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Why another database?
With several very large databases of articles available, why is there a need for another database? Firstly, existing databases tend to ignore books which provide the main source of information in BALD. Secondly, most databases are impersonal and accept published information at face value. BALD, on the other hand, includes my own evaluations and interpretations of resources.

Using the database
I hope that using the database is fairly straightforward. Searching is possible initially by keyword and author, and later by topic (make sure the Status Bar is activated to view the topic names for 'More Like This' links). For guidance on how to search see How to Search. Unfortunately, I had problems getting the database to accept apostrophes and quotation marks. For some of the entries, you'll have to work out where the apostrophes are supposed to be by yourself. Sorry about that!

This database is a personal database. Because of this, some topics are heavily referenced while others are perhaps underrepresented. I also make no claims that the database is an objective summary of texts. Nevertheless, the database provides an easy way to find key references for specific topics, but it shouldn't be used as a substitute for reading the original texts. In a database this size, some errors are bound to have crept in, and I would appreciate being informed of any errors. Please send corrections and comments to Richard Watson Todd.

Publishers and authors
Publishers and authors who wish to have texts included in the database can send them to Richard Watson Todd, Department of Applied Linguistics, KMUTT, Bangmod, Tung Khru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand. I'll try and include them in the database within a couple of months. No guarantees are made concerning the amount and nature of the information included.

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