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Related post: Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 18:29:38 -0700
From: Joe Webster
Subject: MY LIFE AS A *****, Part 21 MY LIFE AS A *****
(Part 21)I looked at Mr. Carlson and then at my dad, who asked, "What do you
mean, more than I bargained for Willy?" Mr. Carlson said, "Well, your
wife kids bikini models lolita
has some pretty solid grounds for divorce John. And, unless we
can get her to keep quiet about Joey and you and the other things
about what you've been doing, well. Let me just put it this way, you
could go to jail, your son could go to jail and things lolitas cp pedo bbs could get
pretty rough." I looked at my dad, barely comprehending all that the
man was saying, but kept quiet. Brad came over and stood behind my
chair and put his hands on my shoulders, sort of protectively. My dad
asked, "What about the fact that Joey's adopted Willy? Will that have
any bearing?" Mr. Carlson said, "Don't know John. Maybe for Brad
here, I mean it could be that he might get sweet young russian lolita away with not thinking of
it as incest, and he is still a minor. But, for you John, no change.
He's your son, whether you and your wife bore him or you adopted him.
Legally, there isn't too much difference in cases like these."I finished my cereal and stared from one man to the other and started
to cry. Brad pulled me out of the chair and said, "Come on Joey.
Come with me." He led me into the living room and held me as I cried
and we sat on the couch. After a bit, I stopped crying and just sat
with him, barely moving as we heard dad and Mr. Carlson continuing to
talk in the kitchen. After loli nymphet underage preview a bit, my dad came to the door ls bbs loli futaba and said,
"Brad. I want you and Joey to take off for a bit. Go some place and
just hang out. Can you do that?" Brad said, "We could go over to
Steve's. His folks are gone this week. How's that dad?" My ls lolitas preteens digest dad
nodded and said, "Fine. Just leave me the phone number there and I'll
call you when I want you to come home." He went back into the kitchen
and Brad young incest lollita clip took me upstairs and we got dressed.We left the house, walking over to Steve's. I asked Brad, "Will we be
separated Brad?" He put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Don't
know Joey, but if you think I want to lose you as my brother. No way!
Besides, dad once told loli pic that xxx me that if there was ever a legal problem, Mr.
Carlson could take care of just about everything. Let's just wait and
see, o.k., little brother?" I said, "O.k." We walked on and turned
and went down the street to Steve's. As we got there, I noticed that
Greg's pickup was parked out front and I could see him, Randy, Steve
and another big guy playing index of jpg lolitinhas a game of basketball. I didn't say
anything as we came up to preteen ped loli pictures them, with Brad saying, "Hi guys. What's
doing?"Randy came over to us and said, bookmarks loli pics 13y
"Just playing a little game. What's
wrong Brad, you look like ****!" Brad said, "Some problems at home.
My mom and sister left yesterday." Randy said, "Left? You mean, for
good?" Brad said, "Looks that way." Steve came up after hearing this
and looked at me and asked, "What's gonna happen Brad!?" Brad said,
"I don't know. Guess my folks are going to get divorced. My dad
might even have brooke nude girl loli
to go to jail, maybe me too." Steve said, "****,
you're kidding man? What about Joey?" Brad put his arm around my
shoulders and said, "Probably go to some foster home, or something
like that." I shivered and he pulled me closer and said, "But, my dad
has his lawyer working on it, so I'm not gonna think too much about
it. My dad asked if we could come over here for awhile and will call.
If that's o.k., with you guys?"Randy and Steve said 'o.k.,' almost at the same time. Randy said,
"Hey Brad, this is Greg, a navy buddy of mine. And this, this guy is
Mac, he's another of my shipmates. Mac, this is Brad and this is his
brother Joey." Mac, the other guy came over and I stared up at him.
He must have been over six four and seemed to tower over everyone. He
shook Brad's hand and then, looked at me and whispered something sadie pollock lolita movies into
Randy's ear. Randy smiled and cupped his crotch and said, "Yeah,
that's him." Mac stared at me and then Randy came over to Brad and
said, "Brad, can I talk to you a bit." They walked over to the side
of the house and as they did, the others went back to tossing hoops.
Then, Brad came back and drew me aside and said, "Joey. Randy says
that Mac wants to know what its like to have his **** sucked by a
queer and what its like to **** a guy in the ass. He told him about
you, and well, he wants to daddy s lolita girl know if you'd go with Mac for a while."I looked up at Brad and then, over at Mac and the other guys. They
were still tossing hoops and stuff, and I asked, "Uh, amature mexican lolita girls do you want me
to do that Brad? I will if you want me too!" Brad said, "Its up to
you Joey. Besides, Randy said that Mac's got a real big ****, so if
you want to go with him, its up to you." I looked back at the guys
and as I did, Mac slid his shirt up and off. I had an intake of breath
as his hairy chest and belly appeared, and the way his shorts were
hanging, could see something large in his crotch. I looked up at Brad
and asked, "You don't mind if I go with him Brad?" Brad chuckled and
asked, "Think you might want to see if his **** as is big as Randy
says Joey?" I looked at Mac and said, "Oh yeah Brad. Bet he's hung
like a horse, like Uncle Tim was!" Brad reached down and slapped my
ass and said, "Well, little *****, go service that big stud and I
better hear that you gave him good service, or I'll have to **** you
myself!"I licked my lips as I looked up at Brad and said, "Hmm, maybe I should
let you do that first!" He slapped my ass and said, "Get *****! A
man wants your ass and mouth **** pig!" I laughed and then, Brad
hollered, "Hey, Mac! Come here for a second." Mac tossed the ball to
Randy and came over to us. He kept looking at me as much as I young lolli girls nudes was
looking at him, as Brad said, "Randy told me you wanted to find out a
few things guy. Well, if you want it, Joey here is willing to do it
for you!" Mac looked at me and rubbed his chin and said, "Don't know
Brad, he looks pretty small to do what Randy says he does!" Brad
laughed and said, "Maybe guy, but I best loli dark portal can tell you from loli cp portal top experience,
you'll enjoy the way my little ***** brother services you."Mac looked around at Randy, who was smiling as he held the ball and
watched the three of us. Randy said, "Take him to the cabana around
back Mac. Have fun guy!" There was laughter from Steve and Greg as
Brad walked over to them and I looked up at Mac. I smiled and said, "I
know where it is Mac. Follow me!" I turned and walked around the side
of the house and into the gate. I turned as Mac came through the gate
and I smiled up at him. I led him to the cabana by the pool and opened
the door and went in. I stood there and waited till Mac came in and
closed the door. He looked at me for a moment and then, asked, "Is it
true Joey? You like sucking guys ****s?" I licked my lips as I looked
this luscious stud up and down and back to his crotch. I said, "Oh
yeah Mac, I really like sucking ****!"I slid off my tshirt and then, let my shorts fall to my feet and
stepped towards him. He seemed to be frozen to the spot as I had
gotten naked, but his **** wasn't frozen. Oh no, it was growing in the
low hanging shorts he had on. I moved up closer to him and slid my
hand to the growing bulge and asked, "Want me to suck your **** Mac?
I'd love to give you some good head stud!" As I groped his **** in
his shorts, he asked, "You really are a ****ing little queer, aren't
you Joey!?" I slid up against him, my hand groping him harder as I
looked up into his eyes and said, nude women asses lolitas "Sure am Mac! A ****sucking, butt
****ing queer *****. Want this queer ***** to service your **** for
you Mac? Want to feel my lips, or, uh, even my ass wrapped around
this big dong of yours!?"He stared down at me as I looked up at him. I put my hand on his
chest, playing in the nice mat across the tops of his pecs. I licked
my lips and said, "I can make lolita naked russian preteens you feel real good stud! Here, put your
hand on my shoulder." He hesitated, so I grabbed his wrist and put
his hand on my shoulder. He shivered a bit and lol ta models naked then, I said, after
licking in at his right nipple, "Run your hand down my back, yeah,
like that. Ooo, you got nice hands stud, not soft." His young nude lolita beauties hand stopped
as it neared my butt cheeks and I licked at his nipple again and said,
"Lower stud, feel my lolitas little girls gallery
butt cheeks, feel how soft and round they are.
Come on big boy, you know you want to, do it Mac, touch me Mac!" His
hand slowly slid to my butt and I wiggled it as he grabbed it and
then, I said, "Put both your hands on my ass Mac. Yeah, oh yeah, like
that. I love a man that knows how to take my ass Mac. Do you want to
take my ass big guy!?"I looked up into his eyes as I pressed myself in hard to his body. I
could feel his big hardon in his shorts pressing against my lower
belly. I pressed in harder as I said, "Squeeze my ass lolita nude preteen nudist Mac! Yeah,
harder stud, feel how nice and round it is, feel the heat!" His hands
were running all over my ass by this time and I wiggled in against him
and said, "You see Mac, I'm a *****! A **** *****! I love ****! I
love it in my mouth, in my hand, feeling it against my body, and, ooo,
the best part, when its inside me! I love to give my body to a man,
to let him play with it, to touch it, stroke it, to lolita pedo nymphet preteen put his nude lola preteen art **** into.
I love servicing men and their big hard ****s Mac! Do you want me to
service you stud!? Want this ***** to please your big **** naughty no nude lola stud!?"
He slid lolita davidovich rape video
one hand up and jerked my head back and I thought he might hit
me, as he asked, "You free lollitas nude young really want this don't you Joey!?"I pressed in harder against him and said, "Yes Mac, I really want
this! I want you to use me stud! Use me like the **** ***** pig I
am! I want you to make me kneel to you, service naked lollitas preteens russian you, worship you, to
please you with my mouth and ass and my body!" He shoved me back
towards the big overstuffed couch and I fell back against it. I stared
up at him as he undid the drawstring on his shorts and let them lo bbs nude lolitas fall.
He wasn't wearing any underwear and his big **** shot up, hard,
jutting out from the forest of dark hair that surrounded it. I licked
my lips as I stared at it. He slid his hand along the underside of it
and asked, "This what you want queer *****!? This what you want fag
boy!?" I gasped and slid off the couch to my knees and knelt there, as
I stared into his young preteen alolita model eyes and then, back down to his hard shaft.I said, "Yes Mac! I want it stud, I want every inch of it stud!" His
**** was almost as big as Uncle Tim's and he looked lolita model non nude so powerful, so
manly as he stood there, stroking it, his legs spread slightly. I
moved to all fours. He stared at me as I crawled over to him,
wiggling my hips lewdly and licking my lips, forming an o with them as
I licked all around my swollen lips. He watched me getting closer and
then, just as I got almost to his ****, his hand flew out and he
grabbed my head by the hair. He jerked my mouth lolitas girls biz angels onto his **** and I
moaned as he began to work lola lolita prelolas models my mouth back and forth on it. He said,
"So, you wanted my big **** ***** boy! Well, suck it faggot, suck it
good queer **** and make me feel real good! Come on you ****ing ****
*****, show me you love that big ****!" I moaned as he was working my
head roughly, jerking it back and forth, as his **** speared in preteen model lolly pics and
out of my mouth.I knelt there on all fours, my head being jerked back and forth as he
speared into my mouth again and again. Both hands held my head as he
shoved more and more of it into my mouth and throat, till his big
balls were hitting my chin with each thrust in. I moaned and moaned,
I had been used hard before, but this stud was a hot man and I looked
up at his innocent lolita models maxwell body, towards his face. I knew he could control me, make me
do anything he wanted and I'd do it willingly, eagerly. Then, he
pushed me backward and stepped over me as I fell back on my butt. He
still held my head tightly as he continued to pump his **** in and out
of my mouth. I stared up at him from between his legs and let him
know with my eyes that I was his, his to use, his to do what he wanted
with me. Then, he jerked his **** out of my mouth and stepped over me
and went and sat on the couch. He spread his legs and said, "Down
here *****! Right here, between my legs! That's where you want to be
***** boy, get to it **** face!"I crawled over to him and knelt between his legs. As I started to lean
down to take his ****, he shoved my head down onto it. preeteen nude lola pics
I moaned as he
held my head down on it all the way to his balls and thrust up with
his hips a few times. He said, "Yeah, Randy told me you liked ****
baby! Yeah, said you liked it a little rough, to have your man take
charge! Well, I'm in charge now ***** **** and you better service me
good! You got that **** face, you ****ing faggot *****!!?" I moaned
as he pulled my head up and off his **** and I gasped, "Yes sir, yes
sir, anything you want sir!" He laughed and shoved my face back
towards his **** and said, "Get on it *****!" I moved to suck onto his
**** and began to work my free lolitas bbs ls head, eagerly, enjoying the sense of
submission to this big stud as he watched me sucking his ****.He thrust up every once in a while, pushing the full length of his
shaft into my mouth and throat and I moaned hungrily each time. Then,
he jerked my head up and said, "Balls *****! Suck my balls!" I moved
down to his big hairy ball sac and began to suck on them, lick them,
moving my head around between his thighs. I was lost in his crotch and
sucked wildly on the hairy wrinkled sacs, not caring, just wanting to
please this big stud! As I did, he rubbed his **** all over my
forehead and my cheeks and said, "Yeah, suck them big balls ***** boy!
Yeah, get them hot, get them ready to feed you what you really want
**** mouth! Yeah, cause you want my cum don't you *****!? Don't
you?" I lifted my head and gasped, "Yes, yes, I want your cum Mac! I
want your cum, your piss, free homemade lolita pics whatever you want to feed to me Mac!
Please, oh please, give it to me!"He laughed and shoved his **** back into my mouth and ordered, "Suck!"
I moaned as I bobbed my head up and down, up and down. I draped my
arms over his big thighs and worked my head up and down as he leaned
back, thrusting up with his hips, as he watched me. I slid my hands up
around the base of his shaft, stroking into his hairy pubes and then,
up to his belly. I looked up his body, right into his eyes, as I began
to rub his belly and down around his **** to his balls. He said,
"Yeah, get into my body *****! Yeah, you like this man's body, don't
you **** face!?" I moaned and hummed on his **** as I let my hands
slide up to his chest and rubbed them back and forth across his hairy
pecs. He said, "Yeah, make love to my body like your mouth is making
love to my **** faggot! Yeah, heard you queer *****es love touching a
man's body! Like touching my body Joey? lolita girls absolutely naked You ****sucking little fag
*****? Do you Joey? Like my body *****!?"He pushed my head back, his **** popping out of my tight lips. I
gasped, "Oh yes Mac. You're so handsome, so manly, so powerful! I
love your body, love your **** stud! I love worshipping it and your
****!" He laughed and grabbed my head with one hand and shoved my
mouth back down on his ****. I loved it and slid my arms up under his
thighs, pulling them close to my face as I draped them over my
shoulders. He chuckled and hunched up and lolita girls modeling nude down with his hips, forcing
his **** in and out of my sucking mouth. I stared up at him, my hands
roaming all over his powerful thighs as I sucked and he grasped my
head with both hands. He moved his thighs off my shoulders and spread
them wider as he began to work my mouth up and down, faster and faster
on his shaft. I loved it and moaned in ****tish pleasure as he used
me to jerk off his ****!Just then, I heard him say, "Come on in guy! **** Randy, you weren't
kidding about this ****ing *****! He really wants ****!" I heard
Randy chuckle and then, say, "Yeah, he loves it a little rough too
Mac!" Mac lifted my head off his **** and jerked it around so that I
could see Randy as he stood there, staring down at me, groping his
hardon in his shorts. I stared at Randy as he moved over to us and he
grasped my head and pulled it towards his crotch. He said, "Yeah,
Joey here is one hot little ****sucking ***** pig **** Mac! Can't get
enough ****, can you ***** boy!?" I stared up at him and said, "No
Randy, I just want more and more!" Randy let mexican lolita pics nude my head go and Mac
grabbed it and said, "Get back on my **** *****!"I moved my mouth back onto his shaft and slid down till it was all in
my mouth and got a groan from Mac. Randy laughed and said, "Told you
he's was one wild ****sucker! And man, he took every ****ing inch of
your **** man!!" Mac worked my head back and forth around his ****
and said, "Yeah, noticed banned lolita preteen model that right off! Not even those Thai *****'s
we had there last month could do that!" Randy laughed and said,
"Well, we got a ***** here guy, so use him! He loves being used by
men Mac, and, it won't cost you a cent stud!!" Mac chuckled and said,
"Yeah, he told me that already, trying to get to my **** before! Too
bad we don't have a film of this! Bet it would be wild to show the
guys on the ship, this russian lolita cp portal little **** working his mouth on our ****s,
taking it up his little bubble ass! Think that would be wild Randy!?"Randy said, "Man, that would, but we'd have to make sure our faces
weren't in it! Hey, ****, I just remembered, my old man just got one
of them new video cameras! And, it even has sound man!" Mac pushed
me down on his **** and said, "****, go get it guy! Let's film this
***** servicing us!" Randy laughed and said, "What about the mexican bbs loli ***** other
guys? They might want to be lolita wetting her panties
in on it too!?" Mac worked my head up
and down and asked, "Have they ****** this ***** before?" Randy said,
"****, Steve and Brad have been ****ing him most of the summer. As
for Greg, man he really got off ****ing him!" Mac said, "****, bring
them on, bet the ***** here would love having all of us ****ing him!
Ain't that right *****!? You want to be our little ***** star for us!?
Want to let me and these guys work you over like the sweet dreams lolitas home ****ing exploited teen lolita asian
**** you are ****!?"He lifted my mouth off his **** and I said, "Oh yes Mac, yes! All of
them have ****** me and fed me their ****s before and I really like
servicing their ****s! Please Mac, please, can I be ****** by all of
you guys!?" Mac chuckled and shoved my mouth back down on his ****
and said, "Well Randy man, looks like we are gonna have one hot party
with the ***** here! Get us some beer will ya, will need something to
help make it go good!" Randy laughed and then, he left. As soon as
the door was closed, Mac stood up and said, "On my **** *****! Get
that mouth on it!" I slid to my knees in front of him and slid my
hands lovingly up his powerful legs and thighs as I slid my mouth back
onto that big **** of his. He stood there, his legs very young child lolita spread a bit as I
bobbed back and forth on it, then, he grasped my head and bean to ****
my face.I moaned and let my arms go slack, wanting him to see me submitting to
him. He pushed me backwards, my head over the edge of the couch and
leaned his knees in against the seat as he leaned over me, ****ing his
**** to my mouth. I slid my free litle loli xxx hands up and down the backs of his legs
and thighs and around to his ass, squeezing on the hard cheeks as the
bunched each time he pumped into me. I slid them up to his chest, his
belly, a long his arms, letting his use young nude lolli lists my mouth for a **** as he
****** it royally. I moaned and moaned, feeling and tasting that big
**** as it slid deep into my throat and back out again. Then, the
pistoning of his **** into my mouth and throat picked up a bit, his
balls slapping under my nude lolitas in public chin over and over. He groaned and one hand
slid to the back of my head as he drove in all the way, pictures of preteen lolitas
stuffing my
mouth with his **** completely. Then, he came, down into my stomach,
the big **** pulsing along the cum tube as he fed it to me.I swallowed and swallowed and moaned in pleasure, wanting him to know
I loved the way he was using my mouth pree teen pics lolita
*****. Then, he jerked his
spewing **** from my mouth and I eagerly tried free lil lolitas nude to get it back in, but
he held my head back and sprayed onto my face, ropey strands that
dripped on little hot naked lolitas my eyes and nose. Then, he shoved his **** back into my
mouth, making me nurse the rest of his load into my mouth, as I tasted
his thick rich man cream. Just then, little lolita art models the door opened and Randy came
in with Brad, Steve and Greg. Randy laughed and said, "Had to cream h
is face huh guy!?" Mac jerked his **** from my mouth and used it as
he wiped at the cum on my face. lolitas russian kid s As he did, he would slide the big
**** back into my mouth to get me to suck the cum off of young naked lolita nymphet it, as he
said, "Yeah, ***** just seems to love the taste of cum though!"There was laughter and then, he backed out of my mouth and stepped
back. As he did, I looked at the five studs that were going to use me
and my body quivered and I felt that hot itch in my ***** and licked
my lips. Randy pulled out a little box and handed each of them
something and they put them on. They were masks, black masks, two
leather, the other two just black cloth. Mac held his up before
putting it on and looked at Randy, his eyebrows rising. Randy said,
"This way we can play with the ***** here and don't have to worry
about our faces!" Mac put his on and I stared up little nude lolitas killed at him and he looked
at me and said, "Yeah, wouldn't want anyone to catch on who the *****
is servicing. Besides, its our ****s he wants! Ain't that right
*****!?" I stared from him to the other guys, all wearing black masks
and gasped, "Yes, yes, use me, feed me, **** me, I want your ****s
studs! I want them all in me!"Randy put the camera lolita bbs biz info on a stand and said, "Joey, sit on the couch
there. Yeah. Now, lean back, yeah, like that, spread your legs, yeah,
that's it baby. Now put a finger up into you ****." I lifted one leg
higher and put a finger at my hole and then, eased it in. He chuckled
and looked at the others and said, "Now, I want you to alternate,
sucking on the finger and then, pulling it out and putting it up into
your *****. Got that?" I nodded and began to work the finger from lolita nude cp pics my
hole to my mouth, my little **** straining loli dark model paysites against my belly as I did
as he filmed me. Then, he pointed at Greg and said, "You, go over
there and finger lolas little baby ***** the *****! Want to ask him lolita models top sites
a few questions while you
do it." I looked up at Greg as he moved over to me. His big ****
hung between his legs, hard and pointing at me.I slid my hand onto it as he slid his hand down to my crotch and then,
as I squirmed, he shoved two fingers up into me, asking, "Like this!?"
Randy said, "Yeah. Now, Joey. Do you like what that stud is doing to
your man *****?" I nodded and he said, "No, got to tell us baby!" I
licked my lips and looked at Greg's **** and then, up to his face and
said, "Oh yeah, I like it. I like it a lot!" Randy asked, "Do you
like guys playing with your ***** baby!? Like to have them fingering
you the way that stud is doing?" I gasped as Greg shoved them in hard
and said, "Oh, oh, yes, yes, I love it when guys put their fingers in
my *****!" Randy said, "Good. Now, that **** you got in your hand,
what underage lolita sex bbs do you want to do for it!?" I looked up at the camera and licked
my lips and said, "I want to suck preteen lolita models thong it! I want to have it ****** to my
face! I want to drink cum and piss from it! Ooo, ooo!"Greg was working the fingers in and out of me by this time and was
rubbing my right tit nub at the same time. Randy asked, "Now, if that
stud wants to put his **** in your mouth, or in your ass, do you want
him too!? Will you let him do that to you Joey!?" I gasped as I
squeezed Greg's big hard **** and said, "Oh yes, I'd love to have it
in my mouth, in my ass!" Randy asked, "Why's that baby!?" I licked my
lips and squeezed Greg's **** and said, "Cause, uh, cause, I'm a ****
*****! I love to suck and be ****** by big hard ****s! I sites prelolita nymphet lls love
servicing a man's ****!" Randy said, "Now, one more question before
the stud puts his **** to you! There are four other studs japanese lolitas gallery galleries here that
might lolita lolly nude video want to **** you and put their ****s in your mouth. Will you
let them? Will you do it eagerly, submitting to anything we want to
do to you!?"Greg had lifted up and was kneeling right next to me, his big ****
barely two inches from my face as I turned and looked right at it. I
gasped, "Yes, yes, I want all you studs to use me! I want you to feed
me your ****s, **** them to me, fill me with lolita nude fami y
your cum and piss! I want
you all to do it, please, please, use me studs, use me, use my *****
mouth and ass for your pleasure!!" This all came out in a rush and
then, I shoved my mouth down on Greg's hard shaft. He gasped and
grasped my head and began to **** my mouth. He did this for a little
bit and then, Mac came over to us and pulled my mouth off Greg's ****
and asked, "You ready to be ****** *****!?" I stared at his big hard
**** sticking from his pubes and said, "Yes sir! Please sir, **** me,
**** me like the ***** I am sir! Use me, use me like a ***** *****
**** sir! Please, please!!"He pulled me over Greg's lap and said, "Up on your hands and knees
**** *****! I want your ass *****!" I lifted up to all fours and
knelt on the couch as Mac got up behind me and Greg moved over and
knelt at my face. Greg shoved his **** into my mouth and held my head
and said, "Go for it guy! Put that big **** to that ***** ass, the
**** will love it!" I groaned just then, my face pushed all the way
down onto Greg's **** as Mac slammed that big **** of his all the way
into me. I could hear his lower belly slap up against my ass as he
ground his **** inside me, working it around as he said, "Got to
spread this tight hole, man its hot and tight in here!" I began to
hump my ass up eagerly and he slapped my ass and said, "Yeah, that's
it you faggot *****, work that man *****, work it on my ****!" Randy
was moving in with the camera, getting close ups of my mouth working
on Greg's pumping **** and then, down under Mac and me to film bbs lolitas angels models his
**** ****ing me long and hard!I loved it and humped and moaned like crazy and then, suddenly,
someone was pulling lolita young 13yo pic on my **** and balls. My body gyrated in both
pain and pleasure as who ever it was, jerked my **** and squeezed hard
on my nuts. Then, I saw Steve move next to my shoulder and then, little nude loli forum felt
his hand on my tit as he began to twist and tweak it, making me arch
my body. I was lost in the wild sensations these studs were working
out of me, as Mac and Greg ****** me at both ends and Steve and Brad
worked on my tits, **** and balls. Then, Greg was cummming in my
mouth, forcing the head little angels lolita nude down into my throat as he unloaded, his head
thrown back as he shouted out, "Yes, yes, take my cum you hot *****
****, eat my load faggot **** *****!" I swallowed and swallowed till
he stopped cumming and then, he jerked his **** out of my mouth.He no sooner had it out, then Steve was taking his place, jerking my
head up as he guided his **** to my mouth, saying, "Here it comes
baby, another **** for that hot ****sucking mouth of yours! Open wide
**** lips, this **** needs to be serviced good!" I did as he wanted
and he shoved it in, crushing my face in his dark pubes as he held me
on it. Then, Mac slapped my ass real hard and I felt that big
luscious **** drive up into me all the way to his balls, as he
unloaded in my ass. He held onto my hips and said, "Yes, oh yeah,
take my cum you ****ing ***** ***** **** faggot, take it, take it,
take it!!" I squeezed on his ****, milking his cum into me and he
groaned and shouted, "Oh man, the ***** is milking my ****ing ****!
****, do it you ****ing **** *****, milk that **** ***** boy, milk it
all into you!" He was slapping my ass as I worked it overtime into
his crotch, milking his cum from those big nude lolita rape photos balls of his.Then, he pulled out and I heard Brad say, "Let me into that ****
hole!" Mac laughed and said, "Go for it guy! Give it what it wants,
**** and more ****!" Brad grasped my hips and then, he was driving
into me hard and deep. Yeah, nude strong girls loli they were using me roughly, but I loved
it and let myself go and gave my body to them for their pleasure. I
knew that Brad had a short fuse on his **** when he ****** me, must
have been the way I squeezed on it, cause he was cumming before Steve
was pumping is cum to my mouth. Then, Randy said, "One of you guys
hold this camera. Gonna play with the ***** a bit!" I stared up at
him as I was lazily licking the last of Steve's cum from his ****
head.Randy went and got his belt and I quivered and then, he moved to me
and said, "Back *****! You know the position!" I looked up at him
and down to his big hard **** bbs lolita sex galleries and smiled as I leaned back on the couch
and spread my legs wide and thrust my crotch upwards. He moved up
onto the couch next lolita biz nude tgp
to me and leaned back and wrapped the belt till
there was only about six inches hanging down. He asked, as he slid
the belt across my lips, "You want your balls played honey!?" I
gasped, "Yes stud, please, please, spank my balls stud, please!!" He
chuckled and motioned for Greg, who was holding the camera and said,
"Right up from his crotch guy! Want to get his face in the shot while
I play his balls for him!" I stared down at the camera as Greg
kneeled down between my legs and aimed the camera up at my face,
getting my very small pre lolita crotch into the shot.Then, Randy slid the belt to the head of my leaking **** and slapped
it back and forth a little. My straining **** seemed to leak even
more as he rubbed real lola lolita magazines my **** and balls with the belt. Then, he slapped at
my balls and I groaned and then, he did it again, then, again, a
little harder. I moaned and shivered and my whole body shook, as he
began to slap at my balls free lolita teen movies with the belt, saying, "Yeah, ***** boy
needs to know that his balls are made for a man to play with. Don't
you honey! You love it when a man plays with your balls, don't you
**** **** pig!!?" I gasped, "Yes, yes, oh yes, play my balls stud,
please, oh please!" He laughed and continued to slap at my balls and
then, Greg reached up and slid two of his fingers into me. I groaned,
the stimulation of my balls and my ass more than I could handle.I shot just then, a long ropey streamer x darling nude loli of cum and I know Greg got it
on the film, as it almost hit the lens. Then, as he jammed his
fingers into me again, another strand shot out, not as much as the
first, but long, as Randy slapped hard at my balls! There was
laughter as just then, Randy moved over quickly, pushing Greg out of
the way as he pushed me down on my back and slammed his big **** up
into me. He was yelling, "Yeah, you ****ing **** ***** **** pig! You
want men to use you hard and deep, shy lolita bbs toplist just like this! Uh, uh, feel that
**** *****! Feel that man **** you ****ing ****sucking faggot *****!
Tell these guys *****! Tell them how you want to be ******!!" I
screamed out, "I want to be ****** hard, deep and over and over!
Please studs, please **** me, **** me more, more, more, more!!!"I couldn't even believe my own ears as it sort of set the guys off.
As Randy rammed up into me hard again, Mac moved over and shoved his
**** into my mouth. Somehow, him and Randy got me down on the floor on
my hands and knees and were working their big ****s to me like
powerful pistons, pounding in and out of me. Then, after they came,
Steve and Brad took their shots at me, ****ing me at both ends, making
me nude child model loli moan and work my body for their big ****s and cum. naked teen petite lolita Then, Greg
pulled me over to the couch and shoved me over the arm and crammed his
**** back up into me, grasping my head by the back of the hair. He
held my head illegal lolita top 100 up and back as he slammed up into me over and over.
After he came, he jerked out and Mac grabbed me and pulled me over to
him and said, "On your back *****! You want to be ****** like a
*****, then, get ****** like one!"I lay back and eagerly grasped his big **** as he moved in between my
legs and he smiled lewdly at me as he felt me guiding his **** to my
hole. When I pressed it against my hole, I raised my hips and drove
my ass down on it as I stared up at him with lust. He chuckled and
shouted, "Yeah, that's it you ****ing ***** ****! Work that ***** on
this man's ****! Come on you ****ing faggot ****, show these studs how
you work on a man's **** ****!" He began to slap at my thighs and ass
as I did as he wanted, my feet planted on either side of his thighs as
he watched me **** myself on his ****. Then, he leaned over and I
wrapped my legs around his waist and humped my ass up for him, as he
began to **** me like a wild man. He drove that big **** to me like I
hadn't had in a while and I moaned and writhed in ****tish lust under
him.When he finally came in me. He pulled out and Randy knelt between my
legs and held them up and spread and I moaned as he drove his **** to
my hungry hole, making sure I felt every ****ing inch. After him,
Steve ****** me, laughing as he watched me trying to hump onto his
****. Then, Brad came over and began to **** me. As Brad ****** me,
Randy moved over and squatted on my face and said, "Suck ass *****!
Get that tongue up my **** hole **** face!!" I moaned into his ass
and did it eagerly, wantonly. After him, Mac sat on my face while
another one ****** me, then, Greg, then, Steve, then Brad. I got to
eat nude native lolita girls and suck at each of their holes as I was ****** by one of the
other guys. Then, the each fed me a load of piss, though Mac was too
sure until I sucked on his **** and then, begged for it from him.
Then, we rested a bit as Randy put the camera away and then, it was
time for round two.For the rest of that afternoon, until my dad called and told Brad that
we lolitas top models bbs needed to be home, I got ****** and fed ****! Those five studs
seemed bizare lolita model pictures to have amazing energy and stamina. I got ****** so much, the
cum was all over my crotch and face and chest. I drank so much piss
it ran out onto my chest and then, they pissed inside me, just for
good measure! By the time I was in the shower getting cleaned up by
Brad, I'd been used wildly and I moaned and begged for more and those
studs put it to me, using me like the **** pig I was. As Brad and I
walked home in the dark, I sort of hummed a little. Brad chuckled and
asked, "Had enough **** *****!?" I smiled up at him and then, looked
around and slid my hand down free gallery lolitas ****ef into his shorts and said, "No stud, but I
bet you can give me more!" He laughed and pulled my hand out and
said, "Leave off you ****ing little faggot! You already drained my
****ing balls!" I giggled and squeezed them through his shorts and
said, "And such lovely balls they are too!"He laughed innocent sexy lolita porn and swatted at me and said, "Stop little lolita nude tgps
it, or I won't give you
more later on!" I said, "O.k., Brad. I'll be a good boy!" He laughed
and said, "The only time you're good ***** is when you service ****!"
I blushed and laughed with him as we made it to our house. The lights
were all on and I noticed that Willy Carlson's car was still there.
We went up and went inside and then, went down to my dad's den and
found them there. They were both naked and had two other men with
them and they were naked. As we got there, my dad said, "Guys, this
is Joey. My little **** ***** *****! little lolita nude gallery He's always eager for ****!
Aren't you rika loli forum model Joey!?" loli in little undies I looked from one man to the other and then, up at
Brad and back to freedom web bbs lolita my dad and said, "Oh yes daddy. I love hard ****. I
love to suck them and have them ****** to me!" My dad laughed and
said, "Get naked *****! Brad, you go on upstairs, maybe later we'll
let you join in!" Brad laughed and said, "Don't know if 100 free lolita pics I can dad!
The little ***** took on me and four other studs earlier, drained me
good!"My dad laughed and saw me standing to the side of the couch where the
two new men were. He smiled and said, "Well, **** lips! You aren't
on your knees yet! Get free lolita rape movies down there and give Carl and Craig here some
of that ***** mouth of yours! They've been waiting for you and look
how hard they are for you!" I smiled at him as I turned and looked at
the too men. I moved towards Craig and saw my dad looking at me as I
knelt down in front of him was about to take his **** into my mouth.
He asked, "That right Joey? You been draining balls today!?" I looked
up from the **** I was about to suck and smiled and said, "Oh yes
daddy! I loved it, but you know I always want more big ****s to
drain!" He laughed and so did the other men, as Craig, the man whose
legs I was kneeling between, grasped my head and shoved his **** into
my mouth. I loved it and moaned and knew I was gonna get some more
man cream that night, oh yeah, lots more!!
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