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Research Regulations for SoLA funding

Previous situation

Previously, SoLA funding for research has only been available for academic publishable research. Receipt of funding has also entailed the recipient in producing a long (often 100 pages) report of the research. This previous situation is problematic for three reasons:

For these reasons, the CRS has proposed some alternatives. These alternatives have two aspects: the types of research possible, and the forms of reporting the research.

Types of research

  1. Publishable research
    This type most closely matches traditional interpretations of research. Typically, the product of this research is, ideally, an article for publication in an international refereed journal. The paradigms of research covered here, however, are not restricted to traditional psychometric approaches, but also include, for instance, ethnographic research, policy research and document research.

    Product for evaluation of funding: academic article.

  2. Developmental research
    The purpose of this research is to collect information useful to the development of the department, faculty or university. For this reason, the results may not be publishable, but should be targeted at real-world applications for developing the department etc.

    Product for evaluation of funding: report written for a targeted audience (e.g. the Dean)

  3. Socially active research
    This research is usually much smaller in scale than traditional research, and so does not necessarily produce results reportable in a traditional article format (although this is possible). Rather, the purpose of the research is to highlight some aspect of society/culture that is a cause for concern. The results of the research may be disseminated through social, rather than academic, media, such as newspapers.

    Product for evaluation of funding: short report plus some form of social dissemination (e.g. newspaper article)

  4. Product research
    The purpose of this type of research is not to conduct an investigation, but rather to produce some new product of use to the faculty, university or society. This may include computer programmes, databases, and the like. An example is producing a computer programme to enable the portfolios in LNG101 and LNG102 to be fully automated.

    Product for evaluation of funding: the product itself plus a short report.

Even where there is no explicit statement of the need for conducting traditional-style research, all four types should include a clear research element (such as the collection and analysis of data).