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General links

English-language website for teachers inThailand, including lesson plans, flashcards and articles. Also a good site if you are looking for new farang staff.

EFL lessons
Hundreds of lesson plans for teachers to use

ESL Kidstuff
Lots of worksheets, flashcards and ideas for games with younger learners

Study guides
Clear guidelines for students who want to study independently

Applied Linguistics Database
Useful to search for books containing information about teaching

Thai-language website for teachers inThailand. Includes learner-centred lesson plans for teaching English.

Autonomy website
Introduction to autonomy with some useful links

An excellent teacher's journal free on the Internet

Language Resource Centre Handbook
Detailed manual (45 printable pages) giving advice on how to run a self-access centre


Links to self-access centres

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Detailed useful guide to the self-access centre, including classification scheme and advice for students

Singapore Polytechnic
For vocational students, the site gives useful details of self-access workshops for students

City University ofHong Kong
A clear guide with a very useful database of materials for students to access through the Internet to make study plans

University College London
A small site but with a nice list of do's and don'ts, and a 5-stage guide to how to use the centre



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