You are probably eager to know your improvements now!

There are 2 ways of self-evaluation.
In Way 1, compare your result in Pre-Tests with that in Post-Tests.
In Way 2, compare with the suggested Criteria in this web site.

• Click 'Post-Test 1'.
• Click 'Start'.
• Read the passage as fast as possible.
• Click 'Stop'. You will see your speed.
• Answer the questions. The percentage of comprehension is shown.
• Click 'Answer Key', if you want to.
• Do Post-Test 2 to check the average.

To calculate the average, record your speed and comprehension after each post-test.

Each test contains 1 passage followed by 5 questions about the main idea and key information of the passage.

Post - Test 1 : A Day to Dream: Remembering Martin Luther King

Post - Test 2 : Murphy's Law