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From: Chaos Wolf
Subject: My Lupine Roommate: Part 4- FantasyDisclaimer: The following is an erotic story of a homosexual nature. Please
do not read if you are a minor or if it is illegal where you live to do
so. Remember to think smart and use protection. The following is the third
chapter in my Lupine Roommate series. If this sounds like something you
want to read, be my guest and read. If not, go back and look for another
story to read. My Lupine Roommate, Part 4The Thanksgiving break was over. I didn't have to hide being a werewolf at
home. When evening came, I changed. Of ****** little girl
course, I couldn't participate in
any dialogue as a full werewolf so I had to change my vocal chords to
something in between human and animal. William got a kick out ****ing little fresh of half-human
voice. My parents were still a little leery. I can't say I blame them since
it is a human reaction. The first time I changed, I feared I was going to
lose my mind and go out on little naked babies
a feeding frenzy. That didn't happen so it was
highly unlikely preeteen little boys
it would happen now.My parents dropped us off at the dorm early on Sunday, the day that the
building reopened. We would have to abandon the place again in less than a
month for Christmas holiday and this time everyone would have to leave. The
phone rang a few hours after we came little mommy
back. Since I was closer, I picked it
up and it was Mr. Walsh on the other side. I said, "Hello,
Mr. Walsh. Here's Will." I handed it to little illegal porn my roommate. He hentai little cuties
sounded little girls nympho quite
cheerful and ended his conversation saying to me, "Well our house is fixed,
right on littles foto sex schedule." I said, "Great. Perhaps we should go over to your house
for dinner." He started to look little kids **** a tad nervous, pretty much the same look
when I found him ****ing to his special binder. little nymph *****
I said, "What's wrong." He
said, "Well, my parents know you're my roommate, but I haven't mentioned
you're gay." I said, "Well since they are okay with you being gay, then
they should be okay little girl websites with my homosexuality." He looked even more worried. I
said alarmed, "No, you haven't." Will sadly said, "No, I haven't. I haven't
come out of the closet."I don't think I've ever been shocked as much, well maybe when I was 12 and
I saw a teenage boy sucking his older brother's ****. I said, "Are little kiddie porn they
tolerant?" Will said, "Homosexuality isn't discussed. I have no evidence to
say whether or dirrty little secret not they would be tolerant." I rolled my eyes and said,
"Geez. Here I though they knew. You little girls striping
should tell them. little sister masturbating I don't think I could
sleep with a guy who wasn't open to his parents." He put his arm around little teenie clips me
and said, "I will." I little doggies shrugged him off and said, "When?" He quickly little***** tgp thought
and said, "Come over for Christmas Eve dinner. I'll come out then little boys cumming
and I'll
announce you're my boyfriend littles girls ****ing too." I said, "All right, but little tits hairless
you better."
The little naked remaining weeks in the Fall Semester passed quickly and we were
enveloped in the time frame known as little girls naturist Exams. They finished and we left for
holiday break. Before I left, I reminded Will of his promise. He said,
"I'll call, little porn videos I promise."I told my parents, "Will hasn't come out of the closet yet. He said that
he'd little girls ****ings come out at Christmas Eve dinner. Not only that, he has invited me to
it." My dad said, "Do what you feel is necessary." My mom said, "Mind your
manners when you're over there."On the twenty-fourth day of December I went over to the little teen tpg
Walsh residence
wearing my neat clothes. I certainly wasn't going to wear ratty clothes nor
was I going to wear something more suited for a wedding. Will opened the
door for me and led me inside. His parents were glad to see me. They liked
how Will and I were so close. Mr. Walsh despised some of the roommates he
had. little mermaid vhs
One hardly went to class and was barely hanging on and another left
his stuff everywhere.Dinner was great. We had plump goose, Yorkshire pudding, ham, salad, and
mashed potatoes. His parents were very interested in my decision to go to
the college I decided on and not some other one. I replied Tiny little panties
that I liked the
college I chose because it was small and it was located right here in
town. Will then said, "I little red heads
have something important to say." Oh, man. Here it
comes. He breathed deeply and said, "I'm gay." His parents kept on
eating. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, they said nor did
anything. Will said, "Aren't you going to say anything?" Mr. Walsh said,
"Say what?" Mrs. Walsh said, "So what if you like other guys. Some people
like Pepsi and others like Coca-Cola." Will said, porn little mermaid "There's something
else. Matt's not only my roommate, but he's my boyfriend." His father said,
"We sorta guessed when you came out just now." His mother said, naked little teen "He's
cute. You little tikes peekaboolittle loca videos make a little nudists sister
cute couple." Will moaned, "Mom!" She put another spoonful
of pudding in her mouth and said, "It's true." I smiled because this was
going better than I expected." Dinner ended and I went home. I told my
parents what happened and we had a big laugh over what happened. Seeing how
it was Christmas Eve, we all turned in early.
During the night, the temperature must have dropped dramatically because I
woke up as a werewolf. I walked to the window and I almost pissed myself. I
saw little teens ******
snow falling, real snow. It wasn't at a pseudo-dandruff level, it was
substantial. I turned on my TV and heard how this hadn't occurred in
decades. Honestly, it was as if it was out of a movie. Rats, I actually
needed to little wet panties use the bathroom. I went downstairs and raised a leg. Golden
liquid left my shaft and fell downward into the toilet. I cleaned myself
with some tissue and I changed back to my human form as nudist little boys quick as I could to
went downstairs. I wasn't expecting presents because sweet little schoolgirls what guy my age would
expect wrapped gifts under a pine tree angels little putas
at little rusian girls my age, but I just wanted to see
the snow at street level. Wow, I just wish I could transform and roll
around in the snow, but my parents would be coming down soon. Hopefully,
it'd be there late tonight. I heard the wooden steps shift. Yup, they are
definitely coming down now. Mom yawned, "God must be playing a joke on
Texans today." Dad said, "or it's a surprise. Speaking of surprises, your
gifts are in the pantry." I went there and found a bunch of gift cards. Let
me tell you, gift certificates are the best things to give someone. Never
give an actual item. If you do, little naked cuties there's always the little lola girls possibility that what is
given will not be what the recipient wants. Giving gift certificates will
ensure that there will be something in a store a person wants. I put little gal porno those
aside and we made cinnamon waffles.We went to church and came home. Stores were obviously closed so we made
our way to my grandparents's house. Luke and Antonia greeted us at the door
and actively questioned what we got for them. I little boys quotes
told them, "Wait. I
wouldn't want to spoil anything." They ran back to nudes little childrens
the large den where we
heard Uncle little teenie tgp Gerald playing the guitar and singing Christmas carols. Grandma
quieted everyone down and we all collected our presents. We would open one
present starting with the youngest, Luke, and ending with the oldest,
Grandpa Alex. Once certain our cameras had no pictures on the rolls in
them, we proceeded.Alex tore off the bow sexy little nude
and shredding sexy little children the wrapping. He opened and saw the
small box. It could have a shirt or some shorts in it. He lifted the thing
inside and asked, "What's this?" Why did he ask. Certainly he knew what it
was, wouldn't he? We blushed as I looked around. Who would be the first to
say what it was, a green speedo? I certainly didn't give it to him. I got
him a comic book. His father, my Uncle Trevor, said, "It's little child rompl a speedo." little rusian pics The
boy said, "Doesn't look like underwear." Uncle Trevor said, "You swim in
it." illegal little teen The boy said, "Oh, I see. Oh, look there's a card." He started to read
it, "Dear Luke, I know you're a growing boy and this coming year you'll be
ten. dirty little naturists Here is a swimsuit for you from Uncle Roger who was on the swim team
when I was your age. I know you like swimming and I hope you will little hairless ****s consider
joining a swim team." His Uncle Roger lived up north and had several
swimming medals and such. Antonia opened her gift and found a huge book. I
could tell it was by Tolstoy, but I couldn't tell what the title was. Merry
came next and she received a music CD little boys tgp
from one of those cute little galleries xxx
boy bands. I
received some money. The gifts cycle continued boys little tgp until there were no little ferry agencies more
gifts to open. By this time it was time for lunch, which we had.
We left soon after and went back home. little boys hardcore
I set my gifts aside. I would try
them on and if they were the wrong side, we would need to go little nubile thai to the stores
to get them exchanged. We rested for a while and then went to my mother's
parent's house and picked up our presents little cartoon boy because my relatives had been
there the night before.Later in the evening, I chatted little **** syndrome
online with Will to discuss the odd weather
and the gifts. He thought that Luke receiving a speedo was funny. He typed,
"Do you think he'll use it?" I responded, "I don't know. He liked the way
the material felt and he told me he little loita angels couldn't wait to go swimming. However,
just wait until he actually does." Will typed, "Yea, I know what you
mean. Thankfully I wear trunks." I wrote back, "Me too, but maybe I'll try
them. If a boy can tolerate little angels xxx
wearing a speedo, certainly I can too." Will
wrote, "Well go for it, I bet you'd little girls clit
look sexy in a speedo. Too bad you
can't rip a hole in them. little small nude
I think I'd cream my undies sweet little grils if I saw you as little latinas a
werewolf wearing the speedo." I put the smiley for laughter.As quickly as the snow came, it left and soon there was no evidence that it
had snowed. There little teen loitas
were still a few weeks left before Spring semester. We
would meet up occasionally and one day, he wanted to my little salesman go another step in our
relationship.He rode the bus little mellisa
to my house because his car was in the shop for a faulty
AC. My parents had gone out for the day and I guess little nudest it was perfect little girls ****s
screwing around. He said, "I'm so little thumb sexy horny that I want to ****. I saw little asian ****s
Asian guy on the bus. He little girls having
came on the bus along the way and I thought he was
cute. As he passed down the aisle, I noticed he had nice basket and when I
looked at his rear as he passed by, I got a boner. I wish I could have
taken his clothes off and rub my hands all over his body." I said, "Tell me
about it. Asian guys have a certain quality to them. Hey, if you want to
****, just do me." Will said, "Really?" I nodded and said, "I think we are
ready for it." Will said, "Great! Can I do you doggy style, if you know
what I mean?"
I sure knew what he meant. We started to undress each other little girl gyno
starting with
our jeans and then our shirts. We embraced on my bed and rubbed little ***** our hands
over each other's little cunny body as I transformed. When we were ready, I retreated to
the floor and got on all fours. I looked back and saw littles girls handjob Will approach me with
a hard ****. I lifted my tail and offered him easy access to my hole. His
**** entered slowly as a relaxed my muscles. He placed his hands on my
shoulders and started to do me like a dog. He slid in and out giving me
plenty of pleasure. Too bad we couldn't record this nor take
pictures. Perhaps Will would draw little schoolgirl lesbian it because sometimes drawings are much
better. He quickened his pace as I whimpered in delight. He groaned, "Oh
this is so ****ing great. I'm actually screwing a werewolf." He continued
and then said, "Ugh, I'm going to cum." I then felt liquid warmth little hentai angels streak up
my hole. Will slowly retreated and collapsed on the floor. He wasn't built
like I was and couldn't lick himself clean. I walked and licked his slick
**** clean. He giggled, "Hey that tickles." He then looked at his clean
**** and petted me saying, "Thank's sweet little cunny
buddy." He got up and put on his
clothes as I changed back to my human self.I showed little sisters ***** Will to the door and we shared an intense french kiss. He said,
"Well, next week is New year's. Got any plans?" I said, "Oh, just the
regular junk food extravaganza we do every year. In case I don't talk to
you before then, which is highly unlikely, be safe." Will winked, "I will."
He then walked down the street. When he was out of sight, I closed the
door.I sighed, I wonder what Will would look like as a werewolf. I had a dream
before of me as a werewolf screwing another male werewolf. I wasn't going
to force the issue on him. He knew the permanence of the little boy hentai status, but hadn't
said anything so far. I'd make him a werewolf the instant he asked me to.New Year's passed without too much fanfare. I could see fireworks from my
window porno pictures little in the attic. Fireworks were little girls 12yo illegal in the city except for
sponsored events. Yet there was always that case one heard about on the
news where someone was little nude lingerie caught. A few days after, I went to Randy's Ranch to
hang out with Will. We found Justin Harper there and he said, "I know how
much you like Geishanime Productions, so I got you two films. foro little sex Will, thank
you for that sketch of that werewolf and his little teens jpg human lover. Matt, thank you
for that gift certificate." "Fantasy Boyz" was for me and "Military Guyz:
Sailor Boyz" was for Will.We parted ways. Will said, "I'm going to wait until we get back to little naked naturism the
dorms to watch the film. I can't believe we still don't have a DVD Player
at my house." I hung little boys said, "Well, we could watch yours together at my house." He
said, "I know, but I can wait." I said, "Oh, all right." That night, I
popped the disc in after my parents had gone to bed. I laid upon my bed
naked as I saw the Geishanime Productions logo go across the screen held up
by 5 animated guys in tights. As the 15 minute scenes went little girlssex
by, I thought
that this was cool. I saw centaur stallions having sex with other centaur
stallions, young men catching mermen in their fishing nets and screwing
them before releasing them back little girl nudism
into the water, a young man getting lost in
the Labyrinth and coming face to face with the Minotaur. It was funny
because girl little ***** the young man thought he was going to die, but the Minotaur had
other plans. He removed the youth's tunic and they ****** each other. One
clip showed gay Tolkien-type elves. It ended with taking a page from my
book, a horny werewolf and his human friend. However, the timeframe was
different. It was a medieval type of setting. I made a mental little miss porn note to send
a thank you note to Justin.
A few weeks little 12yo *****
later, school started up again. I made sure to take my new lost little girl DVD
with me because I knew Will would get a kick out of it and I would most
likely like the film he received.He got there before I did and the first thing we said was, "So, Spring
semester starts. Here's to a semester as little ***** hot as the last."-----I would appreciate any comments you may have, but please keep insults or
flames to a minimum. little girls pics
I'll try to respond to everyone, but no promises.
Please mention the title of the story so I know what you are referring
to. You can email me at:

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