy Matthews -- Joey's little brother; Starting 9th grade in September
this year; not in scouts like his brother was, nude lola preteen however; just turned 14 on
July 10th; 5'4" tall, 145 pounds, sturdy enough to be quarterback of the
freshman squad of the raped little preteens high school team; fast and talented; medium length
styled dark brown hair and gorgeous deep-blue eyes; has 5.5" uncut fairly
thick boy-****; smooth, body-wise;Mikey Gillis preteen nude cam -- Billy's classmate and foster brother now;(had known Joey
Matthews while in scouts at earlier age;) already 15, being behind a year
because of his b'date not allowing him to begin K until he was 6; also the
center on the freshman football squad with Billy; 5'11" tall, weighing 220
lbs; medium brown hair in military cut, light brown eyes; built like a
tackle, rather sexy male preteens
than like a runner; has full 7" cut ****, medium thickness;
some treasure trail developing, and fine layer of other body hair becoming
evident;We join the boys at their home one evening, a week naked preteen torrent
after school resumed for
the Fall. Mrs. Gillis was out tiny preteen bi
for a couple korea preteen nude of hours, so the guys were free
to talk about concerns without being afraid of `outing themselves to `Mama
G' ... "Damn, Mikey ... did you feel it naked preteens posing today in the locker room after
practice? I don't think I can take it free charming preteens if it goes on all year! Maybe I ought
to just quit the team!" "Screw that, Man! They have no proof! It's just that they figure that
since you're Joey's brother ... the preteens nymphets bbs
same rumors fit you. Hell, they think
the same about me! We can handle it, Pal! Just don't admit to anything. No
one needs to know about our personal choices. If you fold under their
insinuations, they'll just figure you admit that they are right." "But ****, Pal ... they were sayin' crap today like ...'what do you
think he was grabbin' for when the center was hiking the ball' ... I heard
them ... maybe they wanted me to hear it. That sucks!" "Look, preteen havingsex Billy ... it's all just to get our goats! I bet it's all
coming from Frank ... you know, the guy who didn't get chosen as
quarterback. He's as jealous of you as can be. If he gets you to quit, he
takes over french nude preteen the position. You gotta hang in there and not cave! Hells bells,
I remember Frank from the scout troop when we were both pretty active. He
was as interested in nightly tent exercises as anybody else. I could start
a few rumors about him that do have basis in fact, and then see how long
he'd be followed by his macho football buds!" "We can't do that, Mikey ... even if we got that pissed! It's just
not right to treat someone else that cruelly. Joey was right when he didn't
make a battle out of it ... even if it cost him his life!"Then the downstairs door was heard as it almost slammed closed ... "Hi boys, I'm home! My arms are full of grocery bags...can you come
down and get the rest out of the car, please?" "Yes, Ma ... Be right down! Uh, Billy pre teen stocking
... we better cut the
discussion short. We don't want Ma to ..." "'re right Mikey. Let's go help preteen nude schoolgirls her."The preteens world list next hour of unloading and storing groceries went well in that
Mrs. G. had no idea that Billy was upset about anything ... at least if she
did, she said nothing. This writer feels that she may really know a lot
more than the boys give her credit for, but is wise enough to keep preteen diaper video it in
her heart until either one or both of her charges asks for her opinion or
help ... naked male preteens respecting their choices whether or not she agrees ... keeping the
door open and free of conflict if the need of intervention or preteens anal **** assistance
becomes necessary.Following the grocery detail, and since homework was already completed by
both boys, the guys headed to the computer for a time of relaxing games
before hitting the sack for the night. Mrs. G. had already gone to bed
because of a headache that she developed after she tried and failed to
balance the household budget. It was then that Mikey noticed how quiet
Billy had become in spite of the closeness of the game score. It was as if
he had lost interest in the screen altogether ... "****, Billy ... you could have wiped me off the game page with one
move! Where's your head, Man? You're in outer space!" "Actually, Mikey ... I wish I was! Unfortunately, I am still on
earth, at the same school, with the same jerks that ... that ... AW ****
THEM ALL!"Billy threw down his game control, stormed off to the preteen top undergrondsites couch, slumped down
into a tight ball of tense muscle ... and sat there sulking. His anger was
becoming more and more evident as the seconds and minutes passed. Mikey
came over to the couch and sat next to Billy, but decided not to touch him,
just in case the spring snapped and Billy would strike out at anything or
anybody with in his reach ... "Uh ... Billy? What can I do? I'm here for you, Pal ... you know
that! Talk to me ... please! You're scaring me, Dude!" "They killed him, they ****in' killed him! All because of their
hatred and lack of desire to understand him. They can't get away with it
...they just can't! We gotta do something, Mikey ... Joey's daddys nude preteen
death just has
to preteen model pitures
count for preteen models undressing something! We can't let it go to waste ... such a crappy waste
of a good life!" "Billy ... if we only knew who the ****-heads were that actually beat
him up, we could preteen nymphets blog take them to court or something! At least those few would
pay for it!" "We may never know who actually did it, Man! Besides ... Joey didn't
die just for peeing preteen girls
someone to go to jail! Hell no! Too many people were starting
to respect him as a leader ... kind'a like Korey was last year. Know what?
I'm gonna go in and see Mr. Jacobs tomorrow at school. Maybe he'll have an
idea! Will you go with me?" "You bet I will! You and I are in this together, Billy ... I'm right
beside you, no matter what, and that's a promise. God, Billy ... inna pre teen I ****in'
love you now, and nothin's gonna change that fact! You're stuck with me,
whether you like it or not!" "You what? Uh ... did you say ... you love me?" "Damn right I did! I guess I just figured that out right this minute!
But I'm not sorry I said it ... `cause I mean it! preteen modleing pictures And I don't mean likin'
ya better'n just bein' a foster brother, Man. I finally just admitted that
it's real love ... guy to guy love! Billy ... if you'll have me as such,
call it gay or whatever ... I want to be your lover, your boyfriend, uh
... " "Mikey ... up to now, we've just been sex buds! But I gotta be honest
too, that's not enough for me any more either. I am finally figuring out
what it was that Joey and Korey shared ... inside ... and what the **** do
you mean `IF' I'll have you ... I want you more than you could possibly
want me. preteen boy japanese I have for a while now, but didn't know for sure how you felt till
you just said so! YES ... I love you too, and yes I'll have you as my
lover! The question preteens free clips is ... will you have me?" "No preteen toons free question to it ... you bet! I guess we both needed to have Kor
and his brothers ripped away from us in order for us to see what we really
needed. We shared a lot of animated preteen pics
fun and games with them, and learned a lot too
... but it was all surface stuff. Maybe Joey's dying has some meaning by
helping us to discover how we need each other in a deeper way ... I dunno!" photo preteen russian "Mikey ... you may have just given me preteen ****ing russian
an idea about how to start
talking with Mr. Jacobs tomorrow! Just maybe ... there are more kids at
school latinas preteen who need the freedom to discover their inner feelings and deal with
them out in the open without fear of being beat to death or disowned by
parents! Hell ... there may even be some teachers who have eastern preteen movies
to hide their
guts too! caught topless preteen
What if the stats are correct ... you know, the ones that say 1
out of 10 guys could actually have gay tendencies that they are hiding? Man
... if we could do something about that ... in Joey's name ... Oh yeah!" "Uh Billy? I don't wanna pour a bucket of ice water on your new fire,
Man ... but the other 9 out of those same 10 might just want us to join
Joey if preteen tgp nymph we tackle something like that! I'm not sayin' that I don't wanna
share with you in whatever this turns out to be ... but honestly, I'm a
little scared that the scrimmage line's gonna be a lot tougher than any
football team we ever face!" "Coach is always saying: `No gain!' Maybe that same
principle goes for this, too, Mikey! So ... is it just `me', or is it gonna
be `we', Dude?" "Aw, Hell ... what's a few broken noses and arms, if we win the
homecoming game! Who knows, maybe we'll gather a few more team mates along
the way, until the front line can't be broken through! Like I said, Love
... you got me!"The bestiality preteen two grabbed each other in a huge hug, but then, as they looked into
each other's eyes, they instantly knew that they had become connected in
far greater video nude preteens ways than ever before. The preteen angel babes
hugs turned into a loving
embrace. Lips touched ... and slightly parted preteen s feet as searching tongues began to
carry heart-felt messages, and spirits began to melt into oneness as never
before.Soon, both figures stood while still in each other's grip ... and without a
word being spoken, preteen horny *****
walked in unison to a single bedroom instead of two
separate ones, sat on the double miss nudist preteen
bed, slowly began unbuttoning shirts,
unfastening belts, and as if in slow-motion, reclining side by side, as a
true transition from two hentai preteens comic
playful kids into one unit of pure love took
place. If anyone had witnessed this moment, there would be no question that
it was real! But for now, this was a totally private rite of passage.The next thing the boys knew, the alarm was sounding off like an air raid
alert! They had fallen asleep in each other's arms, and slept more solidly
that they had since Larry's family had left for Toronto. With the sudden
wake-up, Billy sat up and stared into Mikey's 12yo nonude preteens
now wide-open eyes
... looking slightly shocked at the nude preteen pissing
realization that they could be
discovered in the same bed if mother Phyllis happened into the cute horney preteens room on her
way to the kitchen. He hopped out of bed and started for the door, when he
noticed two preteen underwear models sets of towels stacked on the dresser top...with a note ... "When you two finish your shower, we'll talk at breakfast. Maybe next
time, you might want to preteen sexymodels close the door ... just so if we preteenz sex have any house
guests, things remain private. Mom!"Billy handed the note to Mikey, who immediately began to cuss and panic ... "G.D. ****in' preteen clitoris pics ... ****! We're had, Man! Mom must'a walked in and saw
us in bed together. I think we just hit the first squad head on, and we're
gonna be knocked on our asses!" "I dunno, Mikey ... look again ...she said next time...NEXT TIME! I
don't think she's that pissed, or she'd a never suggested that
possibility." "You're such an optimist, Dingbat! That's my mother you're trying to
psych out. She's gonna eat our butts for breakfast! We are so like boys preteen underwear dead
meat!" "All I can say is if we can't stand up for how we feel to her, we'll
never be able to with our school mates! Now, c'mon...let's shower
... together!" "TOGETHER??? You really want us to be crucified, don'tcha?" "But you want to, don't you?" "Of course I do ... shower together, that is! Am I ready to be hung,
drawn and quartered by my own mother? ... uh ... not really!" preteen ebony xxx "There's another clue, Dude ... preteen bbs angels in fact two! She wrote when you
two...shower ... not showers, plural! It's almost like she is giving us
permission to do it. Then, she signed `Mom' ... like she meant it for us,
not just you! I'm telling you ... " gallery nude preteens "I know what you're telling me ... I'm just not convinced that you
know what the hell you're saying! But I meant what I said last night, so we
might as well hike the game ball and see if we gain yardage, or fall on our
asses! C'mon!"They did shower together, but there was no horseplay added to the wash
job. It wasn't quite the military 30 second water rule, but no time party preteen slumber was
wasted in pleasure, for sure! Soon, they were dried off, dressed, and with
hair combed, down the stairs to the dining room where Mrs. G. was already
seated, patiently awaiting their arrival ... "Good morning, my boys! Have a good night?" "Uh...uh...guess so, rape russian preteen
Mom! Uh...did you?" "Yes Mikey, dear ... I did! And I surely could tell the two of you
rested well. I'm nasty preteens videos glad. You both needed a solid night's sleep. It's been a
tough few nudist preteen pthc
weeks, hasn't it?" "God, Mom ... get it over with! Stop being so sweet and tender! Let
it fly! I know you're shook over catching preteen bbs vombat us sleeping together!" "Mikey...sit down! Billy, sit next to him. Yes, I caught you two in
bed with each other. But it will probably surprise you that I've been
waiting for that to happen. Whether or not you know it, a mother
understands a lot more than her preteens **** stories kids give her credit for. Sons ... and yes,
I mean both of you ... I've seen this coming for quite a while now. For
your information, Billy, I knew that my Mikey was more interested in his
male friends than he ever was in girls. For a while, I thought it was
nothing out of the ordinary for growing boys ... none of them thinks girls
are anything but kootie carriers until they reach Junior High age. But by
last year, I could tell that for Mikey, no matter how much a fuss the cheer
leaders made over their football hero, he made no effort to return the
admiration beyond surface friendships. And then, I saw how devoted he
became to you, Billy ... and to Larry's boys. I suppose that's why I was so
willing to become a foster mother for you, Billy. My son needed a brother
to love. He preteen patie pictures
needed you." "But Mother Phyllis ... if you knew that he ... needed me, how'd you
know that I would need him just as much? Does it show that much? Am I
... are we ... that obvious that we're gay?" "NO, Billy, neither of you act like most people think of gays. But a
mother knows hearts, and I knew that the two of you would develop a love
for preteen ukraine nudes each other that would complete the preteen zbook nymphets both of you ... just like I saw in
Korey and Larry ... not as a mother, but as a very close friend who cared
for them both. Now, to be honest, I may not have chosen that result if it
had been up to me ... but it isn't preteens young nudes my choice that counts, it's yours. And,
as your mother, I will stand behind you 100% because it is your choice." "Then, Mom ... you're not mad at us? We're not gonna be tossed out on
our preteen sex drawings butts? I mean, you're not gonna throw Billy back to CPS as a reject? Uh
... Uh..." pre teenie nude
"Absolutely preteen model latin not, Mikey, dear! I have two sons now that are very
precious to me as they are ... all I ask is that you keep things of this
nature strictly within these walls. I don't want you to suffer unnecessary
public pain because others can't preteen gallery brazil accept the truth. And Billy ... just `Mom'
will do from here on out!"Billy preteen boys erotic looked at Mikey, who was still in shock from disbelief of what he had
heard. Billy winked, and used sign language to say...'I told you so ... the
note!" Though Mikey was not fluent in ASL, he got the gist of the message,
and the two gave Mom a huge hug as they left the table to head off for
school.As soon as they arrived at the campus, they headed for the main office to
see when they might be able to meet with Mr. Jacobs. The secretary, Miss
Ernst, said that he was available fifth period, which just happened to be
during study hall hour, so the appointment was made, and off they went to
Home Room, in plenty of time to make it before first bell.For obvious reasons, no further discussion between the two about the
subject to be shared with Mr. Jacobs would take place until they were
behind his closed doors. Some fear might have been a part of that decision,
but let's just chalk it up to intelligent thinking! If the wrong set of
ears picked up on it, a bad reaction might cut off any chance for a
solution to be discovered before the plan could even get off the ground.But preteen boys photo
then, it was time for fourth period gym. Being on the football team,
and little paradise preteen
tied in with team members made things rough enough, but this was
involving the entire freshman class male population ... all of which were a
bit self-conscious, and yet horny as hell guys who had begun to develop
quite significantly, and often made a point preteen erotica info of turning attentions on
someone else to avoid being put down for personal differences.The terms ... gay ... homo ... weirdo ... and many others were used in
sometimes joking ways, and other times cruel ways to shift
attentions. Usually, no one took those terms seriously ... no more than
Jerk, *******, Dumb **** or other tender guy names of similarly common
usage. But on occasion, preteens pix free some poor kid who is trying to hide his inner
struggles ... well you get my meaning! Today was no exception! As the
entire class left the locker room for the gym floor, one little mousy-like
kid (* see full description below) was left at the end of a row of lockers,
looking as if he was shot in the heart. Billy happened to see him there,
and went over to see what was russian preteen lesbians wrong ... preteen bbs girl "Uh ... Hi, guy! My name's Billy Matthews. Something wrong I can help
you with?" "I know who you are ... one of those football jocks that think all us
little guys are fags or something!" "Now hold on ... I came over because I was concerned for you, not to
make fun of you having a bad time. Jeeesh!" "Uh ... sorry! I've been put down so often, I figure ... my name's
Timmy Woodland ... but the jocks cal me `Tiny samples preteen video Tim', and they always make
fun about ... about me bein' a `walkin'woodie'! I'm so sick of bein'
thought of as a wuss and a ...*****! (Tears forming) It naturalists nudists preteen hurts!"((*Timmy Woodland – A little mousy-like freshman kid; 4'10" tall, very
slim (maybe 90 pounds), not much development of muscle either; seems more
like he's still in Jr. High ... the class shrimp; lots of freckles on his
face, arms, and shoulders; very youngest preteens nude light skin color; totally smooth body as
well; medium-length red hair, bangs down to just above his glasses; green
eyes; never even measured himself, but has maybe a 4" ****, uncut, and not
very thick yet; also geeky-type ... 4.0 GPA;)) my preteen pretty (B. sitting down next to T...) "Hey, buddy ... I'd never make fun of
you like that. Honest! preteen models bare
I'm so sick of people being put down that way, I'm
meeting with Mr. Jacobs this afternoon to discuss that exact thing. My
brother, Joey was killed because ... uh..." "Yeah, I heard! One preteen photo hardcore of those preteen pirate ls jerks told me that I preteens free nudes might be next if he
found out I was ... like Joey! Hell ... I never thought Joey was ... OGadult preteen links do? You feel this way too? How come?" "Tim ... Mikey's my best Buddy! He and I both get cut apart verbally
and threatened simply because I'm Joey's sexy underaged preteens brother, and they think I'm
... well they thought he was. No one even knows what's the truth;
they just figure ... and then they get mean and crude ... just like they do
to you. I get it even worse from the football team members, `cause they
don't want me in the locker preteen top cp room, or something." "Billy ... uh ... I'm not even sure myself, so how do they get away
with doin' all the decidin' ranchi preteens nude for me?" "What aren't you sure of, Tim? I'd like to be your friend, and listen
if you wanna get something off your chest." "God...if I could only believe that! The last pal I trusted with my
guts...won't even see me any more!" "That sucks! All I can tell ya is that I mean what I say. Maybe
there's a real reason why I noticed you sitting here, and skipped gym class
to stay with you. I have no other proof to give you." "Well ... maybe I'll take the chance once more, and if I get hurt
again ... I'll find a way to end all the pain! Uh ... Billy ... what I'm
not sure of is ... uh ... maybe preteen kids ****ing they're right! Maybe I do like guys best!
Maybe I am ... a ...fagboy!" (Shying away like he was going to be hit!) "Tim ... so what if you are? If preteen nonnde that's what is best for you, it's OK!
And if you find out it's not fashion preteen com the truth ... that's OK too. No one has the
right to make you choose what they like! You ought to have the freedom to
decide for yourself...and go with it!"
"GOD ... Billy ... you mean that?" "Absolutely I do! That's what I want to tell Mr. Jacobs. I preteen in schooluniform think underage preteens pics
if the school finds a way to make that happen, then Joey may not have died
for nothing!" "In that case, you can use my name and situation to help you make
your point. I do trust you, Billy. I guess all jocks aren't *******s! How
can I thank you for vombat preteen sites caring about me?" "Well ... by being my friend, too ... and if things start rolling
properly, stand up with me and Mikey to get things goin' in the right
direction; ... fair enough?" "****, yeah! Count on it!"Billy and Timmy headed out to the gym floor for class just as the roll call
was finished, nude preteen legs and exercises started up. The coach asked why they were late,
and Billy mentioned that Timmy needed to talk a few minutes. Coach was
smart enough not to ask details, because he saw that Timmy's eyes russian preteen nymphet were
still a bit watery. But the rest of the class ... "Wonder if Billy Boy liked Tiny Tim's walkin' woodie?"
"Careful, guys ... there could be something slippery on the floor in
"OOOOOHHHHHHHhhh ... a new budding friendship...figures!"The coach blew his whistle to get everyone's attention... "Enough of all that, girls! Real guys don't carry on like a women's
gossip circle!Gimme 5 laps...NOW! Move it!" (Then he turned to Billy and Timmy ...) "OK,
Men ... show `em you preteen models alt can do those laps as well as they can...or even
better! Prove `em wrong!"************************************
End of Chapter One
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