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CALL programs and ideas

LNG104 student projects
Examples of e-zines resulting from student projects

Error detector
Check for errors in your own writing

The main site for Webquests

Cutting Edge CALL Demos
Interesting and innovative CALL programs

Articles and journals on CALL

Links for linguistics
Useful links to resources on the Internet for linguists

Internet TESL Journal
Useful Internet journal for EFL teachers

Language Learning & Technology
Research journal on CALL

Useful journal for EFL teachers with several articles on CALL

TESL Electronic Journal
Another useful Internet journal

South-East Asian Internet journal on CALL

The journal of KMUTT for ELT

Links for education journals
List of education journals available on the Internet

Links for CALL
Useful links to CALL organisations, journals, articles and software

Contacting other teachers

ELTeCs list
Join an e-mail discussion list for South-East Asian EFL

Linguist list
Join an e-mail discussion list for linguists (plus there are lots of other resources)

General links for ELT

Learn English (British Council)
Lots of links and resources for EFL teachers

ESL Cafe
Links and jobs for ESL

Centre for Applied Linguistics
Links and resources for applied linguists

Website for teachers in
Thailand, including lesson plans, flashcards and articles

Rong Chang
Lots of resources for EFL teachers