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From: Bob Hook
Subject: My Good Friends Boy (Part Six)It was Tuesday afternoon, and I hadn't seen Jason since our Saturday tryst,
though he had phoned, 40 gal uk and we had emailed some, and I now eagerly anticipated
the end of my workday, after which I had a team practice scheduled with the
boys, very much including the delectable young Jason!At about 4:00 p.m. Matt, Jason's Dad, walked into 16 yr ****pics my office, carrying a
sports bag. "Hey Rob!" He said, smiling. I looked up from my paperwork, and
returned the smile, saying, "what's up, Matt?" 14 yo sexy boys He set the bag down, and
answered, "I was hoping maybe I could impose 13 yo illegal incest on you 11741 transsexual
to pickup Jason for
practice, and then drop him back by the house after....the wife SEX T8BE PORN HORSE called, and
said she has her eye on alex smith 49ers wife some new furniture that she wants me to come and see
right after work." I felt a sharp twinge in my **** at the offer of some
"alone" time with sweet Jason, and I quickly agreed, saying, "Sure, Matt,
not a problem, rape 25 free pics I'd be happy to take 3gp sex video collection him to practice, and home, after." Matt
smiled sex 1985 again, and said, "You're a pal, Rob, and, tell Jason if we aren't
home when he gets there, it's because we will probably grab dinner after the
shopping." free porn 3gp downloads I nodded, and felt 214 pageant anaheim ca the twinge postal 2 porn
again, my devious mind mentally
adding additional time to be spent with the boy!I finished up my work, and phoned 70s playboy outfit Jason, telling him I'd be coming by in a
few to pick him up, then clocked out, and drove to his house. I rang the
bell, and the cutie opened up, smiling broadly, and saying, "Hey, Rob!"
Grinning back at him, I looked him over, my **** thickening a bit in my
pants! Dressed in his escort dublin 8
baseball uniform, he 0search gals
looked like a young dream! The
top few buttons on the jersey were sex 15 yers open, revealing the smooth skin of his
chest pix under 14 sex
just a 30 guy facial
bit, and the U18 japan nude
form fitting pants clung nicely to his toned legs,
with the mouth watering boy bulge in evidence big brother 12 ***** at 14 tgp galls his crotch! The long sweet boy 13 sex
outlined his firm calves, and disappeared into his crisp, white, tennis
shoes! I returned the hi-five he slapped me, and 3gp pesta sex let my eyes drop to focus
on that sweet little bulge at his crotch, and said, "Hey, Champ, how's it
hanging?" He giggled, and stepped back inside the house, inviting me in,
saying sweetly, "Not sure, actually......maybe ya better check me out,
again!" I chuckled, stepped over the threshold, and stood directly in front
of the 12- 15 old porn grinning boy, my hand snaking out to cup his boy parts, and told him,
"I would LOVE to!" He jumped slightly at **** th3 w0rld worm
my bold touch, and giggled some
more, squeaking, "Cool!" And the 13-17 nudist little imp thrust his package forward
against my groping hand!I kicked at the door, swinging it shut, and asked Jason quietly,
"Alone....right?" He nodded his cute head, the soft strands of his hair
dancing cutely 14y nudity on his forehead. I felt his cute **** swell under my fingers,
going instantly rock hard at the mild stimulation, and I gripped 12-16 girls sex him,
stroking the turgid meat 16 inch gay ****s up and down, as he let out a soft moan, and leaned
back against the wall. "Hmmm....!" I uttered, "I have definitely been
missing bathroom vanities 42 inches this, Baby!" He 40 porn
nodded, and smiled, answering, "For sure,
Dude......I been all jacking and stuff, but it's not even close to being as
good as this is!" I laughed, tugging at his belt buckle, and the pants
buttons, and told him, "Jacking off.....nasty arab sex 2010 boy...hope you saved some of
that sweet cream adult 11inches
for Uncle Rob!" He giggled again, rapidly nodding his cute
head, and saying, "Oh yea....for sure...I didn't do it yet today!"Going to my knees in front of the boy, I got the pants open, S3X PORNO DOG
and Nissan sr20det motor swaps slid them
down his smooth thighs, 14 ages naked girls
tugging at the elastic of the small, white, briefs
that hid the sumptuous morsel that I was now emerson cumming stycast 926 eagerly seeking, and rolled
them down his legs also, freeing the stiff boy ****, its hard 4 inches
slapping 2 short sex tapes against the few, sparse 13y old boy naked pubic hairs that dotted 1st ediition vintage books his creamy groin!
With saliva rapidly flooding my mouth I stared at the blondie 1159
jerking tool, and
said, "Oh porno foto 15 old
God....Jase.....oh yeaaaa....!" I gripped the warm, silky, shaft,
stroking it up and down, my free hand going to his hairless scrotum, gently
cupping the sack, my fingers softly probing the small, twin orbs within! He
rocked back against the wall, a deep groan escaping from his gaping mouth,
as he uttered, "Agggg.....hella cool!" I nodded at that, and leaned in to
the angelface0921 sexy boy, deeply inhaling the heady scent of aroused boy, and soap, and
slaved my tongue over the spongy 15 yo tgp head of his boy ****, my fingers gently
tugging his 1710 for steel erection tight balls! "Hmmmm....sweeeet!" He moaned, and I pulled the
pulsing **** away from his groin, and wrapped the black hairy snatch 2 head in my lips, sucking
it gently, then going 2 adult hienti fully down the shaft, swallowing the tender meat to
its root, my nose pressing into his few pubes!
"Unnggggg.......yessssssss......!" Hissed my sweet boy, as I swabbed his
rock hard shaft, pressing my tongue tip against the firm ridge of his ****
head, probing that sweet, sensitive place as Jason's hands rubbed in my
hair, his small hips thrusting forward 303 porn video clips
appoved nursing programs 1981
nude 16yo girls to feed me his yummy boy ****!I got my 14 yo ls magazine rhythm going then, moving my mouth 80s ass up and down his satin length, my
taste 7 incg **** buds registering his fresh taste, and noting the presence of his nutty
flavored precum! He groaned, and sagged against the 15 y o wall, as I sucked his
tasty ****, my fingers toying with his small ****ing horse **** 2 nuts, and going behind them, to
press into porn 8 live
his perineum, putting external pressure on his small prostate!
"UNGgggggg......UNGggggg.....!" Chanted the boy, his fingers tugging at my
hair, and his hip thrusts increasing, thrusting his pulsing **** into my
sucking mouth! Too soon, it was too much for the horny boy, and granite ****
swelled in my mouth, the boy balls rolling up into 18 and nasty 29
him, amplitube 3 torrent mac
and he groaned
loudly, "AGGggg.......Cummmmms......!" As the sweet boy cream erupted,
spewing three strong jets of the goo across my tongue, followed quickly by
some dribbles, as I savored his acrid-sweet flavor, gulping, and swallowing
his nectar down my throat!As his spasms ended, I babe station 3g tv released his drooling boyhood, and he sagged against
the wall, slowly sliding downward, to join me on the floor, as I wrapped my
arms around the trembling boy, hugging his small body close to me! He hugged
me tightly, and panted, " awesome!!" I
kissed his sweet smelling hair, and answered, porno sex 10-14 yo "Totally,
Champ.....Totally...freeking....awesome!" He squirmed around some, then his
small hand 12 yrs old nude groped my crotch, ****ing kinder 3yo
the nude 16 fingers finding, and gripping my own rock
hard erection, and he tugged at my belt, and zipper, tearing it open, his
hand freeing 82-92 twin turbo
my hard on through the fly of my boxers! "Ohhhhhh, Yea...!" He
croaked, as his fingers wrapped around my shaft, quickly finding a rhythm,
stroking 12-15 old nude girls my drooling length feverishly, his thumb rubbing over 14yo girl porno
my leaking
head! "Agggggg...Baby....that's 8 inch ***** soooo....good!" I groaned, knowing I was too balls on I felt my cumm boil the
length of my searing ****, and ripping forth in long ropes of thick cream,
painting Jason's pumping hand, and wrist, and liberally slimming the front
of my cartoon porn 4u slacks with the copious load! The boy giggled sweetly, his eyes wide
with wonder at the force, and volume of my ******, and he muttered
excitedly, "Whoa....yeaaa......freeking awesome cummms....!" I chuckled, and
shook my head, looking down at the incredible mess of my slacks, and pulled
Jason close, holding his creamy cheeks in my hands as I softly brushed his
full lips with my own. "You are incredible!" I told the boy, meaning every
syllable from the bottom of my pounding heart! He giggled, and answered,
"Actually.....WE.....are pretty much incredible!"We got it together then, Jason retrieving some paper towels from the kitchen
so I could do partial repair to my pants, and Jason returning his delectable
package to the anealing 30-06 brass confines of his baseball uni! We went to my car, and headed
for my house, so I could change, and pick up the practice equipment. The
horny little scamp pestered me throughout my 401k lump sum contribution
undressing, and redressing,
boyishly giggling as he kept trying to siemens tc35i grope my various body parts, as I
halfheartedly resisted him, slapping his hands away, and telling him to
behave! Had it not been for the other eleven incest father 5 boys waiting at the church
practice field, I would all too 14 jears sex pics
gladly have stripped the yummy boy naked as
the minute he was 60s porn born, and tumbled him into my bed, spending the next
several naked girl 12yr days performing unspeakable, perverted, sex acts upon his tender
flesh!Jason and I arrived at the practice field, and were greeted with hi-fives,
and fist-bumps, all 3some with wife
around. We setup on the field, and went through our
practice routine, sweet amateur 05
each boy taking a turn at each position, and 347-837-8308 batting, then
reassembling into ***** tits 16 yars each boys preferred defensive position, taking turns at a
series of pitches to the plate, while Jason and Tommy went 10 yo pics
to the bull pen
area, so 14 yr **** pic Tommy could get in some serious practice pitches. As they headed
off, I kiddingly chided Tommy not to hit Jason in the balls this time,, and
he mumbled something in response that I missed, but was sufficient to set
both boys into serious peals of giggles, and I was more than mildly curious
about what was said, but let it pass, and returned to the team.The 15y sex practice wound down, and several of the boys pedaled off on their bikes.
I offered rides home to the four remaining, and 13 yr rape movie
we all climbed into my car,
Bryan in front with bangladesh booty 2
ben10 sex movie me, Jason and Tommy in the backseat. As we headed
toward Bryan's house, Jason and Tommy were giggling, and grab-assing in the
back, and I chuckled at the 16 yo sex xxx boys-being-boys actions, once again cementing in
my mind my unstoppable attraction to young boys! I dropped off Bryan, then
Tommy, and Jason walked part foto 12yo porn way up the walk with his friend, where they
chatted briefly amid more giggles, and shoulder punches, porn video tube 8
then Jason
returned, and we nude kid 13-16 drove off. free mp4 lesbian porn "So Champ," I asked him, "Hungry....want to get
something to eat?" He grinned lewdly at me, and dropped his hand into his
lap, obscenely probing his package, and answering, "Yea...some we can go to 8th street latinoes xxx your house....and...take it out!" I broke up,
laughing at the giggling boy, and replied, "Sounds just perfect, to me,
Dude.....but hey...why can take it out, right now!" He giggled
some more, and quickly opened his uni pants, 36ab breast size tugging them below his cute
butt, flashing pirates 2 porn movie me sweet sexy 14yo
big time with his hard little ****, waving sweetly above
his lap, as he blushed, and giggled, stroking the stiffy with his soft,
small, fingers, as I struggled to keep one 3gp porno sex video eye on the road! "You are soooooo
BAD!" I told him, and he nodded, scooting lower in the seat, and spreading
his coltish legs wide, his small fist moving gently up and down his ****,
and he answered, "Yup, Yup....but....this GOOD!" And we laughed
together!I 12y loitas picked up some Chinese take-out, reluctantly leaving a half naked boy
playing with himself in the car. When I returned, he had put it away again,
and was sitting demurely in his seat, a soft flush painting his creamy
cheeks. I grinned at the cutie, and asked quietly, you didn't waste any of
that sweet juice, I hope?" He grinned, and shook his head, saying, "No way,
Dude....I was just sorta getting it 14-16 yo naked girls warmed up....for when I take-it-out, at
your house!" feel like ****in mp3
I grinned at the blushing boy, 10 yo kids pic and reached over to grip his
still hard nail briefly, telling him "Can't wait!" And I stepped on the gas,
suddenly eager to get to my house, for some delectable take-out-boy!(To Be Continued)
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