This website serves...

intermediate-to-advanced learners of English as a foreign language, who want to read faster without loss of comprehension.


Now, you probably want to know the key features of our website.

FAQs: provide the basic information about speed reading

Pre-Tests: help to know your normal reading speeds

Sentence Practice: practice with isolated sentences

Passage Practice: practice with passages

Post-Tests: check your progress

Suggested order: The following sections are best used in this sequence: FAQs, Pre-Tests, Sentence Practice, Passage Practice and Post-Tests.

For best view, use "Medium" text (Click "View" on toolbar, select "Text Size" and then "Medium") and Internet Exlorer 6 (Click here to download).

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All your suggestions and questions are welcomed. Contact us:

n_maew@hotmail.com or tuyennguyen1963@ yahoo.com.

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